Cleaning pro shares 80p hack to banish mildew & grime from your washing machine


IT can be difficult to keep on top of cleaning – especially if you have kids.

And that’s why mum-of-four Casey Major-Bunce swears by tackling her chores in 10 minute bursts.

“Cut a lemon in half and spread some toothpaste on it,” Casey said.

“Place it in the machine on a high setting and let it run.

“The toothpaste is abrasive so it works to remove mildew, grime and dirt from the washing machine.

“The acid from the lemon is naturally antibacterial and helps to clean the drum.

“It’s great for getting rid of bad smells and making everything fresh and clean!”

Meanwhile, if your walls could do with a clean, it might be time to raid your sock drawer.

“Take a fluffy sock and soak it in a cleaning solution or you can make something natural with white vinegar, lemon juice and water,” Casey told analytics platform Stocklytics.

“Place the sock over a flat head mop and run over your walls.

“It’s so quick and easy to give the walls a spruce up and you only have to do this every six to eight weeks.”

Casey’s all about using unusual objects to get things clean quicker – and using pot lids to clean the sofa is one of her favourites.

“Get a pan lid and soak it in bicarbonate, vinegar and dish soap and I wrap it in a tea towel and scrub the sofa,” she said.

“It’s not too abrasive but it works to lift stains and bad smells.”

To make your living room smell amazing, you can grab a bundle of scent boosters from Amazon and put them in little netted bags.

“Place them behind sofa cushions for when guests come over and they’ll be wowed by the fresh smell,” she said.

And lastly, Casey recommends using bicarbonate of soda on stained or smelly mattresses.

“Bicarbonate is amazing at lifting stains and odours and your mattress has to deal with a lot of sweat and stains, particularly if you have kids or pets,” she explained.

“Strip the sheets and gently sift the bicarbonate over the mattress using a fine sieve.

“Leave for a few hours and then vacuum the excess off.”