Attention Sweaty Sleepers! Percale Sheets Are *the Move* If You Want the Best Snooze Ever


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As we slowly approach peak #SweatyGirlSzn, precautions can, and must, be made. That means pulling out the warm-weather outfits, making sure your A.C. unit means business, and grabbing bedsheets that won’t feel hotter than the Seventh Circle of Hell at night.

Well, luckily we know a thing or two about bedding around these parts — from mattresses and pillows to duvets and blankets. And while we love all kinds of sheets — including bamboo, linen, eucalyptus, silk, flannel, jersey, and more — we’re here to enlighten the Hot Sleeper Community on the wonders of percale cotton sheets. They’re crisp and cool with a smooth matte finish, which makes ’em feel like the other side of the pillow, but, like, all over. Intrigued? We thought so.

To be clear, percale is a type of weave, not a type of fabric, and while this weave can also be used for other fabrics like polyester and rayon, you’ll find that percale sheets are typically produced from cotton. Because it’s highly breathable (and relatively affordable!), cotton is a bed sheet staple, with Egyptian cotton or pima cotton with a percale weave being the best choice for those who sleep warm. And while some folks prefer the ~silky feel~ of a sateen weave over the crispness of a percale weave, these top-rated percale sheets are a better pick in terms of durability, trust.

Our top picks for the best percale sheets of 2024:

If you love the feeling of crawling under crisp, cool sheets after a long day, then check out our fave percale sheets (as well as everything you should know before investing in them) ahead. And JSYK, the prices listed are for queen-size sheet sets that include a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and two pillowcases, though all these options come in other sizes as well.