Cleaning guru shares magic £1 bathroom product for removing stubborn stains


A woman has shared the one product that works like a ‘charm’ to get coffee stains out

A woman has revealed her secret magic product that gets stains out of her mattress easily – and you most likely already have it in your bathroom cabinet.

Getting stains out of fabric can be a painstaking task, and with so many different stain removal cleaners out there it can be hard to know which works best, but one cleaning guru has shared her savvy and affordable hack to help remove those pesky stains. We’re all too familiar with that feeling of spilling coffee or liquid over the carpet or furniture, but this handy trick will save hours of scrubbing and can save you some pennies too.

Cleaning enthusiast Debbie who goes by the name @alifebetterorganized took to TikTok to share the handy trick which she said “works like a charm.” She demonstrated how she easily removed coffee stains from her cream carpet all thanks to one secret ingredient that can be bought for just £1.

Debbie regularly posts videos on handy cleaning tips and tricks, and her latest video showed fans how she easily removed tough coffee stains with a product most people already own. She proved that shaving foam has a lot more uses than removing body hair.

The video started with a voiceover that said: “Does shaving cream really remove stains? Let’s try it on my coffee-stained mattress.” As she sprayed a thick layer all over the mattress and worked it into the fabric. She then let it set for two hours before returning with a wet cloth.

The cleaning enthusiast admitted she was “mind blown” for only just coming across the trick and shared that the easy trick also works on carpets as well as bedding and mattresses. Debbie further detailed that it took four hours for the mattress to fully dry as it was “soaking wet” and urged people to let it “set” for a while so it removes the stain.

Debbie also explained it has to be shaving foam and not shaving gel, but claimed it doesn’t matter what brand is used. You can pick up a bottle of shaving foam for just £1 from boots and it can be found here.

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