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Casper One Foam Mattress Review 2024: Testing Casper’s New Flagship Mattress


Casper is one of the original bed-in-a-box mattress brands and has updated its mattresses many times over the past six years. In 2024, Casper did a full redesign, introducing five brand-new beds. The new Casper One is intended to be its entry-level foam mattress in the same spirit as previous iterations of the Casper Original and The Casper mattress.

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I was excited to unbox all of the new Casper beds because we’ve always regarded these popular beds highly. We received all of the new beds in our office on the same day, and it was a very cold day outside when the boxes arrived. Sometimes, we’ll wait a day or two before unboxing a new bed, but we unboxed these mattresses right off the truck.

This is important because the temperature can have an impact on the rigidity of foams, and when we removed the Casper One from the plastic, it was one of the most misshapen-looking beds I have ever seen. I had a good laugh about it because it looked funny, and we knew it was not due to some defect in the mattress. Beds often look misshapen right out of the box, but this one was pretty extreme.

It took about a full day for the bed to fully inflate and get into its normal shape, and I could start getting my first impressions of the Casper One. I was immediately surprised when trying the Casper One for the first time because it was much firmer than I’d expected. Previous models of Casper foam beds were usually around a medium on our firmness scale, and it was clear that Casper was going in an entirely different direction with the Casper One.

Watch me review the Casper One Foam mattress in this video.

The Casper One Foam mattress has a classic three-layer all-foam design, which is what we saw on the old models of Casper and beds from many other brands, including Nectar, Bear, Leesa and Nolah.

The bottommost layer is a 7-inch layer of Casper Core support foam, which is the main support layer of the Casper One. This is the only mattress out of the five new beds from Casper that features a foam support layer instead of pocketed coils. I generally prefer coil beds for the added bouncy feel, and coils are usually better for support and durability throughout the life of the mattress, but there are plenty of sleepers who prefer foam beds because foam has better motion isolation, is easier to move and is usually more affordable.

Above the support foam is a 2-inch layer of Align memory foam, and then right above that is another 2-inch layer of Breathe Flex foam. The memory foam layer is classically dense, as you’d expect from memory foam, and the top layer is a more neutral, responsive foam.

This combination of foams adds up to give the Casper One Foam a somewhat unique feel. The memory foam layer gives the bed a dense feel that is balanced out by the more responsive layer above it. I think the bed has a similar dense type of feel, like a memory foam, but without the sink in quality.

Overall, I’d describe it as having a firm, dense foam feel, which isn’t something I’ve observed very often. It’s quite a departure from the old Casper Original, which had a soft, neutral feel that I would describe as more accommodating to more sleepers in comparison to the Casper One.

The Casper One Foam is significantly more firm than the previous Casper model. The old Casper Original was rated at a medium, but the Casper One is a medium-firm to firm on our scale. It’s closer to a medium-firm than a true firm, but it’s definitely somewhere in between.

Casper describes the Casper One as a firm option that is ideal for back and stomach sleepers, and I absolutely agree. If you’re a primary side sleeper, I would look elsewhere for your next mattress. But for back and stomach sleepers who want less give in their mattress, the Casper One has an appropriate firmness profile.

For softer options from Casper, you’ll want to check out the Dream Hybrid and Dream Max Hybrid.

The edge support of a mattress refers to how well the perimeter of the bed holds up under pressure. If the edge compresses too much, you can feel like you are going to roll off the mattress, which usually leads to poor sleep.

Even though there’s no design element meant to specifically enhance the edge support on the Casper One, we observed pretty solid edge support on this bed. I didn’t feel that roll-off sensation when putting all of my weight on the perimeter of the mattress, so if you are planning on sharing this mattress with someone, I don’t think you’ll have any issues with edge support.

If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night because your partner tosses and turns a lot, having a mattress that does a good job of isolating cross-mattress motion is important.

The motion isolation on the Casper One is excellent, comparable to pure memory foam options like Nectar and Tempur-Pedic. Memory foam beds usually perform best in this category and the Casper One uses a layer of memory foam along with its foam support base, so I expected it to be good, but maybe not quite this good.

If motion isolation is something that’s been an issue in the past, then the Casper One should be an improvement.

The top layer of foam on the Casper One is noticeably different from the old Casper models. It was previously called Airscape foam, and I observed it to be very breathable thanks to its perforation. The new Breath Flex foam on the Casper One isn’t perforated, but it does have an open-cell design and it’s light and breathable.

The Casper One shouldn’t heat up on you at night, and it should remain temperature neutral. If you sleep hot on this bed, it probably has more to do with your sleeping environment than the bed itself.

If you want a bed with active cooling elements, Casper’s new Snow and Snow Max mattress are noticeably cool to the touch. We also have a best cooling beds list you can check out.

The Casper One mattress is the most affordable of Casper’s new mattress lineup, and when compared to the old Casper Original, the price is roughly the same. For a queen-size, the price is also fairly competitive with other three-layer foam mattresses like the Leesa Original and the Nolah Original.

With these Casper beds being so new, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some price fluctuations, but the One should be the most affordable bed from Casper going forward.

Be sure to check out our mattress deals page for any discounts we can find to save money on the Casper One.

Casper One mattress ships inside of a box right to your door at no extra cost in the contiguous United States. Unboxing a mattress is a quick and easy process: We’ve done it literally hundreds of times at CNET, and it’s actually fun.

This bed is pretty light, so you might be able to unbox it solo, but I’d still recommend getting someone to help you, especially for larger sizes.

Casper offers the usual standard in-home sleep trial of 100 nights. So you get roughly three months to test out the bed and see if it’s supportive enough and comfortable enough for you.

Keep in mind that it can take a month or longer for your body to adjust to a new mattress, no matter how well-suited it is to you. So, if you struggle to get a good night’s sleep in the first week or two, don’t panic.

Casper, despite more brands introducing return fees, still offers completely free returns on all of its mattresses if you choose to return it within the provided trial period.

Returning a mattress is usually pretty easy; you just contact the company, and usually, a group will come by your house to pick up the bed, and then it will often get donated or sometimes resold by a third party.

All Casper mattresses are backed by a standard 10-year warranty. If you buy a mattress online, a 10-year warranty is the minimum you should expect.

Overall, I was surprised by the Casper One mattress. When a brand redesigns its mattresses, the changes are usually superficial, and the firmness and feel remain the same, but the Casper One is a big departure from the old Casper Original. It’s significantly firmer and also has a different feel.

In the past, I’d recommend the Casper Original to pretty much everyone because it had such an accommodating firmness and feel. Most people enjoyed it or could at least get by on it comfortably. The new Casper One is a more specialized mattress that’s designed for back and stomach sleepers, and it has a less universally enjoyable feel.

I think anyone looking for a firm foam mattress at an affordable price should seriously consider the Capser One, especially because other foam mattresses with this firmness profile often have a true memory foam feel, and the Casper One has a more responsive feel.

Casper Dream Hybrid: this is the most affordable hybrid mattress in the new Casper lineup, and it is essentially a direct replacement for the old Casper Original Hybrid. This bed is a medium on the firmness scale and should be accommodating for all sleeper types. It also has more of a soft, neutral hybrid feel in comparison to the dense, firm foam feel on the Casper One. The Casper Dream Hybrid also has a zoned-support design, which makes the bed slightly firmer in the center third to promote better spinal alignment and enhanced edge support.

Casper Snow Hybrid: this mattress is the most interesting new mattress from Casper because it is Casper’s first mattress that has a traditional memory foam feel. The top two comfort layers are made of memory foam that’s slow to respond. Like the Dream Hybrid, it has a zoned-support design, enhanced edge support and a more accommodating firmness profile. This bed is also active cooling, and it should help you sleep a few degrees cooler at night.

Casper One Foam vs. Leesa Original

The Casper Original and the Leesa Original used to be so similar I had a hard time telling the two apart in a blind mattress test. With the updated Casper One, these beds still have a similar design, but the Leesa Original has more of a soft, neutral feel in comparison to the dense firm feel on the Casper One, and the Leesa Original is a medium firmness, which makes it more accommodating for side sleepers. Both beds are also in the same ballpark on price.

Casper One Foam vs. Nectar

The Nectar mattress is a very online mattress and shares some design elements with the Casper One. Both have three-layer all-foam designs (although Nectar does have a separate hybrid option for an additional cost), both are on the firm end of the spectrum and both use memory foam. Nectar has a classic, dense memory foam feel, while the Casper One has a much more responsive feel. Nectar is also a more affordable mattress.