25 camping essentials you need for venturing out into the woods


Stay comfortable even in the woods with the right camping equipment. (iStock )

Camping offers a relaxing atmosphere where you can get back to nature, cook over a roaring fire and sleep under the stars. Having the right camping equipment makes the experience even more enjoyable, offering just a bit of luxury to your adventure. From tents to sleeping bags to cooking gear, our list provides every camping essential you could possibly think of.

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For a simple, affordable tent, Amazon offers its own brand of four-person tent that includes a rainfly and a carrying bag. It’s a three-season tent that you can put up in minutes. You can find other four-person tent options at an affordable price through Walmart.

The perfect hiking tent is this pop-up, two-person tent. You can pop up the tent in seconds and pack it away just as quickly when you’re ready to leave. Walmart has even more affordable pop-up tent options.

If you’re camping with the whole family, this Coleman six-to-eight-person tent has enough room for three queen-sized air mattresses. It takes less than fifteen minutes to put it up and take it down. You can buy Coleman tents on Amazon or through Coleman’s site.

If you’re looking for an option in-between a tent and a camper, this SUV tent easily attaches to the back of most SUVs and pops up into a tent, so you can use both your trunk and the tent space. This tent fits five people comfortably. You can find more SUV tents and canopies through Walmart.

Looking for a slightly more upscale tent? This Coleman tent offers a screened-in area for a few chairs and fits six-to-eight people. Coleman is currently having a sale on its screened camping tents.

This 15-piece camping cookware kit comes with everything you need to make a meal while camping. You get a pot, frying pan, tea kettle, two stainless steel cups, two stainless steel plates, dinner cutlery, a cleaning cloth and a carrying bag to store it all in. Walmart also offers camping cookware kits.

If you need an area to prep all your food, this camping folding table easily folds out and includes an attachable storage bin underneath. You can buy on Amazon or Home Depot.

You need a cutting board even in the woods. With this camping cutting board you get a cutting board, knife and the board pops out to act as a sink so you can easily wash your dishes after dinner. Find other camp cutting board options at GSI Outdoors.

To cook your meals more quickly than you would over the fire, a Coleman propane stove offers all the comforts of your stove at home. Just attach a small can of propane to it and you can cook away. Buy on Amazon or on Coleman’s site.

If cooking over the fire is more your jam, make it a little easier with this folding campfire grill. You can put the grate over your fire and cook steak, potatoes and anything else your heart desires right on the grate. GSI Outdoors also sells metal and cast-iron campfire grills.

Sleeping on the ground isn’t always the most comfortable, so consider adding a sleeping pad to your tent. This sleeping pad easily blows up and can fit two people comfortably. It even has built-in pillows to help you sleep better. Coleman is currently running a spring sale on some of its sleeping pads.

Whether you want to just relax or sleep all night in a hammock, this camping hammock is designed for easy setup. When you’re done, just pack it all away in the small carrying case. Visit Walmart to find other camping hammocks.

To help stay warm, snuggle up with your partner in this double sleeping bag. This all-season sleeping bag is an oversized queen and comes with two pillows. You can buy double hammocks on Amazon or Walmart.

A down blanket keeps you warm and stays clean even when you’re in the middle of the woods. Choose from nine different colors or patterns and multiple sizes. Plus, it packs away easily, perfect for backpackers. You can get colorful, National Park-themed down blankets on Rumpl.

For an easily packable pillow, opt for a Wise Owl camping pillow. It’s made from four inches of memory foam and is machine washable. Walmart also offers Wise Owl camping pillows.

Without city lights, a headlamp can provide bright light that travels with you. You get two headlamps that are both rechargeable. You can also switch between different brightness levels. You can find other affordable headlamp options at Walmart.

Camping in the deep woods poses more dangers than camping at a well-manicured campground, so it pays to be prepared. This emergency radio is a weather radio with a built-in battery that powers a light and three charger cables. Find emergency radios at Walmart or Amazon.

You should never drink water in the woods without knowing it’s safe. An instant filter water bottle includes a filtration system that makes your water safe to drink. This bottle is built tough, so it’ll last through any camping adventure. Buy on Amazon or on Walmart’s site.

Having an emergency thermal blanket ensures you won’t get cold if temperatures drop suddenly. You get a pack of four blankets you can easily pack away in your camping gear. You can get a 12-pack of thermal blankets from Walmart.

To stay dry while hiking or camping, make sure you’re prepared with an emergency rain poncho. This four-pack is NASA-designed and is tear-resistant. Walmart also sells emergency rain ponchos at a fraction of the cost.

Add a side table to your camping getup. This ultralight, camping folding table is easy to put together and packs away into a small carrying case you can easily fit into your camping bag. Walmart sells similar camping folding tables.

For long-term packing, a portable solar shower bag can help you out in a pinch. While you won’t be able to take long, luxurious showers, this shower bag gets the job done. Just fill the environmentally-friendly bag with water and let the sun warm the water. Hang it from a tree and enjoy some warm water for a few minutes.

So you’re prepared for anything, carry a knife set with you while you’re camping. This set comes with a little something extra. It includes a hatchet, a machete and a small camping knife. Each is wrapped in paracord you can use when you need some rope on hand. For a 12-piece knife set, visit Walmart.

Camping in the summer can get a little hot, especially in a tent. This battery-powered fan includes a built-in lantern and a cable port so you can charge your phone. Get a similar battery-powered fan at Walmart.

A camp trash can helps you keep your litter in one place. This trash can zips closed to protect your campsite from animals looking for food scraps. Walmart also sells camp trash cans.