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Amerisleep Mattress Reviews | Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy


Amerisleep also has an organic mattress if you’re looking for a bed made with sustainable materials. This review will focus on the different options and why I do — or don’t — think you should buy them.

Amerisleep mattresses: The foam Amerisleep mattresses all give the same contouring, hugging memory-foam feel, especially the AS5 mattress. They use similar materials, and the star of the show is the company’s Bio-Pur memory foam. The AS5 is the most plush (I’d rate it at 1 to 2 out of 10, with 10 being the firmest) and it’s made with one additional layer that I’ll get into below. This is what gives it the extra-cushy feeling.

AS1 is on the opposite end of the spectrum as the firmest of the pack, around a 9 or 10 out of 10. I sit more on top of this mattress rather than sinking into it because it’s so firm. However, you do still feel that memory foam molding to your body, and I think it will be pleasant for folks interested in a very firm mattress.

AS3 is right in the middle and offers a balanced firmness profile around a 5 out of 10. It’s also the most popular option, which doesn’t surprise me since it accommodates the widest range of sleeping positions.

Amerisleep Hybrid mattresses: The AS3 and AS5 are also available as hybrid models. They feel almost exactly the same as the foam Amerisleep mattresses, but they’re just a little bouncier and more supportive since they have a pocketed coil layer in the base. They’re better for people who have back pain, weigh over 230 pounds or generally want more durability and support than foam beds can provide.

The AS2 was previously available as a hybrid, but that model was discontinued and it is now only available as an all-foam bed.

Amerisleep Organica mattress: To compete with the likes of Avocado and Birch, Amerisleep released its Organica mattress. It’s a hybrid mattress that incorporates natural and organic materials. It’s softer than other organic mattresses I’ve tested, which is a big plus. I rated itaround a medium to medium-firm, while many other organic mattresses with latex are firmer.

Watch our very own CNET Video Producer, Owen Poole, review the Amerisleep mattress.

AS1 is 10 inches thick to achieve a firmer feel. AS2, AS3 and AS4 are 12 inches, and AS5 is 14 inches with an extra soft layer to give it its ultra-plush profile. Below, I break down the most popular AS3 model, but the one you choose will look similar.

I was impressed that Amerisleep features a machine-washable cover. While it seems simple, you have to spot clean the covers on most of the mattresses I’ve tested.

The AS3 and AS5 hybrids have pocketed-coil base layers with firm coils around the edges for better edge support. They include the same Bio-Pur memory foam found in the original Amerisleep mattresses. AS5, however, contains an extra layer at the top to make it feel more firm or more soft, depending on the mattress you choose. Below is a breakdown of the popular AS3 Hybrid:

Natural and organic mattresses have antimicrobial properties; they’re also hypoallergenic and are made more sustainably, making them better for the environment. The Amerisleep Organica mattress is 13 inches thick and is stacked as follows:

The foam Amerisleep mattress options feel dense, and more like traditional memory foam than the Amerisleep Hybrid mattresses. The foam takes longer to bounce back once you switch positions, and the soft Amerisleep mattresses will especially hug the curves of your body. AS3 through AS5 are particularly pressure-relieving for side sleepers and contour around your hips and shoulders.

Hybrid Amerisleep mattresses still have a pressure-relieving memory foam feel, but they are bouncier and more responsive than the foam models. This is partly due to the springy coils that sit on the bottom of the mattress. It’s almost more of a mix between a neutral foam and memory-foam feel.

The Amerisleep Organica mattress takes responsive and bouncy up a level by combining pocketed coils and springy latex. If your kids like a bouncy mattress, this would be a fun one. It bounces back immediately to pressure, making it really easy to switch positions. It’s also supportive, and you don’t sink into the foam like you do on the original Amerisleep mattress models. I also think the wool in the top layer helps contribute to pressure relief, which isn’t as common when it comes to latex foam mattresses.

Memory foam is great at isolating motion, and the foam Amerisleep mattresses take the crown here. However, that isn’t to say the hybrid Amerisleep mattress models have poor motion-isolating capabilities. If you need the extra support they provide, the slightly lesser-performing motion isolation is easy to look past. As far as the Organica Amerisleep mattress goes, you might feel some movement due to the nature of the materials.

The Amerisleep beds with the strongest edges were the hybrid mattress models, including the Amerisleep Organica. They all have firmer, stronger coils around the perimeter to help with edge support. I could definitely tell the difference between them and the foam models. You don’t feel wobbly or unsupported on the Amerisleep memory foam mattresses, but there is more give around the edges.

Although the memory foam in the Amerisleep mattresses and Amerisleep Hybrids doesn’t retain heat like the classic material, the beds sleep temperature neutral. I think the Amerisleep Organica sleeps the coolest, just because it’s more breathable. Latex foam is perforated, meaning there are tiny holes all throughout the foam, promoting better airflow. That said, the Organica mattress isn’t cool to the touch like other cooling mattresses I’ve tested.

Your perfect Amerisleep mattress will depend on your body type and favorite sleeping position. I liked AS3 because it offers a good middle-ground firmness level for when I sleep on my side or my stomach.

People under 230 pounds will be comfortable on just about any Amerisleep mattress. Keep in mind that the more you weigh, the softer a mattress is going to feel. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, you might find these beds firmer than I described.

If you’re over 230 pounds, I recommend one of the hybrid mattresses from Amerisleep. They’ll be more comfortable in the long run and last you longer than a foam mattress, which is important when you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a product.

Side sleepers: AS3, AS4 and AS5 will probably be the best options for side sleepers. Folks over 230 pounds who favor their side may also like the Amerisleep Organica mattress, but petite side sleepers will want to stay away from that one.

Back and stomach sleepers: The best Amerisleep mattresses for back and stomach sleepers are the firmer beds. Go with AS1, AS2, AS3 or the Organica bed. They all offer ample spinal support to keep your back from sagging into the memory foam.

Combination sleepers: Honestly, AS3 was made for people like you (and me). It’s Amerisleep’s most popular option, and appeals to just about any sleeping position. Amerisleep Organica is also perfectly fine if you like the sound of a natural and organic mattress. It’s a hair on the firmer side, but I don’t think you’ll mind if you don’t spend a significant amount of time on your side.

The price for your Amerisleep mattress will vary depending on the model you choose. In this case, the softer the model, the more expensive the mattress.

Prices start at $850 for the AS1 and go up to $1,400 for the king size. The price for AS3 starts around $1,100 for a twin and maxes out around $1,700 for a king. The most expensive model, the AS5, starts at $1,800 for a twin and $2,300 for a king. With that said, you can typically expect to take off up to 30% with frequent promotions.

The hybrid models cost around $500 more than the foam models and are a little expensive if you pay full price. However, it’s not unusual to see promos for these hybrid beds, which can bring the price down $500 for queen. With a discount, I’d say those prices are reasonable and fair.

Since Amerisleep Organica is a natural and organic mattress, it is a bit more expensive than regular bed-in-a-box mattresses. Prices start around $1,400 for a twin and max out around $3,200 for a split king. As you might have guessed, there are also promos on this mattress.

If you’ve never purchased a bed-in-a-box mattress online, the process might seem a little strange. Essentially, Amerisleep will ship you your mattress for free in a cardboard box. You’ll have 100 nights to test it and see if you like it. If you don’t, you can contact customer service to start the refund process. Customers who keep the mattress get a 20-year warranty.

Amerisleep mattresses will give off a funky smell once you take them out of the box, but it’s not a cause for concern unless you have an extra-sensitive nose. The smell will disappear in about a day or so. It’s kind of like a new-car smell, but it’s a new-mattress smell. That said, the Amerisleep Organica mattress is an exception because it smells more earthy than anything else. Due to its natural, organic materials, you shouldn’t get any unpleasant odor when you unbox it.

Amerisleep has quite the mattress catalog, offering soft, firm and everything in between. I love how the company covers all the bases with a mattress option for almost every sleeper — even environmentally friendly ones. There are a lot of pros and few cons, unless you hate memory foam or you’re on a limited budget. If you’re on the fence, I say give Amerisleep a go and fall back on its 100-night trial policy if you end up unimpressed.

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