Make mattress stains ‘disappear’ within 15 minutes with homemade mixture


Taking to TikTok, cleaning guru Chantel Mila shared the “magic mattress stain remover you’ll wish you tried sooner”. Yellow stains on a mattress are typically the result of bodily fluids, such as sweating during the night.

Stains could innocently appear because of spilt tea or coffee but, no matter the cause, they look unsightly regardless. Chantel Mila recommended making a homemade solution to banish mattress stains within 15 minutes.

Better known as @Mama_mila_ on her social media channel, Chantel showed fans how to make the homemade cleaning solution.

By mixing half a cup of hydrogen peroxide, which is a non-toxic natural disinfectant, and one tablespoon of dish soap, you’re nearly ready to banish mattress stains.

The hydrogen peroxide is used to whiten up the mattress, but if the stain isn’t too strong, you could get away with mixing water and dish soap instead.

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