10 Things New Homeowners Should Always Buy at Costco


So, you’ve bought a new house — congratulations! But do you have everything you need to furnish all of those new rooms, stock your kitchen pantry and shelves, and make it feel like yours?

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If not, you might want to make a shopping list and take a trip to Costco. The warehouse club has more to offer than just discounts on bulk items, though it has those in spades. It’s also the go-to place to shop for many new homeowners just like you.

Whether you need a new bed for that guest room or you’re ready to upgrade your small kitchen appliances, here are some things you should get at Costco over other stores.

Every kitchen needs a dish rack or sink caddy, and you can get some great quality ones at Costco.

“As a homeowner, I need convenience in the kitchen,” said David Bakke, Costco superfan and homeowner at DollarSanity. “Costco has a combination dish rack/sink caddy for only $90, and that’s a bargain. It dries all of your items effectively, it’s compact in size, and it’s actually rather aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I absolutely love it and it was worth every penny.”

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“Get a high-quality, heavy-duty vacuum cleaner that can handle all the nooks and crannies of a new space,” said Nathan Jacobs, Costco fan and Senior Researcher at The Money Mongers. “Costco offers unbeatable prices compared to other retailers.”

For example, this Shark Navigator upright vacuum has 4.5 stars with over 6,400 customer reviews. It’s anti-allergen, efficient, and less than $200 — a reasonable price for such a machine.

The warehouse club also often has steep sales on household items like vacuum cleaners, meaning you could potentially save even more money.

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Unless you buy a home with those shiny new appliances already installed, you’re going to need to purchase new ones soon after getting the keys. But if you don’t want to go through your life savings to outfit your home, you can always shop at Costco for some great deals.

“[Costco] often has killer deals on major appliances, like fridges, washers, dryers, and dishwashers,” said Allison Montgomery, Costco shopper, financial expert, and real estate investor at Buy My House. “You could be looking at hundreds of dollars saved compared to other stores, especially with their well-reviewed Kirkland Signature brand.”

You can also get extended warranties on many of these household appliances, something that can give you peace of mind and save you money if you need a replacement part later.

As any new homeowner will tell you, there’s virtually no limit to the amount of cleaning supplies you’re going to need at your new place. And while you can buy these at other places at reasonable prices, you could save money by buying them in bulk at Costco.

Considering household cleaning products have a long shelf life, this could lead to long-term savings and less hassle later.

“New digs often mean new spills and splatters,” said Montgomery. “Costco’s got your back (and kitchen sink) with cleaning essentials in mega-packs. Laundry detergent, dish soap, paper towels, trash bags — you name it, they’ve got it in quantities that make your wallet smile. This means serious savings per unit compared to buying smaller sizes elsewhere.”

For example, the Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner costs $12 for 210 fl. oz. This is comparable or cheaper to what you’d find at places like Target.

Whether you’re looking to change up your own bedding, or you finally have a guest room with an extra bed, chances are you need new sheets. But since bedding is expensive, and you already have other expenses to deal with as a new homeowner, being a little frugal doesn’t hurt.

“Everything surrounding bedding is incredibly expensive, which is why I’m glad I found this gem at Costco,” said Bakke. “It’s the Kirkland brand, and the sheets are softer than you can imagine. You also get an extra pillowcase for each pillow, which is an added convenience. It sells for $60, which is a steal.”

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“With my years of experience as a real estate agent, I always advise my clients purchasing their first home to take full advantage of Costco’s low prices on essential household items,” said Jim Olenbush, Costco fan and a real estate and design expert at Austin Real Estate.

One such item Olenbush always suggests for new homeowners is an under-sink water filtration system.

“The importance of clean, filtered water cannot be overstated. However, specialized under-sink water filters from brands like Culligan, Aquasana, and Watts can run $200 or more. At Costco, you can often find similar systems for under $100,” said Olenbush. “I’ve seen quality under-sink filtration systems for as little as $60 at my local warehouse.”

“While less expensive options are available at some home improvement stores, Costco’s selection often includes better brands and higher-end features like multiple filtration stages and modern faucet finishes,” he continued. “You’ll drink cleaner water for years while saving at least $100 upfront.”

As a new homeowner, check out Costco’s online or in-store catalog of mattresses and mattress toppers. They have a wide selection that’s sure to meet your needs.

For instance, this Casper Select Memory Foam Full-Size Mattress costs $550 and is medium-firm. It also boasts high-density memory foam for a restful night’s sleep.

You can score additional savings in the bed department by purchasing multiple other Costco Direct Items at a time. Depending on how many items you buy, you could save anywhere from $100 to $400.

At Costco, you can buy outdoor dining sets, fire pit sets, chaise lounges, chairs, and more at reasonable prices. Many of these items are designed to last, even against harsher weather conditions, meaning you won’t need to purchase them twice.

“Got a backyard begging for some love? Costco can help you transform it into your own outdoor oasis, without maxing out your oasis fund,” said Montgomery. “They often have fantastic deals on patio furniture sets, grills, and other outdoor essentials.”

Costco also sometimes has warranties or sales on patio furniture and grills, so check into those for additional cost-savings opportunities.

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Ready to swap out your old towels for something new? Costco has some high-quality sets that don’t cost a ton but still do what they’re meant to.

“I’m rather picky about my washcloths and towels. I want functionality, usability, and convenience,” said Bakke. “The ones I found at Costco are from the Charisma brand and they check all of those boxes. They are thick, absorbent, and soft. They also only cost $17.”

“Organizational tools like storage bins, shelving units, and wall organizers are also home essentials that new homeowners should strongly consider purchasing at Costco,” said Olenbush. “The key advantage is the deeply discounted prices on premium storage solutions compared to other big box stores. Getting organized is much more affordable thanks to Costco’s bulk pricing.”

In particular, Olenbush recommended the commercial-grade steel shelving units and racks at Costco.

“A 4-tier heavy-duty steel wire shelving unit may cost $120 or more at Lowes or Home Depot,” he said. “Costco often carries professional quality shelving for half that price or even less. I recently saw an adjustable 4-shelf steel storage rack on sale for only $55 at my local warehouse.”

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