20 Gifts For People Who Say They Don’t Want Anything


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I’ll admit it. I, myself, am a “Don’t buy me any gifts,” ass guy. Sorry! I’m not a rich buy myself whatever I want type, but a perk of my job is that I get to test a lot of really popular, gift-worthy products. I’ve got the TheraFace Mask, which I just christened Gift of The Year. I’ve got a ton of award-winning gadgets. I’ve bought myself plenty of luxury bullshit this year. My New York City Kitchen is too small for anymore cooking stuff. And, generally, I’m really content right now. So, if you’re dealing with someone similar, let me guide you.

Often times, the people who “Don’t want anything,” actually just don’t like thinking about their own wants. As one of these people, I prefer giving gifts so much more than receiving them. Sounds intimidating, but it actually works to your advantage. We claim to not want anything, but that doesn’t mean we’re picky gift receivers. It just means we love those small gifts and heartfelt gifts that mean a lot. If someone got me custom stationary or donated to a charity in my name, I’d absolutely be crying.

That said, a general rule of gifting for the Want Nothing crowd: Make sure it’s small or is something they wouldn’t just buy for themselves. A candle is the perfect example: It’s easy to store, use, and when it’s done, I can throw it out with zero guilt. The worst example is a TV or a mattress, which require getting rid of the old one, setting up the new one, and dealing with a fuck ton of packaging. Got the idea? Good. Here are the 20 best gifts for the people that don’t want anything.

Lost Coast California – Backpacking

So they don’t want another thing… Why not send them on a backpacking trip? California’s Lost Coast is the most beautiful stretch of land in America. They’ll watch the sunset over the horizon, sleep to the sounds of waves, and get incredible once-in-a-lifetime vista views.

America the Beautiful Pass – 2023/2024

For a bit more open-ended adventure, just snag them an America the Beautiful Pass. It gives admittance to all our national parks, and about 2,000 other federal wildlife sites.

QuickSnap Flash 400

Who doesn’t love a disposable camera? If you really want to incentivize them, give them an assignment: Say, use this camera for a photographic study of your family, hometown signage, or whatever. Makes it a bit of a fun game.

Riserva Ducale Oro

You should do this: Gift him Ruffino’s phenomenal Chianti Classico Gran Selezione — the highest level of this state-protected wine — and say they have to drink it with you before the holiday is over. Selfishly, you get to partake. But more importantly, it ensures that this gift isn’t going to take up space on a wine rack when they go home.


Campari has redone its bottle for the first time in a long time. The flutes make it standout on a bar cart, and it’s a great excuse to say “Oh, well you don’t have one of these bottles yet.”

Murasaki Aromatique Incense

As someone who is part of the “Don’t get me anything,” crowd, I love candles. Anything that’s a usable scent, really. But all that stuff takes up shelf space. Incense is a great swerve, because I can store it in a drawer somewhere.

Royal California White Sturgeon Caviar

When gifting, the best thing you can be is over generous. They say, “Don’t buy me anything,” and you rebuttal with “How about the most luxurious food out there?”

Coton (Cozy cocoon)

A candle is always the go to in this scenario. It doesn’t take up a ton of space, it improves their home, and once they’re done with it, they don’t have to think about it ever again.

Gold-Wrapped Pears

If they’re being mysterious and insisting you shouldn’t buy them a gift, go full golden-wrapped pear crazy.

Whole Jamon Serrano

Does anyone need a whole leg of jamón? No. But, it comes with carving instructions and it’s makes for a great party centerpiece.

Tomato Leaves Room Spray

I’m a self professed “Don’t get me a gift,” guy, but I’d love a room spray. There’s no smell on Earth I love more than tomato vines. I want this room spray so my home can always smell like my southern summertime Elysian Fields.

Fabric Refresher

I actually own this fabric spray, and I use it on my bed everyday after I wake up. It keeps it fresh in between washes, but there’s nothing more luxurious than putting your head down on a perfectly scented pillow every night.

Scented Matches

Scented matches are a frivolous thing no one really owns. Instead of smelling like a normal match, these smell a bit incense-y. It just makes lighting a candle feel even more luxe.


Get them a new book, preferably in paperback so they don’t feel compelled to keep it when they finish. Also, something like Ottessa Moshfegh’s Eileen is a great shout, since there’s a much-anticipated movie adaptation hitting holiday screens.

We should all be striving to never stop learning, eh? This is how they can do that.

Athletic Greens Subscription

Everyone could stand to eat more greens. AG1 makes sticking to that plan easy.

Classique Notecard Set

A personalized stationary set is tasteful and, most importantly, useful.

Archer Leather Wine Tote

No one says they want a leather wine tote with sterling silver

Donate to a Charity

This is actually the best option. You know them well enough to find a charity that speaks to them. Here’s an example, everyone close enough to get me a gift knows I love soccer, and I am from Georgia. So, they should send some money to Soccer in the Streets, who is dedicated to building public transit accessible soccer fields throughout the Atlanta metro area.

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