Nolah vs Leesa: Which is the best memory foam mattress for you?


US sleep specialist Leesa launched back in 2015 with its signature mattress, the Leesa Original. Leesa has introduced a range of other mattresses to its bed-in-a-box line-up since its debut, but the Leesa Original still remains its best-selling model. This 10″ bed is one of the best mattresses for sleepers in need of extra cushioning on a budget thanks to its all-foam structure and affordable price. In 2016, however, US bed brand Nolah launched its own 10″ all-foam mattress to rival Leesa’s flagship bed: The Nolah Original 10″.

The Nolah Original mattress earned a spot on our guide to the best mattresses under $1,000 for its excellent pressure relief, but does it come out on top when choosing between Nolah Original vs Leesa Original? This cheat sheet will examine the five key differences between these two popular beds, so you can decide which is the best memory foam mattress for you.

We’ve tried, tested, and reviewed both mattresses, so we can give you an in-depth Nolah vs Leesa comparison in terms of design, cooling properties, price, firmness, and comfort. Both are affordable, sitting in the mid-range price bracket and regularly discounted thanks to evergreen mattress sales. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our Nolah vs Leesa guide to help you start 2024 with the right bed for you…

At MSRP, both mattresses sit in the mid tier, with the Nolah veering into upper mid range territory. When both beds are sold at full retail price, the Leesa Original is cheaper (with prices starting at $849 for a twin) while the Nolah Original twin bed starts at $999.

However, the Nolah Original is rarely ever sold at full retail as Nolah regularly holds a 35% off sale, bringing the twin-size down to an evergreen price of $649. Currently, you can get a queen size Nolah Original for $941 down from $1,449.

This mainstay discount means that the Nolah Original is currently cheaper than the Leesa Original, with a twin size Nolah costing $100 less than the Leesa Original’s current sale price. You can, however, save $200 on a queen size Leesa Original, which is now being sold for $1399, in their new year sale.Plus, you can get a free Down Alternative Pillow Set.

Both the Nolah Original and Leesa Original are all-foam mattresses, which means they are made out of 3 layers of different foam.While both stand at 10 inches tall and use different types of foams — there are some differences in their constructions.

The Leesa Original is designed with 2 inches of cooling foam on top, a 2-inch middle layer of contouring memory foam, and 6 inches of core support foam as a base layer. These layers are topped off with a breathable knit cover.

The Nolah Original has a similar 3-layer construction to Leesa’s, but it doesn’t use traditional memory foam. Instead, it opts for a 2-inch top layer of Nolah’s trademark AirFoam, which offers more temperature control, pressure relief, and durability than memory foam.

The other two layers are constructed of polyfoam layers: 1-inch layer CoreComfort Support Foam and a hefty 7-inch SolidSleep Foam Foundation layer. These layers sit underneath a Tencel cover, with a diamond grid pattern for breathability. So what do these design differences mean in terms of temperature regulation, firmness, and comfort? Let’s find out.

All-foam beds tend to trap heat, meaning they sleep less cool than innerspring, hybrid, and latex beds. However, bothe the Lessa Original and the Nolah Original have added some temperature control to their foam layers for a cooler night’s sleep.

The Nolah Original avoids using memory foam specifically to keep you cool. Nolah says the top layer of its signature AirFoam sleeps much cooler than traditional memory foam as it dissipates heat 20% faster. However, our Nolah Original mattress review found the temperature control to be disappointing.

In our Leesa Original mattress review, our reviewers were impressed by the bed’s good temperature regulation. The top layer of cooling foam (along with its breathable knit cover) meant that testers kept sweat-free and slept comfortably throughout the night. On the whole, the Leesa Original is likely to keep you remarkably cool and dry for a non-cooling all-foam mattress.

When we ran firmness tests on the Nolah Original, we found that our firmness rating matched Nolah’s self-described rating of 5-6, which puts it in the medium-firm category.

While this plush level of firmness is ideal for lightweight and side sleepers, those who sleep on their stomach or have heavier bodies (250 lbs or more) will want something firmer for proper spinal alignment and to avoid lower back pain. It’s also not supportive enough for sleeping on your back, as one of our back-sleeping reviewers felt like their shoulders were being pushed forward

Similar to the Nolah Original, the Leesa Original is also a medium-firm bed that’s cradling and supportive enough for side sleepers but not firm enough for stomach sleepers. However, it’s slightly firmer at 5-7 on the firmness scale, and its supportive foundation means back sleepers should sleep comfortably on this bed.

With its cradling foam layers, both medium-firm beds offer soothing support for side sleepers. The Nolah Original is one of the best-value mattresses for pressure relief as its surface molds to your joints and provides cradling pressure relief.

The contouring foam construction is also great at absorbing movements, so couples shouldn’t be disturbed by restless partners’ tossing and turning. However, the sink-in hug of the memory foam also means it’s quite difficult to change positions, meaning restless and combination sleepers may feel uncomfortable.

The overall feel of the Leesa Original is cosy and supportive, with each of our reviewers falling asleep each night feeling comfortably cradled by the mattress. While the motion isolation is decent, reviewers were quick to point out that Leesa offers cheaper alternatives with better motion isolation, such as the Leesa Studio Mattress.

In terms of edge support, The Nolah original comes out on top, with testers finding you won’t feel like you’re sliding off when you sit on the edges of this mattress. Meanwhile, testers found that the edge support of the Leesa Original is poor for a mid-tier model, with testers finding it difficult to get the weight to stay on the edge of the mattress when running edge support tests.

✅ You have a smaller budget: While the MSRP is slightly more expensive that the Leesa Original, the Nolah Original is rarely sold at full retail thank to its evergreen 35% off discount. A queen is rarely sold over $1,000, making this one of the best-value mattresses for pressure relief on the the market.

✅ You sleep on your side: The Nolah Original offers a cradling, soothing feel that’s ideal for both lightweight and side sleepers who need some extra relief for pressure points such as the hips and shoulders.

✅ You share a bed: The motion isolation Nolah Original’s slow-moving foam is excellent, meaning you’re unlikely to feel any movement from a restless partner on your side of the bed.

✅ You need more support: The Leesa Original sleeps slightly firmer and has a more supportive foundation than the Nolah Original, so it doesn’t have that sink-in feel that will make back and restless sleepers feel trapped.

✅ You sleep hot: the top layer of cooling foam and breathable knit cover means that you can enjoy the comforting feel of memory foam without feeling hot or sweaty.

✅ You’re a back, side, or combination sleeper: The Leesa Original’s all-foam construction and medium-firm feel offers enough pressure relief for side sleepers, but back sleepers should feel comfortable and supported, too. Plus, its non-restrictive feel means it’s ideal for combination sleepers.

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