I live in a bus by myself decorated with wood… it has a full kitchen & stove


She even has electricity without the need for a diesel generator

A WOMAN has given a glimpse into her solo life in a converted school van which she decorated with wood – it even has a full kitchen.

She has completely transformed the interior of the big blue-and-white bus into a cosy and comfortable home.

Statement features include a long sofa unit, that can fold out into a double bed, taking up one wall and a fully stocked kitchen unit, complete with a three-burner gas hob.

Meg explained that she even had enough space for her mum and sister to sleep in the van with her when they came to visit and a wood-burning stove to keep them all toasty on cold winter nights.

The rear portion of the van was converted into a light and airy bedroom, with a king-sized mattress sitting atop a wooden storage unit.

In fact, just about everything in the van is wooden where possible from the large worktop to the bedframe and wooden planks lining the roof for both insulation and a touch of homely style.

The doorway to the bedroom hides a pair of thin extra spaces, one housing the fridge/freezer unit and another the bathroom.

The latter has been designed as a wetroom, allowing both the loo and a small shower unit to fit in and enjoy proper drainage.

The loo can actually be tucked under the bed by sliding into a hidden crawlspace revealed by a trap door in the wall, giving more space for a shower.

And Meg added a “fun fact” that she put glitter in the grout that lines the tiles.

Power is drawn from solar panels on the roof, which allows her to have lights and water heating without relying on a generator.

Outside, a large awning extends from Moe’s roof to provide a spot of cool shade amid the desert landscape.

Meg added: “So this was Moe.

“It is a few years lived in but about time and I just wanted to show off my home.”

And a third even cheekily asked if they could copy the design for their own bus build.

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