Best Mattresses For Hip Pain That Promote Maximum Pressure Relief


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The best mattresses are designed to strike a balance between comfort and support. Veer too far in one direction or the other, and you might find yourself waking up with aching hips or a sore back. Preferences will vary, of course, but the right mattress to keep hip pain at bay can’t be too soft or too firm. Instead, it has to be just right to keep pain from getting out of control. “A mattress that’s too firm or too soft will contribute to not only hip pain, but back and pelvis pain as well,” says Dr. Kevin Lees, D.C. director of chiropractic operations at The Joint Chiropractic.

The right firmness is subjective, but medium-firm mattresses tend to offer a good combination of cushioning comfort and sturdy support layers. Pair that with layers of a pressure-relieving material, like memory foam or latex, and you’re well on your way to finding a mattress that has all the right features for hip pain relief. To help you get started we rounded up seven of the best mattresses for hip pain with standout features that sleepers of all types need to limit pain in this joint. Saatva’s Loom & Leaf Mattress is our top pick thanks to its ultra-contouring, high-density memory foam layers and choice of two firmness options.

Best Overall Mattress For Hip Pain: Saatva Loom & Leaf Mattress Best Affordable Mattress For Hip Pain: Layla Memory Foam Mattress Best Cooling Mattress For Hip Pain: Nectar Premier Mattress Best Latex Mattress For Hip Pain: PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Best Hybrid Mattress For Hip Pain: Nolah Evolution Best Memory Foam Mattress For Hip Pain: GravityLux by WinkBeds Best Flippable Mattress for Hip Pain: Saatva Zenhaven Natural Latex Mattress Best Mattress For Couples With Hip Pain: Dreamcloud Premier Rest Best Organic Mattress For Hip Pain: Avocado Green Mattress

Best Overall Mattress For Hip Pain

A Body-Hugging Option With Pressure Relief And Support


Saatva Loom & Leaf Mattress (Queen)

Buy From Saatva

Type: Memory foam | Trial: 365 nights | Warranty: Lifetime | Key Features: Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial organic cotton cover, CertiPUR-US-certified foams, choice of firmness

The Loom & Leaf mattress from Saatva is a premium option, with high-quality memory foam layers that combine for close contouring, pressure relief and stable support. The gel-infused foam minimizes heat retention and delivers a little extra buffer to the low back with what Saatva calls a “lumbar “crown,” which helps keep the hips lifted for proper spinal support.

Saatva offers the Loom & Leaf in two firmness levels, relaxed firm and firm. Both should work for a wide variety of sleepers and will likely be firm enough for folks with hip pain. Saatva says its relaxed firm feel is a 5 to 7 on a 10-point scale, while the firm option is an 8. The firmer feel is ideal for stomach sleepers and those who prefer feeling like they’re sleeping on a mattress — not sinking into it. Saatva says the softer pick is its most popular comfort level and has the necessary support to maintain spinal alignment in all sleep positions. Plus, Saatva offers a longer-than-average trial. If you get the mattress and find your hip pain isn’t resolving for any reason, or even if it lessens initially but comes back a few weeks later, you can return the mattress for up to a year.

What reviewers say: The Loom & Leaf mattress is exceptionally well-reviewed, with customers praising it for its quality, comfort and support. People with self-described hip pain are equally pleased. One says, “I’m now sleeping so much more soundly, feeling fully supported, comfortable, and enjoying that brilliant heat dispersing layer. Plus I’m no longer waking up with pain in my shoulders, hips, and back.” Another explained the Loom & Leaf ended up solving the problem posed by a 100-pound weight difference between her and her husband.

Best Affordable Mattress For Hip Pain

A Flippable Mattress With A Wallet-Friendly Price

Layla Cooling Memory Foam Mattress (Queen)

Buy From Layla

Type: Memory foam | Trial: 120 nights | Warranty: Lifetime | Key Features: Cooling, antimicrobial, reversible

Layla’s memory foam mattress has a lot going for it, thanks to the copper gel in the foam and a unique design. The copper integrated into the foam does double duty. Not only does it remain gently firm under pressure, which means more support in areas of greater compression, it’s also conductive. According to the company, the copper helps funnel heat away from the body to keep you feeling cooler all night. Plus, the material is naturally antimicrobial, which makes for a fresher mattress, Layla says. The Layla mattress has a flippable design, making it akin to two mattresses in one. One side has a soft, plush feel (a 4 on Layla’s 10-point firmness scale), the other has a firm feel (a 7 on Layla’s scale). It’s quite a feat considering the bed’s budget-friendly price — a queen comes in around $1,000.

What the reviews say: There are over 7,000 reviews of the Layla mattress, with plenty of happy customers. They love having the option to flip it over, along with the value and cooling features. Previous pain sufferers are just as pleased. One writes, “I’ve had unknown hip pain for over a year. Within a month of sleeping on the firm side of the Layla mattress, I’m completely pain free! It’s insane.”

Best Cooling Mattress For Hip Pain

A Cooler Memory Foam Mattress With Upgraded Pressure Relief

Nectar Premier (Queen)

Buy From Nectar

Type: Memory foam | Trial: 365 nights | Warranty: Lifetime | Key Features: CertiPur-US-certified foam, cooling material, enhanced pressure relief

The Nectar Premier Mattress addresses one of the common drawbacks of memory foam: It can run pretty hot. This mattress is designed to cool things down with gel infused foam and a heat-wicking cover. The foam also contains ActiveCool, a material that Nectar says reacts to the body’s changing temperature so you stay comfortable all night. Sleepers with hip pain will find the three foam layers contour nicely around their curves to relieve pressure and distribute weight evenly for necessary support. The mattress has a medium-firm feel that should appeal to a wide range of people.

What reviewers say: There are tens of thousands of five-star reviews for Nectar, with customers raving about the value, comfort and overall experience of sleeping on the company’s mattresses. Those who struggled with hip pain share that they’re sleeping better than ever. “I have a history of waking throughout the night with low back pain, hip pain and/or arm numbness,” says one. “This is not happening on the Nectar.” Another writes, “I have suffered hip and low back pain for several years, often waking up during the night due to pain and waking up stiff and sore. Since sleeping on our Nectar mattress, I have not woken up with any pain in my back or hips.”

Best Latex Mattress For Hip Pain

A Breathable, Buoyant Latex Mattress That Relieves Pressure

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss (Queen)

Buy From PlushBeds

Type: Latex | Trial: 100 nights | Warranty: Lifetime | Key Features: GOLS, GOTS and Greenguard Gold materials, choice of firmness, choice of height, hypoallergenic

Latex is a buoyant, bouncy alternative to memory foam with the same exceptional pressure relief. But the Botanical Bliss Mattress from PlushBeds takes things a step further. In addition to the organic Talalay latex in the comfort layers, this mattress has a unique organic latex support core. This six-inch layer is vulcanized, meaning it’s manufactured under high heat to make it ultra dense and all the better at supporting you from head to toe. Organic cotton and wool round out the Botanical Bliss, which comes in a choice of two firmnesses and three heights. The medium option is a good pick for side sleepers looking for pressure relief in the hips and shoulders, while the medium-firm works well for back and stomach sleepers who need lower back and hip support. The Botanical Bliss is also certified by a number of third party organizations, all of which speak to its quality, safety and sustainability.

What reviewers say: The Botanical Bliss has outstanding reviews, with customers praising not just the mattress for its soft support and pressure relief but also the company’s customer service. One writes, “I am thrilled to say that this bed is so comfortable that I don’t even notice it. I sleep well and no longer need to flip over to the other side due to sore shoulders or hips.” Another says, “I have severe low back and hip problems and since we have gotten this bed I have had much better nights’ sleep.”

Best Hybrid Mattress For Hip Pain

A Balanced Combination Of Luxurious Cushioning And Targeted Support

Nolah Evolution 15 (Queen)

Buy From Nolah Sleep

Type: Hybrid | Trial: 120 nights | Warranty: Lifetime | Key Features: Graphite-infused foam, choice of firmness, cooling topper, zoned coils with edge support

The Nolah Evolution packs a lot of features into its seven layers, which combine breathable foams with stable innersprings. The company says its patented AirFoam is a responsive, high-resilience foam that doesn’t trap body heat, outlives traditional memory foam and offers superior pressure point relief. That means your shoulders and hips will be nicely supported, no matter which position you sleep in. The support layer is made of individually-wrapped coils and divided into three sections, which makes for even weight distribution and a boost of support in the lumbar region. The whole thing is topped with a cooling, quilted Euro top (a type of pillow-top that’s sewn into the mattress and flush on the edges). Plus, it comes in three firmness options, ranging from plush to firm, so you can zero in on the best firmness for your sleep style.

What reviewers say: Fans of the Nolah Evolution speak highly about its quality, comfort and pain-relieving benefits. One writes, “This Nolah hybrid plush mattress is super comfy but supportive. My husband doesn’t complain about his hips or shoulders bothering him, and my back is much happier.” Another says, “It has absolutely reduced my hip, back and shoulder pain.”

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Hip Pain

Proprietary Breathable Foam With Lumbar Enhancement

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress (Queen)

Buy From WinkBeds

Type: Memory foam | Trial: 120 nights | Warranty: Lifetime | Key Features: Choice of firmness, motion isolating, breathable

The GravityLux is made of AirCell Foam — what WinkBeds calls the “next generation of memory foam.” AirCell Foam is a patented foam with tiny air capsules that are designed to support you in any position, relieve pressure with even weight distribution, and lessen the heat build-up that’s so common in traditional memory foam mattresses. Skip down from the AirCell layer, and you’ll find another patented foam in the third layer, with targeted “pushback” support in the hip and lumbar region to help you maintain comfortable alignment. It’s all part of what WinkBeds calls “progressive support layers,” which are specifically designed to relieve pressure in the hips and shoulders with close contouring while also supporting the lower back. The GravityLux comes in a choice of firmness, ranging from soft to medium to firm, which means there’s an option for just about every body type and sleep style.

What reviewers say: The GravityLux has hundreds of five-star reviews, with many customers crediting it for major hip pain relief. One says “[my] hip and shoulder pain are gone.” Another says, “Everything about this bed and company was perfect. [I] slept great [on] night one. Super comfortable, no hip pain for the first time in months.”

Best Flippable Mattress For Hip Pain

Dual-Sided Organic Latex with Two Distinct Comfort Levels

Saatva Zenhaven Natural Latex Mattress (Queen)

Buy From Saatva

Type: Latex | Trial: 365 nights | Warranty: Lifetime | Key Features: Flippable design, organic latex, hypoallergenic

The organic latex in the Zenhaven has a buoyant, responsive feel, making this a particularly good mattress for combination sleepers. The latex is divided into five zones that deliver more support in the lumbar area with firmer latex than elsewhere, so you’ll get superior spinal support in any position. While latex is naturally temperature neutral, the Zenhaven is made with vented air channels for boosted breathability. Plus, the flippable design means you never have to compromise on comfort. One side is what Saatva calls luxury plush, a 4-5 on the company’s firmness scale. It’s a great option for pressure relief if you’re a dedicated side sleeper. Flip it over, and you get gentle firm, a 7-8 on Saatva’s firmness scale. It has a little more lift and firmness to support stomach and back sleepers for pain-free sleep.

What reviewers say: Hip pain is no match for the Zenhaven, at least according to these happy customers. One says it gives them “hands down the best night of sleep we have ever had,” with “zero back pain. Zero neck pain. Zero hip pain.” Another shares that it made a huge difference in her husband’s hip pain, which means fewer disruptions in the night for her.

Best Mattress For Couples With Hip Pain

Contouring and Supportive with Minimal Motion Transfer

Dreamcloud Premier Rest Hybrid

Buy From Dreamcloud

Type: Hybrid | Trial: 365 nights | Warranty: Lifetime | Key Features: CertiPUR-US-certified foams, breathable materials and construction, excellent motion isolation

Folks struggling with hip pain and constant disruptions every time their partner rolls over might find the DreamCloud Premier Rest is the mattress of their dreams. This model is the company’s most luxurious option, with eight layers of cushioning foams and individually wrapped coils. Everything from the memory foam to the transition layer to the reinforced edges have been carefully chosen to balance comfort with the support you need to sleep well and wake up pain free. Steel springs move independently to contour closely and minimize motion transfer, so you can sleep soundly no matter how restless your partner gets.

What reviewers say: The DreamCloud Premier Rest has hundreds of five-star reviews, and both couples and side sleepers in particular rave about it. “I’ve always been a stomach and side sleeper and I had so many issues with back and hip pain on my old pillow top mattress but thought it was just my body approaching 30. A week into sleeping on this one the back and hip pain were gone and still feeling great several months into using it,” writes one. Another says, “My hips stopped hurting and I love my new mattress. Best money I have spent. It’s a joy to go to bed now.”

Best Organic Mattress For Hip Pain

An Eco-Luxurious Pick with Balanced Pressure Relief

Avocado Green Mattress®

Buy From Avocado

Type: Hybrid | Trial: 365 nights | Warranty: 25 years | Key Features: Certified organic, GOLS, GOTS and Greenguard Gold certified, non toxic, optional pillow-top upgrade

The Avocado Green mattress may be the most well-known certified organic mattress out there, but it’s no slouch when it comes to serious pressure relief. Organic latex meets tempered steel coils arranged in five zones with three distinct gauges to distribute your weight when you lie down, contour around your curves, and gently cradle you from head to toe. The Avocado has a host of impressive certifications that speak to its sustainability, quality and safety. At a 7 on the company’s firmness scale, it’s plush enough to ease pressure on joints, but firm enough to provide support. If you prefer a plusher feel over the standard medium-firm option, you can upgrade to the pillow-top .

What reviewers say: There are over 18,000 reviews for the Avocado Green Mattress, and to say people are pleased is an understatement. They praise the mattress for its impressive certifications, organic materials, and pain-relieving benefits. “Reduced my hip pain to 0,” one writes. Another says, “Between sports injuries and simply not being as young as we used to be, both my husband and I have dealt with a lot of back and hip pain. I’m not going to say this mattress has been a miracle cure, but there is a significant difference in how we roll out of bed every morning.”


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How We Chose The Best Mattresses For Hip Pain

After chatting with Dr. Lees, I looked for mattresses with specific features and materials to benefit sleepers with hip pain, including a medium-firm comfort level and being made with latex or memory foam layers. I screened for reputable brands and high quality mattresses, and I specifically looked for feedback from customers who detailed exactly how their hip pain improved (or worsened) with mattresses. I prioritized mattresses with plenty of customer ratings and high star averages, and I was careful to include options for a range of budgets.

What To Consider When Shopping For A Mattress If You Have Hip Pain

It’s easy to point fingers at your bed if you’re consistently waking up with hip pain. But keep in mind that other factors could play a role. Dr. Lees points out that while we sleep, existing problems can swell and become aggravated from a combination of pressure on the joints and a lack of motion.

Sleep position plays a role, too. “Lying on your side can add pressure to both your hip and your shoulder. On a firm mattress, this may cause a pressure point that becomes very tender,” says Dr. Lees. He recommends tucking a pillow between the knees, or laying the top leg on a body pillow.

As for back sleepers, Dr. Lees says that hip pain can develop when the weight on the legs causes pressure to build in the front of the hips. “This can be seen in those who have very tight hip flexors. Using a small pillow under your knees can help reduce this pressure and tension.” Pressure can likewise build in the hips and low back of stomach sleepers, especially without sufficient support to properly elevate them and maintain a neutral spine.

Whether or not you suspect your mattress really is the problem, it’s best to speak with your healthcare provider if hip pain is a constant in your life.

One sign that points to your mattress being the problem is its age. “Mattresses are typically made to last around seven years,” says Dr. Lees. “After a while, the support breaks down and you may start to develop low spots that cause your back and pelvis to sag.”

If that’s the case, it’s time for an upgrade, but mattresses are tricky to buy, because there’s so much to consider. Here’s what you’ll want to keep a few things in mind as you shop.

Sleep Style

Back sleepers have different needs in a mattress than side or combination sleepers, especially when it comes to hip pain. “Side sleepers need a semi-firm mattress so there are no pressure points on their hip that can aggravate pain,” says Dr. Lees. “The mattress still needs to be firm enough to support the body in a neutral position and not allow sagging.” Back sleepers, meanwhile, benefit from something slightly firmer. “They usually find it more comfortable with a small pillow under their knees to help remove pressure on their hips and lower back,” he notes. Stomach sleepers should also veer to the firmer side to ensure their hips are properly supported.


Memory foam and latex are well known for their pressure-relieving benefits, which largely comes down to how well they distribute weight and contour around heavier parts of the body. A potential drawback for memory foam, of course, is heat retention, so if you tend to overheat at night, look for gel-infused options. Latex is naturally temperature regulating, so that can be a good option to consider as well, but it has a bouncier feel that some may not like.

Hybrid mattresses are also worth exploring — the combination of support layers and cushioning comfort layers can be enough to maintain spinal alignment and keep the hips elevated.


Resolving hip pain is important, but so is finding a material that doesn’t leave you waking up in a pool of your own sweat. If overheating is already a concern for you or your partner, hybrid mattresses are likely the best option. The combination of comfort materials and springs means better air circulation. You may want to prioritize mattresses with cooling technology too, like cool-to-the-touch fabrics that wick away sweat and heat.

Warranty And Trial

No matter how thoroughly you research, the real test of a mattress for hip pain is getting it home and sleeping it on it. The rule of thumb is that it takes 30 days to adjust to a new mattress, so it’s always a good idea to look for mattresses with reasonable sleep trials and return policies.

Check the warranty, too. Warranties can be a decent indication of the expected service life of a mattress, and it’s wise to peruse the fine print so you have an idea of what’s covered and what isn’t. These can also clue you in on appropriate bases and foundations to use with your new bed to maximize its performance.

What Type Of Mattress Is Good For Hip Pain?

Dr. Lees recommends both memory foam and latex for folks with hip pain. Memory foam is supportive and distributes weight evenly, which can help support the spine and keep the hips from dipping out of alignment. He says latex is a good alternative if you’re sensitive to chemicals or find memory foam sleeps too hot. “It provides similar support but cradles less and can be made to breathe easier,” he says.

Hybrid mattresses can do the trick as well. “Depending on the thickness of the top layer of support, hybrid mattresses may be supportive enough to avoid aggravating hip pain,” says Yee. Keep in mind individual body type, size and sleeping positions will dictate the best mattress type for you at the end of the day.

How Do You Know If A Mattress Is Causing Hip Pain?

This can be tricky. Dr. Lees points out that you can’t automatically blame your mattress if you wake in the morning or throughout the night with hip pain. “Sleeping at night can allow for existing problems to become swollen and aggravated due to the lack of motion and pressure on the joint,” he says. “So, you may wake up worse than when you went to bed. It’s important to talk to your doctor if you are having hip pain to determine and address the cause.”

Is A Firm Or Soft Mattress Better For Hip Pain?

“A semi firm or slightly firm mattress is usually better for sleeping,” says Lees. ” Too firm or too soft will contribute to not just hip pain, but back and pelvis pain as well.” Again, though, you’ll need to factor for your own size and body type. “A large person may feel a firm mattress is much better than a petite person, who may prefer a softer mattress,” Lees explains.


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