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As a kid, I remember tossing and turning in bed for hours at a time, unable to pinpoint what made it so difficult to get comfortable and fall asleep. It was only when I discovered my dream sheets — The Regulator Set from My Sheets Rock — that I realized my scratchy old bedding was the culprit.

Turns out, your sheets play an important role in your sleep — especially if you run hot. Cooling sheets, like My Sheets Rock The Regulator set, help your body maintain a comfortable temperature while providing a smooth surface conducive to drifting off in mere minutes. After sleeping on The Regulator sheets for the better part of four years, I can confidently say I fear going a single night without them.

My Sheets Rock The Regulator Sheet Set

My Sheets Rock

Ideal for hot sleepers, The Regulator sheets are made of bamboo rayon that helps, well, regulate your body temperature. They’ll also mitigate night sweats and odors for a cool, dream-like sleep. The set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases (one for the twin size) and is currently available in nine colors ranging from sand to sky blue. The sheets are available in sizes ranging from twin to California king, including twin XL and split king.

From $149 at My Sheets Rock

What we liked about them

Molly Flores/CNN Underscored

My absolute favorite part about these temperature-regulating sheets is the luxe material, which is a sweat-wicking bamboo rayon. Like your favorite pair of jeans, these sheets get better with wear. I wash them every two weeks and they just keep getting softer. They have a nice amount of stretch, and they’re hypoallergenic too, which means they’re inhospitable to dust mites and other allergens. While these bamboo sheets do get extremely wrinkled, it doesn’t bother me. I actually find that it contributes to their comforting appeal — kind of like a breezy linen shirt you can throw over your bathing suit at the beach without having to worry about how it’ll hold up to the elements.

Plus, the fitted sheet is super easy to put on — each corner has a loop tab that indicates whether it should go on the top right or bottom left. (How many times have you wrestled with the fitted sheet only to give up and sleep on the mattress? Just me?) It fits my mattress perfectly (I sleep on a queen-size Nest Bedding Sparrow Signature Hybrid bed), and it stays put until it’s time to wash my bedding again.

It’s also worth mentioning that the brand’s marketing is absolutely delightful, and it extends all the way to the sheets. Instead of a boring old tag, you’ve got jokes to help you through the care instructions (“Do not bleach. Seriously,” “warm iron [or not]” and “If in doubt, call your mom”). While this obviously plays no role in the functionality of the sheets, it caters to a low-maintenance, laissez-faire demographic that’s a little intimidated by the prospect of adulting with proper sheets.

What we didn’t like about them

Molly Flores/CNN Underscored

This isn’t so much a bone to pick about The Regulator sheets themselves, but flat sheets in general. These sheets are so buttery soft that the flat sheet inevitably glides down my legs in the middle of the night, forcing me to sleep with nothing but the duvet. To avoid that distracting bunching feeling, I’ve simply stopped using the flat sheet entirely, which is unfortunate because it provides an incredibly soft buffer between the duvet and my body, while also extending the time between washing the comforter. (And there’s no option to purchase the set without the flat sheet, unlike some other bedding brands.)

Finally, I don’t like how dependent I am on them. When my husband and I were just dating and lived apart, I bought him The Regulator sheets for his birthday (a gift to myself, if we’re being honest), so I wouldn’t have to sleep on anything but them. I got him the gray set in full, so while we can’t use the sheets for our current queen bed, we’re thrilled to have a second pair of pillow shams. Unfortunately, the pigment from said gray shams bled into our white fitted sheets, leaving these eery pockets of gray shadow at the head of our bed. But if you stick to similar-colored sheets and pillowcases, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

How they compare

Bedding brands are constantly developing new sheets that claim to give you the best sleep of your life. Many of them try to hit the same bullet points: cooling, comfortable and ideal for most sleeping positions. While that may be the case for some sheets I’ve slept on over the years, it’s The Regulators that have me running back to them time and time again for their unparalleled softness, stretch and breathable properties. Unlike the polyester and cotton sheets I grew up with, these bamboo sheets wick away moisture and feel silky smooth against my skin. Linen sheets are also incredibly moisture-wicking and great for hot sleepers, but they tend to feel stiff and not as soft until they’re thoroughly broken in.

Bottom line

If you’re looking to do away with your old pilling sheets, The Regulator Sheet Set makes for the perfect upgrade. They’re extremely soft and comfortable in the winter and magically cooling and breathable in the summer. Now let’s just hope My Sheets Rock comes out with loungewear in that same bamboo fabric so I don’t have to wait until bedtime to enjoy it.

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