Don’t forget to clean your bed — this Amazon mattress vacuum cleaner is 42% off


Cleaning your home can feel like a repetitive routine, hitting the same spots over and over again. But have you ever stopped to think about crucial areas you might be missing? For example, you’re probably so used to your usual vacuuming route, but chances are it doesn’t include your couch, mattresses or curtains. That’s where the MONCTONS Mattress Vacuum Cleaner from Amazon Canada comes in handy (literally) — it’s a handheld roller brush vacuum that’ll cover all those often-forgotten surfaces. It’ll effectively help rid your space of allergens like dust, dander, pet hair and more. And what’s more is that it’s currently 42 per cent off, so you can snag it for just $76 for a limited time. Keep scrolling if you’re interested in making your home feel extra fresh and clean.

This handheld vacuum will help you say goodbye to allergens and make way for a fresh living space. It uses a high-efficiency UV light with 99.97% allergen removal so that you can breathe a little easier.

It uses a roller brush and suction power to eliminate any dust, fur, dander and hair from your blankets, pillows, mattresses, couches and other surfaces that regular vacuums aren’t quite suitable for.

It’s lightweight (weighing just under three pounds) and features a 16.5-foot cord to make cleaning a little easier. In terms of maintenance, it comes with washable and reusable filters, which you can change every three months! Plus, the dust box is detachable and washable.

What people are saying

Amazon Canada shoppers rave about this vacuum’s suction power and its portable design.

One customer said it’s “perfect for vacuuming beds, sofas and other surfaces.” They added that it has “exceptional suction power.”

Another reviewer said that “this small machine can still suck so much dust.” “I need to use this vacuum to clean my bed every day,” they continued.

“The filters are also easy to detach and clean as needed,” said another shopper.

While there are tons of positive reviews, some negative ones pointed out that it’s a “beautiful machine but overheated.” Other common complaints are that it’s quite “noisy.”

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