Mattress Firm after Christmas sales: the best deals to buy today


If you’re thinking of upgrading your sleep setup for 2024, Mattress Firm is a pretty good place to look. Big discounts are common and there’s a huge range to explore. This bed specialist carries options from some of the very best mattress brands, including Tempur-Pedic, Serta, Purple and Nectar. There are also a couple of exclusive ranges from Sleepy’s and Tulo.

Such a wide range of mattresses means it’s pretty easy to narrow things down by mattress type – memory foam, innerspring, bed in a box, hybrid – and budget. Once you’ve chosen your model, we’d actually recommend shopping around a bit and making sure it isn’t cheaper elsewhere. Mattress Firm runs regular, and generous, deals, but it’s rare that buying via a third party will yield lower prices than going to the brand’s own website, and buying straight from a brand often makes customer service elements easier, too.

Read on for your guide to the best winter deals at Mattress Firm, or if you’re just bargain-hunting in general, head to our TechRadar after Christmas sales roundup.

Purple USP is its GelFlex Grid. The bouncy, stretchy, elastic grid layer appears in all of its mattresses, and allows the surface to meld to the sleeper’s body shape, providing custom cushioning. It won’t feel like a traditional hybrid, or even your classic memory foam, but many people find it excels when it comes to support, and it won’t trap heat like some foams can, either.

Mattress Firm carries the original Purple mattress, the upgraded Purple Plus, and the wildly expensive and decadent Purple Rejuvenate. Before you buy, definitely check the Purple website to make sure your chosen model isn’t cheaper there. Purple mattress sales happen semi-regularly, and generally deliver some decent discounts. Plus, going direct to the brand often comes with some perks (apart from anything, it typically makes the trial and warranty situation more straightforward).

Serta is one of the main brands sold via Mattress Firm, and there’s a massive range of models to choose from. Most are hybrids models (which layer foams and springs) and many feature a Euro-top or pillow-top, so this is a great brand to explore if you prefer a traditional look and feel, perhaps with a touch of luxury. Check out some of our top deals picks from the Mattress Firm winter sales below:

Nectar is an ultra-popular bed in a box brand, and it sells a very limited range (two) at Mattress Firm.

It’s definitely worth checking for a winter sales discount at Mattress Firm, but really we’d usually recommend buying direct from Nectar instead. There’s a much wider range – including our best memory foam mattress (the Nectar Original Memory Foam mattress), and hybrid versions of most of its mattresses. Aftercare is typically more straightforward when buying direct from the brand, and as Nectar offers some of the best perks of any sleep brand – a fully year’s trial and forever warranty – that’s worth factoring in.

Wherever you choose to buy, expect a great value, reliable bed-in-a-box that will suit a wide range of people.

There are plenty of Beautyrest beds available via Mattress Firm, with strong discounts in the after Christmas sales. You should be able to find something to suit your sleep style and budget – the range includes simple, wallet-friendly hybrids, more luxurious pillow-top models and contouring memory foam mattresses.

It’s worth double-checking the Beautyrest website to make sure your chosen mattress isn’t cheaper there, before purchasing. (Some options, like the Beautyrest Black, which we consider one of the best luxury mattresses around, aren’t available via Mattress Firm.) Browse the best bargains below…

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