I Paid $170 for this Dog Bed (and I’d Do it Again)


I didn’t realize I had strong opinions about dog beds — until I had a dozen of them in my home and got busy putting them to the test with my pup, Jerry.

After 10-plus years as a professional product reviewer, I’ve become very opinionated on everything from iPhone cases to coffee makers to canned cocktails. Yet finding the ideal product for a beloved pet is arguably one of the most difficult shopping dilemmas, as your dog can’t read reviews from other furry friends or articulate whether they’d rather slumber on a microfiber- or sherpa- lined bed.

Before testing, I thought dog beds were pretty much all the same, especially the cuddler-style beds with pillowy cores and raised edges. I was wrong about that. The Casper Dog Bed was so superior that once the testing unit eventually wore out after three years, I didn’t hesitate to buy another.

Available in small, medium and large sizes, the Casper Dog Bed (yes, from the same company that makes mattresses for people), has a memory foam core wrapped up in a microfiber cover. Dogs being dogs, the cleaning and reassembly process is a crucial factor, and that’s where the Casper really shines.

Undoing the hidden zippers allows you to remove the foam blocks — the main mattress and four long, rectangular edge pieces — so you can machine wash the cover. Here’s where I fell in love with this bed: This unique design makes putting it back together a breeze. Other dog beds require you to squish, maneuver, force and cajole the stuffing back in. It’s doable, but it’s a pain. The Casper, on the other hand, couldn’t be easier. The individual memory foam pieces nestle into their spots in the cover and the whole thing zips right back up. I’ve never found a bed that’s easier to assemble.

Jerry went through a digging phase and there was one particular corner of his original Casper that he seemed to love (or hate, however you want to interpret his furious pawing). After about three years, it developed a hole and my wife and I agreed it was time to replace it. We didn’t really consider any other options: Jerry had an attachment to the Casper, and so did we. We hopped on Amazon and ordered an identical replacement. As soon as it arrived, Jerry settled right back into his spot.

Having tested so many dog beds, there are a few others I recommend if the Capser isn’t quite right for you. The Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed is a great basic option, although I found it more difficult to stuff the bedding into the slipcover after cleaning (the smaller two sizes don’t even have removable slip covers). I really like Midwest’s Super Plush bed as a cushy crate liner. And for elevated pet beds, perfect for dogs that run hot or like somewhere to rest outside, K&H’s Original Pet Cot is well built and easy to put together.

Ultimately, choosing a bed that’s going to make both you and your dog happy is a balancing act, but it’s achievable. The Casper is well worth the investment for the many, many hours a day Jerry spends in it, until he inevitably hops into our bed when it’s time to turn in for the night.

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