Close save for man at infinity pool as he nearly goes over edge on floating mattress


In the video, the man is seen enjoying the pool on a mattress when he realised he was inching closer to the edge. Thankfully, he was able to disembark from the mattress before it went over the precipice.

The video now viral on social media has ignited discussions and reactions from across the globe with over 3 lakh views.

Shared by @qqualityslime on Instagram, the video showed the ledge beyond the pool’s glassy border was a mere one metre wide, offering little chance of stopping him or the mattress if they’d gone over. According to the post, the man described it as a steep valley dropping off beyond the pool’s edge, highlighting the potential danger of the situation.

The caption in the video also explains how hotel officials confirmed the presence of lifeguards during operational hours, but emphasised that the pool facilities are closed to the public after 9 pm. The man, by his own admission, had entered the pool area after closing time, leading to the near-accident.

In the comments section, one user wrote, “These pools are not for floating objects! They would all float off the building sooo for him to think he could do this is crazy!” A second user questioned the design and added, “Why was it set up like that in the first place?” A third user suggested, “Don’t know if he definitely wouldn’t have fallen but infinity pools do have a good amount outside the pool, a little low that catches the water and also for safety. I don’t know if that gap would have been enough though.”