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Lucknow: With winter chill intensifying, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) has arranged nearly 1,800 beds in its 54 — 27 permanent and 27 temporary — night shelter homes.

All these shelters will have blankets, mattresses, blowers, snacks and food.

The permanent shelters are located across the city in vacant government buildings and marriage lawns and have a total capacity to hold 979 people.While temporary shelter homes, constructed with tin shades, tents and trampolines, supplement 818 beds to the overall capacity.

Additionally, amenities like water, blankets and medical kits will be ensured in the shelters, and ambulances and other facilities will be available if needed, said municipal commissioner Inderjit Singh.

“More shelters will be opened in the coming days if the temperature drops further,” he said. LMC officials and NGOs have been told to distribute blankets to the needy. They will also ensure the availability of water, toilets, electricity and other basic amenities at shelter homes, he said.

“This move will help daily wage labourers, destitute and homeless people find shelter to bear the cold wave. We have also assigned the control and command centre employees to monitor the condition of night shelters,” Singh said.

Additional municipal commissioner, Arvind Rao, said the public can file complaints about facilities or request medical help in the shelters through toll-free numbers: 1533, 9219902913, or 9219902914.

LMC has identified several points for bonfires and arranged for a stock of dry wood to light bonfires.

Singh said: “We want to ensure that no one sleeps in the open, and we are also trying to start community kitchens in a few night shelters.”

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