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Avocado Luxury Organic Mattress Review: Plush, Organic and Ethical Luxury


Avocado and its sister brand Brentwood Home make some exceptional mattresses produced with mostly natural, organic and recycled materials. Of all the brands we have tested over the years, Avocado has the highest number of certifications to show that nearly all of its mattress materials are certified organic and both brands are certified climate neutral.

The Luxury Organic mattress is the most premium mattress available from Avocado, and it is truly impressive in quality, comfort and support. Anyone looking for a certified organic mattress will probably be interested in this one if they can float the hefty price tag.

This is one of the few mattresses we have tested that requires white glove delivery because it cannot be delivered roll-packed inside of a box like most beds. This bed ships flat and a local delivery team brought it in and did all the setup for us, which was welcome considering the weight of this mattress: 154 lbs, according to Avocado.

Once the crew set up the mattress in our office, I was immediately impressed. It looks very high quality with a tufted cover, handles on the sides and front and a cover made with certified organic cotton. I also noticed how tall this mattress is. We received the base model that doesn’t feature any of the optional pillow tops, and it’s still over 13 inches tall, which means there are a lot of layers beneath the cover.

I also noticed right off the bat that it is noticeably softer than the Avocado Green mattress (with the optional pillow-top) and the Avocado Eco Organic mattress, which is clearly what this mattress is designed to be. In general, we have observed over years of testing that mattresses using latex foam in their construction tend to be on the firm side, and while the non-pillow top model of the Luxury Organic isn’t all that plush overall, it is softer than other beds from the brand while maintaining a similar responsive feel as beds like the Green mattress.

I had been looking forward to seeing and testing this mattress for a long time, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Avocado Luxury Organic is a very thick mattress with many distinct layers underneath the cover. It is also available in three different models, and the construction will vary pretty significantly depending on which model you choose to purchase. I’ll start by describing the construction of the base model, the “medium,” and then get into the other models.

The bottommost layer of the Avocado Luxury Organic is a certified organic hemp pad to provide support and to provide the main support layer a stable foundation — which is an eight-inch-thick-layer of zoned support pocketed coils. These coils are made with recycled steel and do a much better job at isolating motion than a traditional innerspring mattress, and individually wrapped pocketed coils like these have effectively replaced inner springs in mattress design.

Above the coil layer is a two-inch-thick layer of certified organic Dunlop latex foam. Above this layer of latex is a layer of certified organic cotton, then a blend of certified organic wool, silk and additional cotton and another two-inch-thick layer of latex foam. Then there’s even more wool and cotton above that, along with the cover of the mattress.

So that’s a lot of layers, even for the most basic model of the Luxury Organic. If you upgrade to the “plush” model, which I think will be the most popular model for reasons I’ll explain later, you get even more layers.

With this pillow top, the mattress features a roughly three-inch-thick layer of microcoils, which I haven’t seen on any other mattress from Avocado. Microcoils are pretty interesting because they behave kind of like a responsive memory foam with a bit of a “sink-in” type of feel. The pillow top also contains some additional wool, cotton and silk.

If you are interested in the “ultra plush” model the pillow-top is quite a bit different. Instead of using micro-coils, the pillow top uses even more latex foam to further soften the mattress.

Between the models, the feel won’t be altered all that much. Firmness is the big difference, which I’ll cover next. The overall feel of the Avocado Luxury Organic is a responsive latex foam feel. It will provide lots of comfort, buoyancy and cushioning. I like to describe how latex foam feels to be the polar opposite of memory foam, which is very slow to respond and conform to your body’s shape. I really enjoy the feel of latex foam beds, and I think most people will, too, as long as you’re not specifically seeking out a memory foam mattress.

The plush model that features micro-coils will feel a bit different than the medium and ultra-plush models, but it won’t be drastic and is still in the responsive latex category.

Watch me review the Avocado Luxury Organic mattress in this video review.

As I mentioned earlier, which model of the Avocado Luxury Organic mattress you choose will significantly impact the firmness profile and which sleeper types the bed will be best for.

The medium model, sans any pillow-tops, will be somewhere between a medium and a medium firm on our scale, which means it should be accommodating for the majority of sleepers, back, stomach, side and combination. It’s not quite soft enough to be rated as a medium, and it is noticeably softer than the Avocado Green mattress with its optional pillow top that we rate at a medium firm.

The plush model is between a medium and a medium-soft on our scale, which is a nice sweet spot for side sleepers. This is because it’s soft enough to provide most sleepers with enough pressure relief to avoid hip and shoulder pain developing over time, but it’s not overwhelmingly soft and can still work for some combination sleepers who don’t only sleep on their side.

The ultra-plush model will be at a true medium-soft which means it is very plush and is easily one of the softest latex foam hybrid beds we’ve ever tested. This will be most appropriate for strict side sleepers who don’t spend any significant amount of time sleeping in any other position.

Going with the plush or ultra-plush model will increase the price of the Avocado Luxury Organic mattress significantly in comparison to the medium model. Toppers can be purchased after the fact if you decide you want to soften up the medium model; just keep in mind that if you purchase one of the pillow-top models of the Luxury Organic mattress, it will be stitched onto the mattress, which is a nice thing to have.

The Avocado Luxury Organic mattress has a truly impressive number of certifications for nearly all of its construction materials. I mentioned it a bit in a previous section, but the latex foam is certified organic, the cotton is certified organic, the wool is certified organic, and the brand itself is Climate-Neutral certified and a certified B Corporation. All the info about Avocado’s certifications can be found here.

If you’re looking for the most eco-friendly and sustainably sourced mattress out there, Avocado is easily one of the best brands, and it is very transparent about where each material is sourced from.

The edge support of a mattress refers to how well the perimeter of the bed holds up under pressure and is important for couples sharing a mattress. If the edge compresses too much, you can feel like you are going to roll off the mattress, which usually leads to interrupted sleep.

I found the edge support on the Avocado Luxury Organic to be very good, which is exactly what I expected. The coil support layer is actually extra-reinforced along the perimeter of the mattress, and I felt no roll-off sensation during testing, which is great news for couples.

The Avocado Luxury Organic mattress is a bit below average in terms of its ability to isolate cross-mattress motion. Latex foam is more responsive than pretty much any other foams I’ve tested, and combined with the coils, it doesn’t work as well as other beds, especially memory foam beds.

On the plush model, this will improve a bit. Despite being responsive, micro-coils are really good at isolating motion. If you’re interested in this bed and you or your sleeping partner wakes up easily, then the plush model will be ideal.

While there are no active cooling elements in the construction of the Luxury Organic mattress, it will do an excellent job at sleeping temperature neutral. All the construction elements of the mattress are naturally breathable, like the coils, latex foam, wool and cotton. Thanks to this factor it shouldn’t warm up significantly throughout the night and stay temperature neutral.

The Avocado Luxury Organic, as you might expect, is very expensive. Most beds from Avocado as a brand are going to cost more than your average bed-in-a-box. This makes a lot of sense because Avocado puts a lot of effort into ensuring that the materials used in its beds meet high sustainability and environmental standards. The Luxury Organic is easily Avocado’s most expensive bed, though.

A queen size in the medium model retails for $3,899, and the plush and ultra plush models will increase the price significantly. This bed ranks among some of the most expensive beds we’ve tested like the Purple Rejuvenate mattresses and the Tempur-Pedic Breeze line.

The bed does seem to have larger discounts on the other beds from Avocado, which usually happen around major holidays, so make sure to check out our mattress deals page for up-to-date pricing and discounts.

Unlike other beds from Avocado like the Avocado Green and the Avocado Eco Organic, the Luxury Organic will not ship for free. Because of how thick it is, the mattress doesn’t ship roll-packed in a box like most online beds — it instead ships flat and requires “white glove delivery,” which is an industry term for in-home setup.

Many brands like Saatva and Purple will offer this at no additional cost, but with the Luxury Organic, there is a minimum $250 shipping charge that can increase depending on your location, and if you order anything else with your mattress, like a foundation or adjustable base.

Avocado offers a long trial period of an entire year. Within the trial period, if you decide the Avocado Luxury Organic mattress is not your ideal mattress, you can contact the company and arrange a return. There will be a $99 fee to return the mattress. Usually, this fee is not an upfront fee, but the cost will be deducted from your refund.

Returning a mattress is pretty straightforward. You don’t have to ship the mattress back to the company, the brand will arrange for someone in your local area to pick up the mattress for you. All you have to do is let them in.

The Avocado Luxury Organic mattress, and most of its other beds, come with a 25-year warranty, which is significantly longer than the usual online mattress standard of 10 years.

There is no denying that the Avocado Luxury Organic is an exceptional mattress. The quality of the materials is impressive, especially considering the sheer number of certifications that nearly all the materials have. It is, by default, a more plush and soft mattress in comparison to the Avocado Green mattress with two extra options to make it even softer for side sleepers.

I think, for most folks, the plush model of the Luxury Organic will be the most popular. This is because the medium model isn’t as plush as many side sleepers will want. The Avocado Green mattress with its optional pillow-top is roughly medium-firm, so it is firmer than the medium model of the Luxury Organic, but not by a significant amount, and it is also much more affordable.

To me, if you are interested in the Luxury Organic, one of the reasons is that you want a soft, latex foam mattress, and the plush model will be the most compelling option.

You will need a large budget to be interested in the Luxury Organic, which ranks among the most expensive beds we’ve ever tested, but it also ranks among the most premium and luxurious.

Avocado Green Mattress: This mattress is the flagship mattress from Avocado. It has a similar design and feel to the Luxury Organic with an equally impressive number of certifications, although it is firmer across the board. Its base model is a true firm, the model with the optional pillow-top is about a medium-firm (this model is the most popular), and there’s an extra, more expensive “box pillow-top” model that will make it even softer.

I think people seeking out a natural and organic mattress with tons of certifications will gravitate toward the Avocado Green because it is more affordable.

Avocado Eco Organic Mattress: This is the most affordable mattress for Avocado, and the biggest thing to know about it is that it is very firm and doesn’t feature any pillow-top options like the Avocado Green or the Luxury Organic. It also doesn’t have as generous of a policy set as the other beds. This is essentially the entry-level mattress from Avocado and it is priced as such.

Luxury Organic vs. Purple Rejuvenate: The Purple Rejuvenate line of mattresses are the most high-end mattresses from Purple and have a lot in common with the Avocado Luxury Organic. Both beds are very thick and heavy, both have the same shipping method (Purple’s will be free), and both have multiple options that impact the firmness level. Both also have a responsive feel but use vastly different materials. Purple uses a material called the “Gel-Flex Grid,” which is made of a synthetic material called hyper-elastic polymer. Both beds are similar, but the biggest difference is that the Luxury Organic uses certified organic materials, and the Purple Rejuvenate mattresses are more expensive on average.

Luxury Organic vs. Brentwood Home Oceano: This is the flagship mattress from Avocado’s sister brand, Brentwood Home. This bed features some natural and organic materials, but instead of using latex foam, it uses a combination of organic wool and a partially plant-based memory foam for comfort. The Oceano also has a softer profile, similar to the plush model of the Luxury Organic. Overall, it’s a different type of mattress, but it is a nice option for anyone seeking a luxurious pillow-top bed.