Best mattresses of 2024 that are 100% fiberglass free


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Do you know what’s in your mattress? Certain brands have come under fire over claims that fiberglass released from mattresses can lead to health troubles. That’s why fiberglass-free mattresses like the Helix midnight luxe memory foam mattress (currently 25% off) are more popular than ever right now.

A 2022 class action lawsuit against popular Amazon mattress brand Zinus claimed that consumers faced a number of health troubles after fiberglass exposure. The case was later settled privately, but either way, there’s some science to back up such allegations; direct exposure to fiberglass has been linked to an increased risk of adverse health effects such as inflammation.

So why do mattresses contain the material at all?

“Fiberglass is a lightweight but strong material,” says sleep expert and board advisor at Dozy Sleep Korina Burkhard. “Most manufacturers use fiberglass because it is strong, durable and resistant to chemicals and heat. Fiberglass meets the mandatory flame resistance standard that mattresses should meet without using harmful chemical fire retardants; hence, it is a common material.”

But there are plenty of options out there if you want to avoid this possible health risk. If you want a good night’s sleep with zero risk of exposure to fiberglass, read on.

Regardless of your sleep position or personal preferences, you’re bound to find the perfect fit below. We researched some of the most reliable and well-reviewed mattresses without fiberglass; here is what we came up with:

Put your health first by adding one of these top quality, fiberglass-free mattresses from trusted brands like Saatva, Brooklyn Bedding, and more. Mattresses come in sizes ranging from twin and twin XL to king and California king, but prices are listed for queen sizes.

The Saatva classic is an all-around top quality innerspring mattress. Available in plush soft, luxury firm, or firm comfort levels, this mattress has more than 3,000 customer reviews and is advertised as “America’s best-selling online luxury innerspring” mattress.

We love the mix of responsive and soft, plush sensations that this Saatva mattress offers. We consider this one of the best innerspring mattresses available today, and we should know after our extensive review of the Saatva classic vs. the Saatva Rx mattresses.

Though it’s typically available for $1,995, customers can save nearly $300 by shopping this popular mattress in a queen size online right now.

Best for:

This hybrid mattress by Nolah is made from natural Talalay latex, which is both an environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material. Packed with organic wool, this mattress delivers an exceptional sleep performance with increased breathability and cooling features.

This mattress offers six layers of certified organic cotton, breathable organic wool, two layers of Talalay latex (perfect for pressure relief), a layer of individually wrapped coils, and a cotton/wool bottom layer. All of this comes together for a perfectly comfortable mattress that keeps you cool, dry, and entirely free from the threat of fiberglass.

Shoppers can save 35% by picking up this mattress in a queen size for $1,364 (a nice markdown from $2,099).

Best for:

True to its name, this hybrid mattress is all about supreme comfort: multiple foam layers and a breathable cashmere top will have you feeling like you’re sleeping on air. Deemed one of the most comfortable fiberglass-free mattresses on this list, the DreamCloud hybrid is also our choice for one of the best hybrid mattresses available today.

At14 inches tall, this hybrid mattress reinforces its plush foam layers with 8.5-inch individually wrapped coils. These round out this mattress’s soft, comfy feel with an added layer of support.

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress typically sells for a total value of $1,332 (queen). Thanks to the company’s current sitewide 50% markdown, you can get this hybrid mattress in a queen size for just $665.

Best for:

If you’re on the prowl for a firm, supportive mattress, Brooklyn Bedding has your back with the plank firm mattress. Advertised as one of the firmest mattresses on the market, this mattress will keep you from sinking with multiple layers of thick, supportive foam.

This mattress is unique in that you can flip it for a refreshing night’s sleep. If you want something a little less durable than the extra firm top side, simply flip it for a medium firm feel.

This mattress is typically available for $750, but shoppers can save 25% on a queen size mattress by using code PRESDAY25.

Best for:

This luxurious innerspring mattress by Bear offers advanced cooling technology and a unique, five-zone support coil system.

If you’re in desperate need of sleep that’s as refreshing as it is restorative, this is the mattress for you. Thermoregulation in this mattress’s “phase change material” can absorb body heat, keeping you cool all night long.

This hybrid mattress is typically available for $2,305, but shoppers can save more than $800 on a queen size mattress by shopping this mattress today.

Best for:

One of the best latex mattresses on the market today is this one by Birch. Perfect for any sleep position, this mattress is optimized for pressure relief and superior breathability thanks to the inclusion of natural Talalay latex and other hypoallergenic and organic materials.

This mattress is also one of the best organic mattresses on our list, thanks to a fully transparent list of organic materials. These meet the global organic textile standard (GOTS), which regulates the use of harmful chemicals or those with unknown sources. Translation: definitely no fiberglass fibers here!

Typically available for $2,124, this mattress is 25% off with a code that’s automatically applied at checkout.

Best for:

This mattress by Avocado is our pick for the best organic mattress available today. With certified organic latex and organic cotton, this mattress is free of any unwanted or harmful chemicals. Both certified organic cotton and latex are GOLS-certified (global organic latex standard).

This mattress also features FSC-certified Talalay latex and is needle-tufted by hand and assembled in Los Angeles, California. There is also a notable (and clearly labeled) absence of polyurethane foam or fire retardants, so no fiberglass worries here.

Best for:

The short answer is this: to keep your mattress from catching fire. The longer answer points to fiberglass as a cheap — and therefore popular — material used by mattress brands and manufacturers to meet certain regulatory requirements.

“[Fiberglass] is used in some mattresses, particularly memory foam mattresses and mattress covers, as an economical way for manufacturers to meet flammability requirements,” says certified sleep science coach at Sleep Advisor Carlie Gasia. “Fiberglass became a popular choice because it was considered a safer alternative to certain flame-retardant chemicals used in the past, which were associated with potential long-term health risks.”

Mattresses are legally required to be fire-resistant. Due to the affordability of fiberglass over alternatives like certified organic wool or fire-resistant latex, it’s not uncommon to find fiberglass fibers in some mattresses.

“Sleeping on a mattress with fiberglass woven into the cover typically doesn’t have health risks as long as the mattress is intact,” says Gasia. “However, direct exposure to fiberglass can be potentially harmful. If the mattress is damaged, tiny fiberglass fibers can escape and spread throughout your house, potentially causing health concerns.”

Burkhard shared a recent study showing how “prolonged fiberglass exposure [can] worsen respiratory conditions” or potentially lead to worse outcomes such as lung disease.

TikTok creator imcodyjacob went viral in December of 2022 after alleging health issues such as skin irritation, that resulted from years spent sleeping on a mattress containing fiberglass. Anecdotal accounts like these and others support the claim that fiberglass fibers, once free from the confines of a mattress cover, could lead to further irritation and health issues if left unchecked.

The class action lawsuit against mattress brand Zinus, which was dismissed on August 25, 2023, following a private settlement, alleged that certain defective mattresses can allow fiberglass to escape, or “leak,” over time and contaminate your home.

Through a spokesperson, Zinus told CBS News that fiberglass is no longer used for newly manufactured mattresses.

“Today, newly manufactured Zinus mattresses use a carbon-rayon sleeve to protect our customers in the unlikely event of a fire,” the company said in a statement.

“We are indicating which mattresses are fiberglass free in product descriptions. All Zinus mattresses, whether they use a carbon-rayon sleeve or fiberglass, meet U.S. federal flammability standards and include details on the label about the contents of the mattress and care instructions. We invite customers with questions about how to care for their current Zinus mattress to contact us by email, phone, or chat through our website.”

“Check the mattress label first,” says Burkhard. “All manufacturers are required to list the materials they use, so first, check if they have listed fiberglass on the labels. In case the label is not clear, get in touch with the manufacturer directly.”

Fiberglass may be listed differently depending on how it was used in the manufacturing process, so look out for any of the following red flag listings when checking the label: glass fiber, glass wool, glass-reinforced plastic, glass-fiber reinforced plastic, or fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

Mattress companies are generally required to list any and all materials on their labels, but there are some caveats you need to know. Different countries have differing manufacturing standards, some potentially laxer than the United States’ manufacturing requirements. Additionally, the California Department of Public Health found that these fibers can be found in some mattresses that don’t list fiberglass on their label — such was the case for the Graco crib and toddler deluxe mattress, which the CDPH reviewed.

Paradoxically, one of the only ways to know for sure whether or not your mattress contains fiberglass is to check under the mattress cover — we at CBS Essentials do not recommend doing this.

“Fiberglass particles can become airborne when disturbed and could be inhaled or irritate the skin, which can cause respiratory issues, eye discomfort, or skin irritation,” says Burkhard.

Most mattresses come with instructions warning customers not to remove the outer mattress cover. This keeps the internal fire barrier safe and secure. Opening the mattress cover on a mattress containing fiberglass fibers can potentially subject you and your home to the unwanted material.

One Amazon reviewer detailed what happened after they unknowingly removed and washed the cover of their Zinus mattress: “And now our entire house is covered in tiny fiberglass shards.”

If you’re still unsure after reviewing a mattress label and its manufacturing company, check under and around your mattress (don’t touch that mattress cover!) for small, shiny fiber strands: these are signs that your mattress may be leaking fiberglass.

“Fiberglass is uncommon in high-quality mattresses,” says founder and CEO of Mattress Next Day Martin Seeley. “Reputable manufacturers of memory foam, latex, and innerspring mattresses rarely include fiberglass. It is prudent to conduct research and examine product labels, descriptions, and reviews in order to select a comfortable and safe mattress.”

While memory foam mattresses in general come with a higher risk of included fiberglass, look for high quality products with clearly labeled materials. The best memory foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses are less likely to contain any fiberglass fibers, but it’s important to double check three things: product labels, mattress company website (for manufacturing info), and customer reviews. A lack of detailed information or a number of negative reviews citing health issues are signs you should shop elsewhere for a new mattress. You can also head over to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and look up mattress brands and products to check for any relevant consumer complaints.

If you prefer to fill your life with organic products whenever possible, you’re in luck: organic mattresses are only manufactured using naturally occurring materials, and fiberglass is very much not organic. Look for the best organic mattresses like the Birch Natural latex mattress, which contains within its mattress cover organic wool as a fire retardant instead of fiberglass.

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