Exactly how often you should deep clean your mattress explained by sleep expert


According to Kora, the best time to clean your mattress is in the morning. This gives it the whole day to dry out, so it’s ready for you to sleep on again by bedtime. The summer months are the perfect time for a deep clean because you can open the windows or even dry the mattress outside in the nice weather.

Kora says vacuuming your mattress is a quick job. All you need is a small attachment nozzle that lets you get into all the nooks and crannies and suck up all the dirt and dust.

“Remove any dust, crumbs, or dirt that may have crept under the sheets. This step should be nice and quick if you’re regularly giving your mattresses a quick clean.”

“We recommend using a handheld vacuum or a crevice cleaner attachment on your usual vacuum so you can easily access the debris.”

Simply creating a soap and water mixture can work wonders when cleaning your mattress. Dab the solution with a clean cloth and use it to clean any stains you may see on the surface of the mattress. You can also buy specific products for mattress cleaning, but your homemade mixture does the job.

Similarly, other homemade cleaning mixtures can have a big, positive impact on your mattress. Washing up liquid and baking soda mixed together forms a potent cleaning product. “There are many home recipes for removing stains from your mattress. We recommend mixing two tablespoons of baking soda and a teaspoon of washing-up liquid in a bowl with warm water.”

“The same as with spot cleaning, gently dab the mixture over the stained area. Leave this for around 30 minutes and re-dab the spot with a clean wet cloth. Allow this to dry before moving on to the next step.”

If there are any nasty odors from your mattress, there is another, simple, cost-effective homemade solution. Simply sprinkle it with a baking soda cocktail – baking soda combined with washing up liquid and cold water – and this will remove any smells. Allow it to rest for a few hours and then don’t forget to vacuum the mattress again in order to suck up any excess baking soda left over.

“If your mattress has any strange odors or several patchy, permanent stains you should consider purchasing a new one.”

“These are signs of possible dust mites and bacteria on your mattress which can be the cause of exacerbated asthma symptoms and allergic reactions.”

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