Airbnb host fumes after backlash for ‘ridiculous’ $130 bed


An is standing her ground after listing a bed on an outside verandah for $130 per night.. While the homestay marketplace advertises loads of quirky places to sleep, this Western Australian lodging raised eyebrows for all the , especially as many are battling a .

The bed came with a waterproof mosquito net and a “hypoallergenic latex mattress” for someone who “likes to wake up with the sun and the birds”. The listing leaned into the tranquil setting of the space by saying it was set “in a shady garden” where you’ll be greeted by “the trickle of water from the fishpond”.

The host admitted it wasn’t perfect and said the leaves falling from the eucalyptus trees and the mozzies could be annoying for some guests.

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“You would be sharing other spaces with myself, and other guests living in the house,” the listing said. “There are other people living in the house, including other Airbnb guests, flatmates and myself.”

But many people thought it was a ridiculous price to pay to sleep outside, especially considering there is a bed inside the house that costs $100 per night.

“I’m disgusted with what our nation has become. Frankly we deserve to fail and disappear into history,” wrote one user on social media.

Another added: “Absolutely ridiculous, people are renting garden sheds for high prices in Perth, people aren’t nice anymore.”

But the host thought she was perfectly within her right to advertise the space for $130 per night.

She said the bed is really only $50 per night, but the price is higher when you take into account Airbnb’s cut as well as cleaning fees.

She told that the outrage generated from the listing was unfair.

“It’s a spare bed on my verandah. I put it on Airbnb last summer because I kept getting enquiries I couldn’t help with because my spare rooms were full,” she said.

“It’s a normal Australian thing to do. I grew up in the country. We always have beds on the verandah. It’s on offer only for people who like it. I love to sleep outside.


“Until recently, it was a lovely experience to share. But something has changed. People seem accusatory. My listing was completely transparent.”

The host said she took down the listing after getting a bunch of “unusual and unpleasant messages” from people.

Data published in the PropTrack Market Insight Report last month revealed Perth has the worst rental vacancy rate out of any capital city in the country. The rate is at just 0.75 per cent after falling 0.13 percentage points in February.

PropTrack Senior Economist and report author Paul Ryan said a vacancy rate this low puts a lot of pressure on renters.

“It’s very concerning. Rent growth across WA has been 17 per cent over the past year and we’re still looking at seeing double digit rent growth over 2024, given where rental vacancy rates are and the momentum in rents at the moment, unfortunately,” he said.

“This rental crisis is clearly a nationwide issue, it’s affecting every city. There are obviously some Perth specific issues that are making it worse in Perth than the rest of the country but nowhere is really being spared from this rental crisis.

“Unfortunately it’s going to take a long time to get some respite through to renters, who have have really been doing it tough now since since the pandemic started.”