A heated mattress pad exists for everyone who wants to feel toasty inside and out — now $40 off


To state the obvious, winter is cold. And sometimes, winter is very cold. This is where we lean into all things hygge to keep us cozy, like a scented candle, space heater or a heated blanket. While all of those things are excellent, sometimes they’re not enough to defrost your inner chill. But then there’s the Beautyrest Heated Mattress Pad. Yes, an actual heated mattress pad that you can sleep on. And right now you can snag it for just $80.

The temperature is only getting lower outside and you’re going to want to be as warm and toasty as possible. Plus, quality bedding and heating technology can get pretty pricey. But the Beautyrest Heated Mattress Pad is just $80 (thanks to an on-page coupon), which is wild since it’s both a comfy mattress pad and an electric heater that actually works. You can use that $40 you’re saving to snag a new pair of pajamas or cozy slippers.

Remember what we said up top about it being so cold now, and getting colder? And because it’s a heated mattress pad and not just a heated blanket, the toastiness is so much more intense.

Made of a soft quilted microfiber polyester, it features five heat settings and evenly spaced heating elements to deliver quality heat distribution throughout. Because the fabric is quilted, you won’t feel the heating coils while you sleep. It even has a 1-hour pre-heat feature so you can jump-start the warming process before you actually get into bed.

As far as safety goes, the pad comes with an automatic shut-off feature after 10 straight hours of use. This way you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the heating element on those groggy early mornings.

Prepare yourselves, because we saved the best detail for last. The Beautyrest Heated Mattress Pad is totally machine washable. And no, throwing it in the washing machine will not impair the heating quality. Just do it separately in cold water on gentle and tumble dry on low.

With over 2,800 five-star reviews singing its praises, it’s safe to say that this heated mattress pad is a winner. One reviewer even called it a “game changer” for their marriage: “When we sleep at night, I like it warm, my husband likes it cool. I like a blanket. Him? Not so much. I bought this heated mattress pad and it’s the best of both worlds for us. … I don’t think we will need our electric blanket this winter.”

“Received the heated Beautyrest mattress cover yesterday. After putting it on the bed last night, we hooked it up, plugged it in, set the warmer to test it out and by the time we returned to bed for the evening, we were toasty,” wrote another serene slumberer. “Made the adjustment for sleeping comfortably for the night and can honestly say that I slept thru the night for the first time in months. No, seriously. This Beautyrest heated mattress cover did what we hoped it would do … [help us] sleep comfortably.”

“The pad itself is comfortable. Unlike the old one I replaced, you can’t feel any wires inside,” shared this satisfied spouse. “It heats up very quickly, almost eliminating the need for pre-heating. I like it, and my wife loves it. I rarely use my side, and she uses her side nearly every night. Having her side on does not warm me up.”

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