Do you need to flip a hybrid mattress?


With the correct care and upkeep, the multiple supportive layers of the best hybrid mattresses can provide comfortable sleep for many years. Which brings us to the question: do you need to flip a hybrid mattress?

For the most part, the answer is no. A hybrid mattress is one that includes layers of different materials (usually foams and springs). Few hybrid mattresses need to be flipped as these inner layers are designed to go one way up. Flipping a hybrid mattress will likely lead to an uncomfortable night, and might even damage your mattress. Only double-sided hybrid beds need to be flipped, and these are not very common

Mattress flipping is generally done to distribute pressure evenly across the bed, helping your best mattress stay supportive for longer. But even without flipping, a well-built hybrid mattress should last for seven to 10 years.

In this guide, we’ll explore why you don’t need to flip a hybrid mattress, and the rare exceptions to this rule. If you’re still unsure about whether your hybrid bed should be flipped, either check the brand website, or any instructions that have been provided.

Many modern hybrids feature multiple different layers of materials. Generally, the softer, more cushioned materials go on the top (there might even be a pillow-top or Euro-top), while the sturdier layers are at the bottom to create structure and stability. If the mattress is flipped, you’ll find yourself sleeping on the robust base, while the comfortable cushioning cradles your bed frame. The top side should be clearly labeled, but it you can’t spot it, check out the brand website or look for an information leaflet in the delivery packaging.

With all that said, there are some hybrids bed that are designed to be flipped – for example the Layla Hybrid mattress. These generally have a stable layer at the core with a different firmness level either side. However, it’s tricky to create two very distinct feels within one mattress, so the difference between the two is likely to be subtle. These flippable hybrids aren’t hugely common, and it should be obvious when you purchase that that’s what you’re buying.