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Most Indian parents shy away from putting their child to sleep in a crib. But the baby crib is a blessing in disguise and one needs to understand the need and science behind letting your child sleep in a crib to truly appreciate its function.

Let’s understand why your child needs to sleep in a baby crib.

1. Baby cribs allow your child to become an independent sleeper from the beginning. Remember your child is new to the world so whatever you teach them from day one is what will feel normal to them as they grow. The comfort of a hug and cuddle while sleeping will become their normal if that’s what they get every single time and detaching from it as they get older will be hard and scary for your little toddler. If you restrict the cuddle to before and after sleep time and let your child sleep in the comfort of their crib and space, your child will always be an independent sleeper allowing you to have some time to yourself as well.

2. Baby cribs create independent sleepers which ensure that you as a parent get your time and space as well. The fact that many parents state they feel less intimate after their child is born because of sharing a bed with a child. Every time the child cries, both parents wake up, and every time a parent moves, the child gets disturbed as well making everyone a cranky sleeper. The absence of a delicate little child in bed will allow parents to sleep well through the night as well in spacious comfort.

3. Cribs are the safest way to ensure your child sleeps in comfort. Having a safe space for the child to move and sleep makes it less dangerous than sleeping with fully grown adults who might roll over the baby in sleep. It’s important to ensure your child sleeps soundly to help and aid in their growth.

4. Many cribs come with in-built systems to convert them into baby beds as your child grows which provides longevity and helps you make the most of your investment in a high-end quality baby crib.

BabyTeddy Multifunctional Baby Crib

A truly multifunctional baby crib. This Baby Teddy crib comes with so many features that you will want to bring this home for your baby. The crib can be extended in length as your baby grows along with being constructed in a top-quality wood. The cot comes with a simple rocker which rocks gently and helps in putting the baby to sleep with ease, the mattress is very comfortable and designed to help your child sleep. The crib can be converted into a desk for future use making it hassle-free and leaving you with a purpose for many years to come. The design and function of this baby crib are the reason why it’s a top pick.

LuvLap Wooden Baby Cot

A truly well-crafted baby crib. This crib from LuvLap is constructed using the best New Zealand pine wood which gives it a very beautiful colour and aesthetic. Perfect if you are designing your child’s room or nursery and want something truly rich and designer-looking to become the point of focus there. The baby crib comes with ample storage space, movable wheels and a rocker. There is a provision to attach a mosquito net as well to protect your child from bugs and insects. The baby crib can be altered in height and the front flap can be dropped to attach it to the side of the bed.

R for Rabbit Baby’s Den Wooden Baby Cot

A sharp and clean design for the modern aesthetic makes this baby cot a top pick amongst the new generation of parents. The size is adjustable in three heights making it easy to use with a growing child. The mattress is comfortable and a great quality for ensuring your child has the most comfortable sleep. The cot is made using top-quality pine wood which adds to its quality and style. Worth exploring for any parent who wants a minimalistic-looking baby crib for their child.

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