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Every new mom has one big worry, how do you carry your child in the most comfortable way possible? These baby-carrying nests are the perfect solution.Baby sleeping nests are the one thing every newborn baby needs. The biggest worry of a parent is to keep their child comfortable and their neck safe while they are being carried in their arms and on the go. Travelling or moving around feels like a hassle with a delicate and fragile baby in your arms but the right baby sleeping nest or carrier bed can ensure that the baby is safe and comfortable while you travel on flights, take walks where you cannot carry a stroller or pram and more. These are inexpensive, made from great quality fabric and come in a variety of prints and designs to choose from. Perfect for all new parents and also a great gifting option for baby showers and hospital visits.

Reasons you need a baby sleeping/carrier nest:


The most important reason would have to be your child’s safety. The sleeping nest allows the baby to be secured and comfortable while giving their necks good support and ensuring your child can be carried with ease. These also help keep the baby secure while travelling.

Easy to use and clean

These baby carriers and baby nests come in soft comfortable fabrics that can be easily cleaned and dry cleaned making them very easy to maintain. The fabric is safe for your child’s skin and the maintenance makes them very good for long-term use.

Multiple uses

Baby nests are usually multipurpose. They act as sleeping nests, diaper-changing mates, day beds and more. You will need to read about the product to understand what are the different utilities it provides and pick the one that works best for you.

Editors Pick: Mylo Baby Sleeping Nest

The Mylo baby sleeping nest comes in 3 fun and colourful options for you to choose from. The baby carry bag is made with a soft and breathable fabric which is comfortable for your little one and ensures that your child’s skin feels comfortable while napping. The carry cot comes with a snug fit and is very travel-friendly. You can use this 4-in-1 sleeping bag as a carry nest, a sleeping bag, a changing mattress and a travel cot as well, making it versatile and perfect for new moms who want to keep their little one cosy at all times.

Value for money: LuvLap 3 in-1 Baby Bed

This baby bed is a 3 in 1 product from the popular brand LuvLap. Constructed with 100% pure and soft cotton it is very safe to use for delicate baby skin. The baby bed is easy to fold and use and comes with zippers that allow it to be converted into a changing mat whenever needed. The colours and prints are delightful and great for either gender making them a great gifting option as well. Perfect for travelling on flights and trains, for keeping the baby from rolling and moving around during afternoon naps and so much more. The price point is great as well and the quality makes this a very value-for-money option.

Best in user ratings: Mee Mee 3 in 1 Baby Cozy

The Mee Mee 3 in-1 Baby Cozy is the perfect baby carrier nest that users have highly ranked. A great option that comes with high-quality cotton fabric, a soft inner lining to create a cushion for the baby to be comfortable in along with top-quality zippers to ensure the child is safe inside the baby nest. The prints are designed to keep the look unisex making them great for gifting and using amongst siblings as this one will not spoil with 1 round of usage. The baby cosy can change into a mattress and a carrier nest with ease and will allow you to use it wherever you go as per your needs.

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