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EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid Mattress Review: Plush Latex Foam Bed for Everyone


The EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid is the more expensive of the two options and features more materials and a softer firmness profile and will likely be the preferred option for a lot of people.

Upon first unboxing the EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid, I noticed that it looked pretty similar to the older (now unavailable) EcoSleep mattress that it’s replacing. The pillow-top style design remains, although the zipper that removed the cover to reveal the top layer of latex foam has been removed.

It also had virtually no off-gassing after we unboxed it, which is typical for mattresses with this style of construction. The EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid features a significant amount of latex foam, and it doesn’t have a chemical odor because it is a “natural” material, which we’ll discuss at length. It also uses coils, and they firm up much more quickly out of the box than support foams do, so it should be at its intended firmness level much right of the box, give or take a few hours, as opposed to one to two days.

When we first started testing it properly, it reminded us of more specialized latex hybrid beds because we immediately noticed it had a softer firmness profile, which is atypical for mattresses with a latex hybrid construction.

The EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid is a very heavy mattress, especially if you order one of the larger sizes like queen or king, so make sure you have some additional help to unbox it. Latex foam is one of the heaviest materials we see in mattresses, and the EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid uses a significant amount.

Fortunately, you shouldn’t get much of, if any, unpleasant odor when unboxing the EcoSleep Hybrid, thanks to the latex foam being chemical-free.

EcoSleep offers a slightly longer than standard in-home sleep trial of 120 nights. You get roughly four months to test out the bed to see if it’s supportive enough for you and is comfortable.

The baseline trial period you should expect from almost every online mattress is 100 nights, so you get an extra 20 with EcoSleep.

Within the 120-night trial period, you can return the EcoSleep Hybrid and get a refund.

Like most brands, EcoSleep will ask you to sleep on the bed for at least 30 nights before initiating a return because no matter how nice and well-suited your new mattress is to your sleep type, your body needs a bit of time to adjust to it.

EcoSleep backs this mattress with a standard 10-year warranty, which is the minimum amount of time you should expect for virtually any online mattress. This covers manufacturer defects for the entire 10 years.

The construction of the EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid is basically taking the baseline EcoSleep Hybrid and adding additional materials and features to make it more luxurious.

This bed uses an 8-inch-thick layer of pocketed coils as the main support layer, which is what you would expect for any mattress described as a “hybrid.” The biggest difference between these coils and the ones found on the baseline EcoSleep Hybrid is that these are built in a zoned support configuration.

This means that the coils in the center third of the mattress are slightly firmer than the outer thirds, providing a bit more support in the lumbar region and more pressure relief everywhere else. You probably won’t notice this difference very much after your body adjusts to it, but it’s definitely there and has been known to help with back pain.

Above the coil layer, there are two different layers of Talalay latex foam, totaling about 3.5 inches as opposed to one three-inch-thick layer that is found in the EcoSleep Hybrid.

The top layer of latex foam is meant to be noticeably softer and more plush, which contributes to the softer firmness profile of this mattress.

Right above this are two different layers of certified organic wool. The bottom wool layer also features cashmere, according to EcoSleep. Certain brands will put trace amounts of cashmere in their mattress and then talk about how luxurious it is because it’s such a sought-after material. I just wouldn’t put too much stock in the cashmere in this layer, especially because it’s inside of the bed, and not in the cover, which is where cashmere would be more welcome, in my opinion.

Then the whole thing is wrapped in a cover made of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton.

The top layer of wool acts as a natural fire barrier as well as a comfort layer. All mattresses sold in the United States feature what’s called a “fire sock” or another method of fire protection like the wool layer in the EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid.

On the EcoSleep Hybrid, the construction adds up to provide a springy, spongy and cushioned feel that makes you almost feel buoyant on top of the mattress. The feel is also way more responsive than your average bed that uses other types of foam, especially memory foam, so the mattress moves with you when you rotate from your stomach to your side, for example. We’ve found that combo sleepers enjoy this type of responsive feel.

If you’re dead set on a memory foam mattress, then I would say maybe check out our best memory foam mattress list because the EcoSleep Hybrid is almost the exact opposite in terms of feel. Personally, I really enjoy the feel of this bed and other latex foam beds, but it is definitely a bit different than what a lot of sleepers are accustomed to.

The EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid has a handful of certifications to show off how natural the materials are. It features a GreenGuard Gold certification and an Eco-Institut certification, which covers the entire mattress and means they are free of potential indoor pollutants that can find their way into the air inside your home. The cotton and the wool used in the mattress are certified organic as well.

It does not appear the latex foam used in the mattress is certified organic. Some competitors to EcoSleep do feature certified organic latex foam and others don’t. It is not something I would worry about because latex foam is a natural material and is only synthetic in some very rare exceptions. If you want certified organic latex, look for the “GOLS” (Global Organic Latex Standard) certification.

In this instance, “organic” also means “natural” but not necessarily the other way around. If you put a lot of stock into having certified organic latex, you may want to look elsewhere, like the Avocado Green Mattress, which has earned an impressive amount of organic certifications.

Here is the biggest difference between the EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid and the baseline EcoSleep Hybrid, with the EcoSleep Luxe being significantly softer.

We rated the baseline EcoSleep at a medium-firm (or a 7 out of 10), and we found the EcoSleep Luxe to be a flat medium (or a 5 out of 10).

This means you should be able to sleep fairly comfortably in any sleeping position on the EcoSleep Luxe, including side sleepers.

In our experience, we’ve found latex beds like these to have firmer profiles, so the EcoSleep Luxe coming in at a medium is notable because there aren’t many options for side sleepers who are seeking out a latex mattress.

Another enhanced feature of the EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid is improved edge support. In our testing, we didn’t notice any edge support issues on the baseline EcoSleep Hybrid, but it’s noticeably stronger on the Luxe.

This is because the coils on the outer edges of the bed are actually extra-reinforced to further prevent any roll-off sensation you might experience sleeping on the perimeter of the mattress.

We observed the EcoSleep Luxe as pretty average in terms of its ability to isolate cross-mattress motion. Latex foam is more responsive than pretty much any other foams we test, and combined with the coils, it doesn’t work as well as other beds.

We don’t see this being a deal breaker for the vast majority of sleepers, although if you are a really light sleeper who wakes up easily if your partner tosses and turns, it could happen more on this bed than others, so you may want to look at a different mattress altogether.

The EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid doesn’t feature any active cooling elements like a phase-change material woven into the cover, but thanks to the nature of the materials, it should help you sleep without warming up too much.

Pocketed coils, latex foam, wool and cotton are all naturally breathable, especially in comparison to certain types of polyurethane foam and memory foam.

It won’t actively cool you down (for that, check out our Best Cooling Beds list), but you shouldn’t be sleeping warm because of the mattress.

And sleeping temperature usually has more to do with your overall sleeping environment than the mattress itself.

When comparing the EcoSleep Hybrid to its competitors, it does come in a bit lower in terms of price. You’ll be paying quite a bit more money for the EcoSleep Luxe when compared to the EcoSleep Hybrid, though, but you’re also getting the zoned support coils, enhanced edge support and a softer firmness profile.

We expect that the EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid will be on some kind of discount throughout the year, with extra savings around major holidays.

Pricing and discounts change pretty often for online beds, and we do our absolute best to update them regularly, but make sure you check out our mattress deals page for the most up-to-date pricing and discounts for EcoSleep or any bed you might be looking for.

For anyone seeking out a latex foam hybrid mattress and also spends a lot of time sleeping on their side I would say the EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid is a solid choice. Not many beds that have natural latex foam as a primary comfort layer also have as soft a firmness profile as this mattress.

The EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid is also backed by several certifications, not quite as many as some of its competitors like Avocado, Brentwood Home and Saatva, but it’s also more affordable, so that makes a great deal of sense.

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