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DreamCloud Premier Memory Foam Mattress Review 2023: A Closer Look at an Upgraded All-Foam Bed


For years, these beds were only available with support coils, but now you can purchase all three as all-foam mattresses. But you should know that a simple design change like this can completely change the way a mattress feels. That’s definitely the case for these new DreamCloud beds. In this review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about this new mattress — what’s the same, what’s changed and who this bed will work out best for.

The memory foam version of the DreamCloud Premier was shipped to us for free in a box. The unboxing process was the same as any other online option: rip off the cardboard and plastic and then watch as your bed expands. Since it’s a foam mattress, I did notice that it wasn’t as heavy as the hybrid version, but I still asked a friend to help me unbox it, as it makes the process go by faster!

We’ve unboxed hundreds of beds by now, and even after doing it so much, the unboxing process never gets old. It’s amazing that these online mattress companies can ship something as big as a bed inside a box around 3 feet tall. Once the mattress was freed from its packaging, it did look a bit misshapen. All-foam beds usually need a bit more time to get to their proper form than hybrid ones, so we gave the bed a night to off-gas and fully inflate.

In the morning, it was finally time to test the mattress. I quickly noticed that the bed had inflated to its true form overnight, but it was noticeably thinner than the hybrid version. There’s a height difference of about two inches between the two. Also, compared with the hybrid model, we noticed that the foam version had much more of a memory foam feel.

You can definitely feel the memory foam when you hop on. It offers much more of a body-conforming sink in quality than the coil version, which has more of a pillow top feel. Firmness-wise, though, it seemed pretty similar to the hybrid. The main thing I took away from my initial tests with the foam DreamCloud Premier was that the bed now feels a lot different. Check out our video review on it below!

As the name implies, the memory foam DreamCloud Premier has a memory foam feel, especially when compared with the hybrid version. Since it uses a layer of gel memory foam for its main comfort layer near the top, it’s much slower to respond than a bed with coils and features a nice sink-in, body-conforming quality. This memory foam feel isn’t as dense as a Nectar or Tempur-Pedic bed, nor is it as responsive as a Layla or Bear. This type of general memory foam should be appealing to a wider variety of sleeper types.

Memory foam isn’t right for everyone, though. I myself am a combination sleeper who likes to switch positions often at night, and I find memory foam to be a little restrictive when it comes to my sleeping preferences. It can cause you to feel stuck in the bed when you move around at night. If you usually remain in one main sleeping position as you sleep, you’ll likely enjoy the feel that memory foam provides.

This bed is right on par with the hybrid version. To us, it’s between a medium and a medium-firm on our scale. It should work for all sleeper types just fine, but it may be more supportive for back and stomach sleepers rather than strict side sleepers. If you mainly sleep on your side, you may prefer getting something that offers more pressure relief for your shoulders and hips.

Firmness is subjective based on how much you weigh, though. You could feel a bed to be at an entirely different firmness than what we found. Heavier people sink into beds more, finding them to be softer, whereas smaller individuals find them to be firmer since they lay more on top. However, if you’re more of an average-size person, we think you’ll likely find the bed to be around the same firmness.

There is a difference between the hybrid DreamCloud Premier and this new all-foam version. It’s completely different design-wise. The memory foam model is 13 inches thick and made up of these materials:

This cover is removable, but it isn’t machine washable. You’ll have to spot-clean it with some mild detergent if it happens to get dirty.

There are some more things to consider about this bed if you sleep with a partner. If they’re an especially light sleeper, you’ll want something with good motion isolation. This refers to how well a bed absorbs cross-mattress movement. If you move around on the bed at night, is that motion going to transfer the bed and wake them up? Since this is an all-foam bed that uses memory foam, I’m happy to report that it performs great in this category. You shouldn’t have any real issues with motion transferring through the bed.

If your partner takes up a lot of the bed’s surface area, are the edges going to support you so that you don’t fall off? You’ll naturally want a sturdy bed perimeter in this case, and for an all-foam mattress, this version of DreamCloud Premier performs fine. You shouldn’t fall off it anytime soon, but you may be getting better edge support from the hybrid rendition.

Since there aren’t any real active cooling features in the foam DreamCloud Premier, this bed should sleep temperature neutral. The cashmere blend cover is breathable but not enough to make it an active cooling option. Sleeping temperature usually comes down to exterior factors, not just your mattress. Your pajamas or sheets could be causing you to sleep hot, and it might even have to do more with the temperature of your room than anything else.

Beds can last a long time, usually around seven to 10 years. We’ve found that all-foam beds degrade faster than hybrid mattresses over time. Since metal coils are more supportive in the long run than dense foam, we typically recommend hybrid beds to bigger people. In the case of the foam DreamCloud Premier, this is a well-constructed all-foam bed. Since it’s made to a higher level of quality than a regular foam bed, it should last you for many years to come.

When you unbox a new online bed, oftentimes, there’s a factory smell. While it may be off-putting at first, you should know that this is a completely normal part of the process. If your new mattress has a weird smell, it probably just needs some time to sit out on your foundation and off-gas. The smell should dissipate after a couple of days.

While the foam DreamCloud Premier might be a great option for all sleeper types, it might not be the best option for certain folks. Here’s who we think will be most ideal for the foam version of the DreamCloud Premier mattress.

Even though it’s on the slightly firmer side, the all-foam DreamCloud Premier should work fine for all sleeper types. It’s especially best for back, stomach and combination sleepers, given its firmer profile. If you’re a primary side sleeper, you can get by on this mattress, but you may want something to offer you more pressure relief long term. In that case, look into the Premier Rest from DreamCloud, as it’s the softest mattress from the brand.

Since this is the all-foam version of the DreamCloud Premier mattress, it should be best for average or smaller-size people. Heavier individuals who weigh above 250 pounds usually benefit more from coil support systems. If you’re around that weight, we’d definitely recommend checking out the hybrid model. That said, all body types should be able to get by on this bed, and you do have some support options to choose from.

Usually, when you have a choice between a foam or hybrid design, the option with coils costs more. In this case, the foam version of the DreamCloud Premier mattress is the more expensive bed. Even though it’s only a hundred dollars extra, we think it’s still a great value for a bed of this quality. Queen-size beds that cost under a thousand dollars are hard to find these days, so we think these new beds are priced pretty affordably.

As a brand, DreamCloud backs its beds with some generous policies. Its beds ship to you in a box for free, and once it’s in your possession, you get an entire year to try it at home risk-free. If you happen to not enjoy your bed within that time frame, you can get free returns, but if you decide to keep it, you’re backed by a forever warranty. Just be sure to use the right foundation for the bed. Otherwise, you could void that mattress warranty.

To sum things up, we really enjoyed the memory foam version of DreamCloud Premier. We’d mainly recommend it to those who want a memory foam mattress that’s a little firmer than your average bed. If you’re an average or petite-size person who mainly sleeps on your back or stomach, this is a great option for you! Otherwise, you may want to check out the other beds in the brand’s lineup.

You might like the DreamCloud Premier mattress if:

You might not like the DreamCloud bed if:

The DreamCloud Premier is the brand’s more enhanced bed, but there are some other mattresses within its lineup that vary a bit more in terms of firmness and construction. Here’s what you should know about the other beds from DreamCloud.

The DreamCloud: This is the flagship DreamCloud bed with a firmness dependent on the support option you go with. The hybrid is around a medium, making it perfect for all sleep styles, while the memory foam model is much firmer for strict back and stomach sleeping. It’s also a bit thinner in terms of construction and is the most affordable option the brand offers. Whether you go with the all-foam or hybrid, it’s a quality queen-size bed that’s available for well below a thousand dollars.

DreamCloud Premier Rest: If you’re a strict side sleeper and want the softest option from the brand, this is the DreamCloud mattress for you. It’s between a medium and a medium-soft on our scale, so it should offer plenty of pressure relief for your hips and shoulders when you’re sleeping on your side. Since there’s around three inches of memory foam on top here, the Premier Rest might have the most amount of memory foam feel. It is, however, their most premium mattress, so it’s also the most expensive one.

DreamCloud Premier vs DreamCloud

When it comes to comparing these two DreamCloud options, there’s a lot to consider. In terms of comparing the new foam versions, the Premier is more suitable for all sleeper types, while the DreamCloud is much firmer for strict back and stomach sleepers. Both have a straightforward memory foam feel, but since the Premier has more memory foam on top, you may be getting the most amount of sink-in sensation from this mattress.

DreamCloud Premier vs. Saatva Classic

Both of these are presented as premium options within the online space. However, one could be considered to be more luxurious than the other. The main thing could come down to the type of mattress you want.

The Saatva Classic is a supportive hybrid mattress by default. It actually features a dual coil construction that’s designed to support a lot of weight at night. Compared to DreamCloud Premier, which has a memory foam feel, the Saatva Classic feels like more of a traditional innerspring mattress with a pillow top. Price-wise, the DreamCloud Premier is much more affordable, but with Saatva, you’re also spending up for other things like complimentary white glove delivery.

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