Japanese Villages Wait For Help After Quake – UrduPoint


SHIROMARU, (APP – UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 6th Jan, 2024) Twenty-five minutes after the New Year’s Day earthquake, a tsunami several meters high barrelled into Shiromaru, leaving a trail of destruction for the Japanese coastal community’s mostly elderly residents.

One person died but the roughly 100 inhabitants like Yukio Teraoka and his wife — well drilled in what to do in seismic hot-spot Japan — dashed out of their houses and fled to higher ground in time.

“We cannot live in our house any more,” Teraoka, 82, told AFP as he and his wife shovelled the heavy, sodden sand brought by the waves out of their wrecked home.

“There is 30 kilograms (65 Pounds) of rice stored in this,” said his wife, in red rubber gloves, woolly hat and face mask, pointing to a hefty steel container the size of a refrigerator that rolled on the ground.

Elsewhere in the village, one of several that dot the small coves of the Noto peninsula hit by the 7.5-magnitude quake, a tangled mass of wooden, metal and plastic debris litters the streets.

The detritus includes furniture, mattresses, shoes and, by one mangled metal fence, a forlorn and soggy Snoopy stuffed toy, even though like many villages in ageing Japan, Shiromaru has zero children of elementary school age.

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