15 best mattresses for children that ensure a great night’s sleep


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Sleep plays a crucial role in kids’ development, so, when it comes to children’s mattresses, it’s important to invest in one that will support growing bodies properly, while helping little ones sleep better.

Simon Williams from the National Bed Federation (NBF) says: “Ensure it is made by a reputable manufacturer and you purchase it from a trusted retailer.” He added that the “mattress should display the BS 7177 label for flammability standards”. If you’re not sure which mattress manufacturers are reputable, a good place to start is by looking at the list of members on the NBF website.

Generally, it’s recommended babies sleep on a firmer surface, but as your child grows, they might find they prefer something with a bit more give. “It’s best to buy a mattress that is described as medium firmness, which should provide a good balance of support and comfort,” says Williams.

If your child has a bunk bed or cabin bed, the thickness of the mattress needs to be taken into consideration, too. The top of the mattress needs to be at least 16cm from the top of the side and end rails, to prevent your child rolling out.

There’s no denying mattresses are expensive, but Williams says: “Do not buy on price alone. Look to spend as much as you can comfortably afford, and remember that every £100 spent on their mattress works out at less than 4p per night over seven years.”

We recruited a cast of kid testers, from three-year-olds right up to gruff teens. What we all wanted was a good night’s sleep, so comfort was the order of the day. What “comfort” translated as included how supportive and breathable the mattress was. Additional points were given to mattresses that were easy to care for – washable covers and no need for turning or flipping. We also wanted mattresses to last the distance, so we looked at durability, too.

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