5 Costco Furniture Items That Are A Waste of Money


A Costco membership is often a valuable resource for finding good deals on some of our favorite products. At Costco, we can fill our freezers and pantries, find dishware to serve our meals on, and even purchase a table to seat our guests. However, every store will have its share of less-than-popular items with consumers-and Costco is no exception. While Costco is known for having affordable items in its furniture showroom, some shoppers and critics question whether their pricing is truly competitive with big box furniture stores, or if the pieces offer enough quality to be worth the investment. There’s no reason we can’t find worthy furniture or home d├ęcor at Costco, but there are a few items we may want to reconsider.

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While many of the beds listed on Costco’s website received high customer marks, the Ashland Upholstered Bed fell into the middle, only averaging a 3.3 out of five in customer reviews. Several reviewers cited the need to purchase additional parts that didn’t come with the initial purchase as a major deterrent. Another customer mentioned receiving their delivery with missing nuts and washers. One shopper lamented, “When we opened the box, we noticed the bed was very cheaply made with the kind of iron frame mattress stores sometimes give you for free as a temporary structure.”

Though the Harstine Leather Sofa has received relatively good reviews on the Costco website, writer Maurie Backman suggests that, with a little price shopping, we might find a higher-end sofa for a better cost. In a piece published through The Motley Fool, Backman encourages readers to consider going with better-known brands for big-ticket purchases: “Have you heard of the brand in question? If not, you may be taking a risk, even though the item seems to have good reviews on Costco’s site.”

Backman shares that a quick search of “leather couches” on the website of furniture retailer Raymour & Flanigan yields a more luxurious option for a similar price. In fact, the Raymour & Flanigan site includes a number of sleeper sofas priced under $1,000.

The notion of a sofa going viral over TikTok may seem odd-but it’s a very real phenomenon that occurred in the fall of 2023, when a TikTok user recorded a woman who was playfully “selling” her husband on this $1,299.99 convertible sofa. The New York Post shares that the video earned roughly 34.1 million views and over two million likes, sparking interest in the sofa. However, some customers were quick to try and derail the hype train, detailing their experiences with guests who were so uncomfortable on the sofa that they had to change seats. TikTok users also mentioned that tracks on the sofa broke easily.

According to House Digest’s list of the worst-reviewed items in Costco’s home section, this freezer may operate well enough, but it often arrives to customers with dents. One reviewer on the Costco website mentioned that “it was also a nightmare to level-you can only adjust the front, the back ‘legs’ are just tiny little wheels, so I never got it very stable.” Another customer lamented the lack of shelf space, saying that even common items like a turkey or even bags of Costco chicken won’t fit inside.

Priced at $1,099.99, this pair of San Sebastian side chairs certainly should offer stability and elegance. However, some reviewers on the Costco website said that the chairs delivered to their homes lacked the polish and elegance of the chairs in the photos. Other customers cited issues with the chairs wobbling, or even breaking.

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