6 Hybrid Mattresses That Offer a Blend of Soft and Supportive Sleep


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To be honest, all the best mattresses these days are hybrid mattresses. If you shop any of our mattress recommendations — be it firm mattresses, soft mattresses, or cooling mattresses — it’s mostly made up of hybrid mattresses. Our favorite brands like Purple and Saatva all specialize in hybrid mattresses. The only exceptions would be cheap mattresses, budget mattresses, and classic mattress-in-a-box offerings. Beyond those, it’s all hybrids around here.

Why is that, though? And what even is a hybrid mattress? Well, hybrid mattresses are the bridge between old-school innersprings and cheap, trendy memory foam mattresses. A hybrid mattress typically has a bed of coils that offer support, and one, two, or even three layers of foam or latex that provide pressure relief. It’s a best of both worlds scenario.

As for which hybrid mattress to buy, we’ve tested them all, and we know what’s what. It all depends on what you want within that best of both worlds scenario. Do you prefer soft and comforting? Or, do you want firm and supportive? Somewhere in the middle? Doesn’t matter, we’ve found you something for you. These are the best hybrid mattresses on the market.


We recommend a lot of mattresses, but Saatva’s Classic might be the one we talk about the most. There’s not many other mattresses that can please so many different sleepers. This one is the perfect fastball down the middle. Everyone can find something to like about it.

As far as the things that make it a great hybrid mattress, it’s got to be the dual coil units. At the base, you’ve got traditional steel coils. In the middle, you’ve got new age pocket coils. Together, they give this mattress incredible support. Some sleepers might find this makes the mattress too firm, but for the most part it’s welcomed support.

Luxe 12-Inch Bed

There’s a lot we can talk about when it comes to mattresses. We can go round and round about how the coils on one feel or the topper on another sits. But, one thing we can’t debate is the price of this Allswell mattress. For $400, you’ve got a queen-sized hybrid mattress in your home. That’s incredible.

It’ll feel a bit more basic than the other options on this list — don’t expect it to fix whatever problems you have. But, the selling point is its a solid mattress that’ll do the job, and it’s dirt cheap.


If you’re dipping your toe into the luxury mattress market, I’d encourage anyone to check out Purple. This is the specific mattress I sleep on, and I love it. It’s the perfect compromise for my girlfriend and I who prefer soft and firm mattresses, respectively.

Personally, it’s a bit soft for me. The Purple GelFlex grid topper always makes this mattress feel squishy. If you want something firm, I’d look elsewhere. That said, I cannot deny it’s given me the best sleep of my life. Every night I fall asleep immediately. In the morning I wake up actually rested. It’s taught me to love a mattress that hugs you, that you sink into a bit.

Beyond all that, It’s phenomenal for motion transfer. It’s also quite porous, between the coils and the GelFlex grid, so it sleeps nice and cool.

Snow Max

If cooling is your main focus, Casper’s Snow Max — which is a reinvention of the Casper Nova — is our favorite mattress for the job. Casper has a lot of strangely named tech in this mattress — Snow cover, Heat Delete bands, and phase change material. Trust us when we say, the result is exceptionally cool sleep. Nothing is better at regulating temperature.

Beyond that, it’s another medium firmness mattress that trends towards soft. So, diehard firm mattress people might not love it, but anyone who likes or tolerates soft will love this mattress. The foam hugs you, but the coils offer support. It’s a best or both worlds deal.

Elite Hybrid

We’ve got a whole story dedicated to side sleepers, but this is one of the standouts. The reason is that it’s incredibly plush, especially if you go for the soft firmness.

If you’re a side sleeper, this is the mattress that’s going to cradle you without letting you sink down to the floor. It’s soft top is squishy, but the coil base that makes it a hybrid keeps you supported.

The Mattress

The whole organic or natural mattress thing can be a bit of a rabbit hole. When do we call something natural? Does it really matter if latex is organic? These are subjective things. One thing that’s not subjective is that Parachute makes an incredible mattress without the use of latex or foam.

Ok, does that even qualify it as a hybrid mattress? Not sure! But, I’m going to lean towards yes. It’s an innerspring mattress with thick layers of material to soften it up. The materials in this case just happen to be cotton and wool.

Wool? Won’t that make you hot when you sleep? Not necessarily! Wool is actually a great sweat wicking fabric. (Think of merino wool, which is a great base layer for outdoors clothing.) This mattress just replaces classic derived materials with sheep wool. The result is a natural mattress that’s firm and supportive without being rock hard.

What to Consider When Buying a Mattress

Sleep Style – This is the most important aspect of mattress shopping. Know how you sleep and what that means. Stomach sleepers need firm. Back sleepers are versatile. Side sleepers need soft.

Coil Topper – Hybrid mattresses are all just classic innersprings with some sort of solid topper. All those toppers offer different benefits. Memory foams are great for conforming to the body. Latex sleeps cooler, and natural materials like wool are case-by-case.

Trial Period – The more time, the better. It’ll take you about 30 days to adjust to a mattress, so don’t give up within a month. After the first month, assess how much you really like a mattress.

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