Celebrate World Sleep Day with 20% off Simba when spending over £300


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To celebrate World Sleep Day, Simba is giving MailOnline readers an exclusive 20 per cent off with all orders over £300.

Helping to enhance your sleep and save you money, it’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade your lumpy old mattress. And where better to start than the thirteen-layer Simba Hybrid Original Mattress coined by shoppers as ‘outstanding’. Now reduced to as little as £503.20 for a single mattress with our code, it could be a wise move this World Sleep Day.

Simba Hybrid Original Mattress (Double)

MailOnline readers can get an exclusive 20 per cent off the Simba Hybrid Original Mattress thanks to our unique discount code DreamyMail20.

The original, game-changing mattress has been thoughtfully made with six layers, 3000 springs and 13 microspring zones for better spinal alignment and pressure relief.

With over 14 awards to its name it’s the perfect way to upgrade your sleep this spring and beyond.

T&C’s: The discount code can be used on orders over £300 and cannot be used in conjunction with other codes / Simba newsletter code. It cannot be used on bundle savings and refurbished items. Expires 18 March at 11.59pm.

£655.20 (save £163.80) Shop

Celebrate World Sleep Day with 20 per cent off orders over £300 with our exclusive code DreamyMail20

If you’ve been tossing and turning all through winter, then World Sleep Day should be your sign to take the plunge and invest in a new mattress for spring. And luckily Simba is here to soften the expense.

With the exclusive code DreamyMail20, MailOnline readers can now save 20 per cent on their orders when spending over £300.

That means there are huge savings to be had on Simba’s bestselling mattresses, including £163.80 off the Hybrid Original Mattress, which has sold over half a million units. And counting.

Whatever your sleep requirements, Simba seems to have the solution to a blissful night’s sleep with a mattress for every kind of sleeper.

The Simba Original Hybrid Mattress is a great place to start and a confirmed shopper favourite, with over half a million sold. Tried and trusted by thousands, this mattress has game-changing tech to revolutionise your sleep.

Now with 20 per cent off thanks to our exclusive Simba code, you can reap the benefits of Simba’s game-changing sleep technology for less. The original, game-changing mattress has been thoughtfully made with six layers, 3000 springs and 13 microspring zones for better spinal alignment and pressure relief.

With more cooling action it’s perfect for hot sleepers or those worried about the warmer weather affecting their sleep.

Simba’s signature tech ensures a ‘hugged’, cradled feeling in the upper layers, and perfect spinal support in the base layers

The real selling point for many however is how the Simba Original Hybrid Mattress can relieve pressure on joints and achy backs: ‘This mattress is fantastic. Since getting this mattress, I haven’t woken up with a sore back at all and I’m able to sleep a lot more comfortably than before. The quality is superb.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘I’ve struggled with sleep for years due to shoulders injury and back pain. 3 weeks into my Simba and I’m already feeling the difference!’.

A third penned: ‘This Simba mattress is unbelievable. I’m getting older now and I full appreciate the way it helps with my back and getting in and out of bed. Couldn’t recommend it enough, worth the extra money for the quality.’

Simba best mattresses: Save 20% off on orders over £300 Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress (Double)

For double the support, the Hybrid Pro Mattress is what you’ll need.

Boasting twice the comfort from the two times Aerocoil titanium microspring layers, the Pro Mattress offers double the support. Plus, with two layers of micro springs and an additional layer of wool for temperature regulation, it allows you to fall asleep and stay asleep more easily.

£983.20 (save £245.80) Shop Simba Hybrid Ultra Mattress (Double)

Shop Simba’s most lavish mattress with thirteen layers of materials and luxurious cocooning fusion for a dreamy night sleep.

Designed with more of Simba’s signature tech than ever before, combined with high-performance natural materials, it offers more personalised contouring and optimum pressure relief.

£2,319.20 (save £579.80) Shop Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress (Double)

Simba’s most advanced mattress is also available to buy with our 20 per cent off code.

The Hybrid Luxe medium firm mattress boasts Simba’s best comfort thanks to the three Aerocoil® titanium microspring layers and cooling graphite-infused Simbatex, which is 30 times more breathable than memory foam.

£1,407.20 (save £351.80) Shop Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress (Double)

If you want to invest in Simba’s unbeaten comfort yet are on a tighter budget, then the Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress is well worth a closer look. And it’s over £400 off.

All Simba Hybrid mattresses combine unrivalled comfort layers at the top and tailored support layers at the base. There are 1,500 springs nestled in the essential mattresses; each individual Aerocoil spring flexes gently in response to your and your partner’s movements, offering personalised support.

£559.20 (save £139.80) Shop