Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Mattress Review: Cooling And Customizable


As a hot sleeper who spends the majority of my night snoozing on my side, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Mattress. Brooklyn Bedding markets this model as its most popular cooling mattress, with the majority of its six layers designed to prevent sleepers from overheating. It also embodies a luxury vibe I wanted to check out more for myself — as I do enjoy the finer things in life.

I tested the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe for months, starting from the very beginning with the unboxing process, and tracked metrics like edge support, motion isolation, its cooling abilities and more along the way. In this Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Mattress review, I’ll break down its features and share my opinions on who may find this bed to be a good fit.

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe is offered in three different firmness levels — soft, medium and firm — and you can add a Cloud Pillow Top for an extra fee. It’s a hybrid mattress, meaning it utilizes both foams and coils in its construction. It has special cooling features that are designed to regulate your body temperature and pull body heat away. Let’s take a closer look at those materials and the Aurora Luxe’s other layers below.

I tested the medium model of the Aurora Luxe with the pillow top. Brooklyn Bedding says the medium model is true to its name when it comes to firmness, and I agree. When I first lay down, it felt slightly softer than medium-firm, but I’d put it in the medium-firm ballpark after sleeping on it for many weeks.

Although the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe initially has a plush, gentle feel, it still keeps you lifted on top of the bed and doesn’t offer a ton of sinkage. The brand recommends the medium model for combination back, side and stomach sleepers. I mainly sleep on my side but also switch to my back sometimes. I felt comfortable in both positions on the medium mattress (especially back sleeping).

However, I personally love a really soft mattress and would probably prefer the soft model, which is recommended by the brand for dominant side sleepers. I haven’t had any pain concerns sleeping on the medium model, though. The firm model, on the other hand, is recommended for stomach and/or back sleepers who prefer a smooth, flat sleeping surface.

I found that the medium model of the Aurora Luxe offers an amount of sinkage that can work for a lot of body types and sleeping positions. You sink in just enough to get some pressure relief but not so much that you’re clawing to get out of the bed. But there’s much more to this bed than its feel and firmness; there are also performance factors worth diving into. If you share your bed with a partner or pet — or if you are a hot sleeper — take note of my testing experiences below.

As I mentioned, I primarily sleep on my side and back — and I sometimes dabble in a little wonky stomach sleeping. The Aurora Luxe medium model offered nice pressure relief in all three of these positions. I’d say it was the most comfortable for back sleeping; I felt cushioned along my joints yet supported enough for a healthy sleep posture.

I found side sleeping to have good pressure relief as well, with just the tiniest bit of pressure sometimes forming on my shoulder. For this reason, I think the soft model would be a better pick for strict side sleepers or those with sensitive joints.

Lastly, stomach sleeping is more about spinal alignment than it is pressure relief, but I still felt nice cushioning beneath my hips and shoulders while in this position. I didn’t find there was much sinkage beneath my hips while lying on my stomach, so I think it could be a good fit for light- and average-weight stomach sleepers. I think a lot of strict stomach sleepers and heavier folks may find the firm model more comfortable for their needs though.

I mentioned in the beginning how this bed is designed to be a cooling pick, and I definitely found it fit the bill. Its cover is literally cool to the touch (although keep in mind it doesn’t stay that way all night) and I found the bed nicely regulated my body temperature and kept heat from getting trapped. My fiancé also said this is the coolest mattress he’s ever slept on.

In addition to sleeping on just the bed for more than a month, I also slept on it with a foam mattress topper for several weeks. The topper masked all its cooling capabilities, and I could truly tell the difference when I took it off. With just the mattress, I didn’t wake up sweating or trying to kick the blankets off due to overheating. But don’t expect to wake up shivering on this bed — it kept me at a good temperature rather than a cold temperature.

Motion transfer is important to a lot of couples out there because it determines how likely you are to feel your partner’s movements in the night. Along with my fiancé, I have a cat and a dog who are regular visitors to the bed. I didn’t feel my fiancé’s tossing and turning in the night, and I would barely notice if he got in and out to use the restroom. My cat often likes to make herself known by licking my face when she jumps on the bed, but other than that, I didn’t feel her movements either as she walked around.

Overall, I found this bed to be pretty supportive. In terms of edge support (which is how well the perimeter of the mattress bears weight), I typically sleep right by the edge of the bed and felt just as supported as in the middle. I also could sit on the edge of the bed without feeling like I was going to slide off — there was just a little bit of sinkage beneath me.

Brooklyn Bedding says all of its beds are designed to support up to at least 950 pounds, or 475 on each side. But the brand recommends choosing a bed with more support if you or your partner weigh more than 300 pounds. I don’t think I’d recommend the medium model to most heavy sleepers (230+ pounds) and would instead suggest the firm model or a mattress specifically designed for heavier weights.

It was super easy to move around on the Aurora Luxe. I’m the type to change from side to side throughout the night, and this bed allowed me to do so effortlessly. I think it also offers some nice bounce that helps with its overall ease of movement.

Brooklyn Bedding has a factory in Arizona where it designs, manufactures and ships its mattresses directly to customers. It manufactures mattresses for other top brands on the market in that facility as well. I’ve personally toured the facility, and let me say, it is massive at 650,000 square feet. The brand currently has 12 different mattresses under the Brooklyn Bedding label, from a flippable mattress to an eco-friendly model to one designed for athletes.

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses come with free shipping via FedEx to all 48 contiguous U.S. states. The company says orders ship within five to seven business days. Shipping to Hawaii or Alaska starts at $125 per mattress. The Aurora Luxe arrives compressed in a box. I found it was relatively easy to unbox and set up with the help of another person.

The brand offers a 120-night trial period for the Aurora Luxe, where you’re eligible for returns. There is a $99 return fee for all mattress returns, and the brand asks you give it 30 days from the date of delivery before returning the mattress. This gives your body time to fully adjust to the bed.

Like all Brooklyn Bedding beds, the Aurora Luxe comes with a 10-year warranty. Here’s what the brand says the warranty covers:

My main takeaway is simple: The Aurora Luxe is a really nice luxury cooling mattress. It’s a major benefit that it comes in three different firmness levels, so different sleepers can pick the right one for them, but I also think the medium model is a great candidate for combination sleepers, couples with different sleeping positions and anyone who loves a medium feel. Its plush, lifted feel reminds me of a high-end hotel mattress, and I was really impressed by its ability to prevent me from overheating, isolate motion and keep me and my partner well supported.

The main appeal of this mattress is it’s designed to help hot sleepers. Part of that includes a slick, almost slippery cover. Although I didn’t have a problem with my sheets staying on the bed since they have deep pockets, I could see others having an issue with their sheets moving around (and have seen several online reviews complaining about this). I also do think it’s important to note that although I think the Aurora Luxe is a solid cooling mattress, you shouldn’t expect to feel a cool sensation all night.

In order to fully test the Aurora Luxe, I slept on it for several months with my partner and pets. I also tried sleeping on it with a mattress topper to see how that affected its cooling abilities. I dedicated 30 days in particular to focus on and take note of its performance factors, like edge support, motion isolation and cooling abilities. I also kept track of how I felt in different sleeping positions and how easy it was to move around on the bed.

I’m the senior mattress and sleep editor at Forbes Vetted. I’ve spent years testing and reviewing sleep products and mattresses, interviewing sleep experts and sporting a Sleep Science Coach certification. The types of mattresses I’ve tested include memory foam, polyfoam, innerspring, hybrid, latex, dual-sided, smart beds and everything in between. I use this knowledge to compare and contrast different mattress features to point out what sleepers like you should know in order to help you get the best night’s rest.

Yes, all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are shipped rolled up and compressed in boxes. I recommend having a friend help you unbox it and set it up, then give it a day or two to fully compress and release any packing smells.

Brooklyn Bedding recommends waiting three to five hours before using your mattress after you unbox it. This allows the mattress’ materials, especially the foams, enough time to expand and take a fuller shape to offer pressure relief and support your body. It may still take a day or two for your mattress to take its full form, though.

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