7 Things Frugal People Always Buy During Spring


Ah, spring, that time of year when flowers bloom and the sun decides to linger a little longer every day. But the daffodil stems coming up in your garden don’t have to be the only thing that’s green in your life. Springtime is also the perfect time to save money.

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With many deals and discounts warming up along with the air outside, GOBankingRates talked to some shopping and consumer experts to see what kinds of budget-conscious buys discerning shoppers can benefit from in the spring.

Home Essentials

If you want to avoid turning your home into a hotbox during the summer months, look to buy your home maintenance essentials in the spring.

Naomi Strong, a financial writer and expert, said that getting air filters, weather stripping and insulation in the spring “means dodging the higher summer prices and sets frugal individuals up for lower bills when the heat kicks in.”

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Summer Fun Must-Haves

With the right outdoor furniture, grilling equipment and pool supplies, you can turn your backyard into an oasis of good times and great fun for the whole family. Strong advised getting these items in the spring to avoid the higher prices that come with higher demand once the temperatures spike in the summer.

“This proactive approach not only saves money, but also ensures consumers have everything they need for the upcoming season without overspending or going without,” she said.

Strong also said that strategic shoppers should purchase air conditioners and fans in the spring, getting ahead of increased demand and increased prices for these items.

Looking ahead at your calendar — specifically, at that summer vacation time you’ve been looking forward to all year — you might not think that spring is the right time to start planning. But according to Andrea Woroch, a money-saving expert, it’s actually a prime opportunity to snap up great prices before peak travel season starts.

“The sweet spot for booking airfare at the best price is approximately six weeks before your desired departure date with domestic flights, and eight weeks out for international,” she said. “Spring is a good time to start shopping around for flights which will start filling up fast, driving up the cost, as well as hotels, home rentals, and car rentals.”

Woroch shared that the nicest, cheapest options will start filling up fast, so you’d be wise to make your plans and start shopping. “The best bet is to book a refundable reservation if your dates are questionable, but at least you can snag the better deal and start saving up with plenty of time ahead,” she said.

Winter Wear

If you’ve just put your parka back in your closet, your mind is probably not on this year’s winter wardrobe. Yet, spring is often when you’ll find terrific deals on gorgeous looks for snowy season.

“You will find a huge selection of clearance deals for winter apparel and outerwear, from sweaters to coats to boots, for 50% to 70% off,” said Woroch.

She added that many retailers will also offer coupons for sale/clearance items related to winter wear, so you should scout around for the best offers.

Home Appliances and Goods

Maytag month might not be an official observation on your calendar, but if you’re a budget-conscious shopper, it should be.

Trae Bodge, a smart shopping expert at TrueTrae.com, shared that May is Maytag month, where the popular appliance company offers annual savings on certain models. “The savings tend to be deeper the more appliances you buy at once,” she said.

Bodge added that Memorial Day weekend can offer a significant number of discounts for all areas of the home. “This long weekend is usually packed with promotions in the kitchen and appliance categories as well as mattresses,” she said. “Perfect timing for graduation and wedding gifts.”

With Earth Day becoming a more recognized — and relevant — occasion, many businesses will be promoting eco-friendly goods, like “green,” upcycled, or recyclable items leading up to the April 22 holiday, said Bodge.

“For example, as consumers look to refresh their tech, HP is offering special ‘Day Sales’ on HP.com throughout the spring,” she said. “Ahead of Earth Day in April, we can expect to see special offers on their sustainable tech and eco-friendly products that are made from recycled and renewable materials that are designed to use less energy and are recyclable after use.”


Want to watch this summer’s hottest shows on a brand-new TV? Samantha Landau, consumer expert at TopCashback, said that spring is the best time to go shopping for one.

“Older TV models go on sale in early spring to make way for new models, which typically come out between February and April,” she said. “In those months and beyond, you’ll find the prices of last year’s models slashed in order to manage the new inventory.”

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