Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Review: Supportive And Environmentally-Friendly


If you’re in the market for an organic mattress, you’ve probably found yourself considering the Avocado brand. In an industry with a lot of not-so-green mattresses, Avocado manufactures beds from sustainably sourced and eco-friendly materials. The Los Angeles-based company’s Eco Organic mattress is the most affordable offering in its wide catalog of eco-conscious picks. But what’s it actually like to sleep on? My detailed Avocado Eco Organic mattress review reveals my experience after sleeping on it for a full month.

To avoid the synthetic materials found in memory foam, most organic mattresses use natural latex. Avocado has earned an impressive array of third-party sustainability certifications: If mattress certifications were like scout badges, the Avocado’s vest would have little room to sew on more.

The Eco Organic is a hybrid mattress with a layer of latex spread over a system of steel coils. It’s topped with a layer of wool for added breathability and an organic cotton cover.

The cotton and wool are all certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is a robust third-party verification for organic materials used in apparel and home goods. The latex is similarly certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) and the Forest Stewardship Council, which means that forests are not harmed by harvesting the latex.

The only fabric in this mattress that’s not natural is the non-woven polypropylene fabric that’s used to wrap the individual steel coils.

Avocado rates this mattress a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most firm), but I’d disagree with this rating. I found it to be slightly firmer, more like a 6 out of 10. Dunlop latex tends to be firmer than Talalay latex, although the design and any perforations in the latex layer also affects firmness. As a stomach sleeper and a relatively lightweight person, I experienced this mattress as quite firm but not uncomfortable. I don’t feel like I’m sinking in. If you’re looking for softer options, Avocado also offers a Plush version of the Avocado Green mattress, which has a latex topper that’s thicker than one on the more affordable model I tested.

Natural mattress materials have a number of inherent benefits, like cooling properties, support and longevity. The Eco Organic mattress promotes airflow, and because latex offers a firm but comfortable layer, it’s easy to move around on this mattress without it being particularly bouncy.

Despite this mattress coming in at quite an affordable price compared to other organic mattresses, it really doesn’t skimp when it comes to the quality of the materials. I’m also impressed by the chemical safety of this mattress. It’s made with cotton, steel, wool and latex, so other synthetic chemicals aren’t necessary. The mattress has an array of third-party chemical safety certifications: Made Safe, Greenguard Gold and the two organic standards, GOLS and GOTS. The wool also has a Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certification, another verification that it doesn’t contain harmful substances.

As someone who primarily sleeps on my stomach, support is more of a requirement for me. However, I didn’t notice any particular pressure points or soreness after lying on my side and back. At one point, I worked on my laptop for a four-hour stretch while sitting on the bed (usually a recipe for soreness around my sit bones), but I didn’t feel sore afterwards.

Natural materials, like wool and latex, inherently breathe and promote airflow. These layers, in combination with the steel springs’ open structure, explain why this bed offers a cool night’s sleep. While testing, I never woke up sweaty although I tend to run pretty cold in general.

One area of weakness for this mattress is motion transfer, or the amount you feel a partner moving around on the bed next to you. The combination of the firm top and springs don’t absorb movement as much as a softer mattress top might, and as a result I could feel both my partner and pet move on the bed.

However, slower, more distributed movements, like a partner rolling over in bed, are felt less than sharper or more impactful movements. I was surprised by how much I could feel the cat hopping up onto the bed at night. If you have a partner who tosses and turns and wakes you up, you might consider a softer option from Avocado or a brand like Nectar.

Both the edge and overall support of the Eco Organic mattress are impressive. You can lie down right at the edge of this bed and not feel like it’s going to let you roll off (often a problem with memory foam mattresses). According to Avocado, this is achieved by a reinforced steel coil perimeter. As a stomach sleeper, I appreciate the support this mattress provides for my hips and lower back from the central zone, where the thickest steel coils are.

It’s very easy to move around on top of this mattress, including getting up and shifting from one position to another. This mattress is not particularly bouncy.

In addition to using eco-conscious materials to make its mattresses, Avocado participates in several social good programs:

Shipping is free, and the Eco Organic arrives rolled up in a box.

If you spend time obsessing over the environmental footprint of your purchases, you may be dismayed at the many sheets of plastic used to seal and condense the mattress. Avocado’s website says to “Be sure to recycle all packaging materials.”

While this type of film plastic might technically be recyclable, it’s not widely available. Even here in New York City, where we have pretty robust recycling options, I decided the best way to deal with the plastic was to keep it and reuse it as a tarp for my next DIY paint project. That said, I’m unaware of any “mattress in a box” company that handles packaging any better, and the other organic mattress I purchased arrived exactly the same way.

Once we got it unwrapped, my partner and I found it pretty easy to get unrolled and positioned on our box spring. For a full-size bed or bigger, I recommend having a second person to help. You can sleep on the mattress immediately, and I didn’t notice any odd smells.

The trial period for this mattress is 100 days (other Avocado models allow up to one year). There’s also a minimum trial of 30 nights, which might sound odd but it’s pretty standard for mattress companies. The goal is to give your body enough time to adjust to your new bed’s feel and firmness.

If you choose to “return” your mattress, a member of the Avocado team advises you on how to donate your mattress locally. There’s a $99 return fee, and otherwise you are refunded in full, excepting any in-home delivery services you might have paid for.

The Eco Organic has a 10-year warranty, which is less than some of Avocado’s other mattresses (some have warranties of up to 25 years). However, latex mattresses do tend to be very durable, so if you care for your mattress using a mattress protector and rotating it regularly, it might outlive its warranty.

This mattress is Avocado’s most popular. The upgraded features on this mattress include a thicker layer of latex (3 inches instead of 2), zoned coils that provide different levels of support for different parts of your body and three firmness options.

The Luxury Organic is Avocado’s top-of-the-line mattress, which also comes in three firmness options and includes additional layers of premier fibers like alpaca and silk. It ships flat, and is backed by a 25-year warranty.

If you prefer to avoid animal products but still want an organic mattress, the Avocado Vegan is similar to the Avocado Green mattress but uses certified organic cotton instead of wool. It’s also free from silk and is PETA certified.

Although the Avocado Eco Organic is one of the most affordable organic mattresses on the market, it doesn’t skimp in most departments. I would recommend it to fellow stomach sleepers in a heartbeat, as well as to back and combo sleepers, or anyone with concerns about the chemicals and fire retardants used in other kinds of mattresses.

Here at Forbes Vetted, we strive to test mattresses under real-world conditions — not just taking naps in sleep labs. We match testers with mattresses according to their sleep positions and other preferences, so that the people testing our mattresses are most like the readers who would actually be interested in purchasing that model.

To test the Eco Organic mattress, I slept on it in my apartment for a month. I also evaluated it while awake, lying on it in different positions, taking notes on edge support and how it felt when my husband and cat moved on the bed next to me.

I cover sleep, tech, gear and parenting for Forbes Vetted. Along with our sleep and mattress editors McKenzie Dillon and Bridget Chapman, I helped to implement our real-world mattress testing protocol.

I’ve dedicated the majority of my career to reporting on health, science and the environment, with a particular focus on household products. Before joining the Forbes Vetted team as a commerce editor, I oversaw product reviews at Treehugger, where I tested and wrote reviews about consumer products like indoor garden systems and eco-friendly yoga mats, in addition doing investigative reporting on subjects like foam insulation and how rayon is driving deforestation. My work has also been published by EcoWatch, The Spruce Pets and Real Detroit Weekly.

Yes. The Avocado Eco Organic Mattress and other beds from Avocado, including the Eco Green, Vegan and Luxury Organic, are all certified organic with GOLS-certified latex and GOTS-certified cotton. They were certified by a third-party organization who subjects brands to high environmental and social standards, from the beginning to the end of the supply chain, starting with the farms they source their materials from to the factories that manufacture the beds. The only part of this bed that isn’t natural is is the non-woven polypropylene fabric used to wrap the pocketed coils.

It’s 10 inches thick. It includes a 2-inch layer of organic Dunlop latex and an 8-inch system of pocketed steel coils. The cover doesn’t add any height to the bed and it’s made from soft organic cotton.

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