‘Foul’ warning to anyone who sleeps in pyjamas – even in the freezing cold


Your pyjamas may look nice – but are they causing issues? (Stock Image)

Temperatures at the moment are below freezing, meaning you’re likely doing all you can to try and keep warm even at night time – but experts have warned that wearing pyjamas could be causing a grim health issue.

It may be second nature to grab your thickest, cosiest, and warmest pyjamas in this weather, but mattress experts at Winstons Beds have revealed the shocking potential consequences of wearing thick clothes to sleep. Unless you want your bed to be laden with bacteria, it may be best to sleep in something a little lighter.

The optimum temperature to sleep in is between 17 to 19 degrees but many winter pyjamas are made out of thick material like fleece, which can cause “sore skin and create an unpleasant odour.”

Rebecca Swain, mattress expert from Winstons Beds, said: “A lot of us will be getting out our thickest and warmest pyjamas with the temperatures taking a dip but we want to provide a word of caution to those wearing them to sleep.

“While they can be a great way to keep warm during the chilly weather, our body temperature will naturally rise throughout the night, going beyond the optimum sleeping temperature of 17 to 19 degrees. The thick material can create a sweaty and uncomfortable environment to sleep in which can also welcome nasty critters like dust mites.”

If you’re wearing thick, fleecy materials to bed, they could cause your skin to become “sore and itchy” during the night, as when we sleep, our body temperatures rise. According to experts: “This can aggravate the skin and lead to rashes.” As well as sore skin, you may begin to give off a “foul, sweaty odour” on your pyjamas, and bed sheets.

The hotter the PJs, the more you’ll sweat, and experts share “Not only is this unpleasant to sleep in but it’s also extremely unhygienic.” Dust mites due to the excessive sweat can also become an issue, due to the sweat seeping “through the sheets and into the mattress.”

Also, the experts highlight that mattress damage can even be done if you sleep in pyjamas that are too hot as “fluids can seep through to the mattress during the night which can damage the material and leave yellow stains, causing your mattress to deteriorate much quicker.”

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