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Oversized Mattress Guide: Types, Price Range and Things to Consider Before Buying


Manufacturers are listening, and slowly, bigger mattress sizes have started to join the market. A California king is well-known, but what about a family king or an Alaskan king? There are mattress sizes larger than a king mattress, and it helps to know what they are before you begin shopping.

If you have the room, these are your options for an oversized mattress.

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There are several bed sizes available beyond the standard king, including custom sizes for more unique spaces.

Measurements: 72″ x 84″

A California king is not quite as wide as a standard king bed, falling 4 inches short, but it is 4 inches longer. It is designed for taller people, especially if you are a stomach sleeper or back sleeper. Because it is more narrow than a standard king, it can be a good fit for more narrow rooms in your home. California king mattresses generally range in price from $950 to $2,000, on average.

Also known as a grand king, a Texas king is larger than a California king. It is both wider and longer, best accommodated by larger rooms measuring 12 by 14 feet or more. Because it is rectangular, it is best suited for rooms that are a little more narrow than most. Couples sleeping with a child or pet will find that a Texas king gives much more room to move around. For a Texas king, be prepared to spend between $2,000 and $4,000, on average.

Measurements: 84″ x 84″

A Wyoming king is a square mattress that is as long as a California king but much wider. It is the smallest square mattress, but it is big enough to fit two adults and a child or pet comfortably. Because of its square shape, it could work for most master bedrooms and is one of the more affordable oversized mattresses, with average prices falling between $1,500 and $4,000.

Measurements: 108″ x 108″

An Alaskan king is longer and wider than a Wyoming king, but it keeps the same square shape. It is great for couples with multiple children or pets in the bed, allowing enough room for everyone to stretch out comfortably. As the longest oversized mattress, it is also fantastic for taller sleepers who need the extra length. Pricing generally averages between $2,500 and $6,000, depending on style and manufacturer.

Measurements: 96″ x 96″

An Alberta king is also a square mattress, but falls between the Wyoming king and the Alaskan king. That means it needs a slightly larger room, but it is big enough to accommodate two adults and multiple children or pets. Pricing generally runs around $5,000 for an Alberta king mattress, but be prepared to shop because this is the least-common mattress size.

Measurements: 144″ x 80″ or 120″ x 80″

A family king is available in two different sizes: 144″ x 80″ or 120″ x 80″. It is the same length either way, making it one of the shorter oversized mattresses you can buy. That makes it ideal for larger rooms that are wider than they are long. The ample width also means these mattresses can accommodate multiple sleepers and pets. Pricing ranges between $2,800 and $6,000, on average.

If none of these mattresses quite fit what you are looking for, you have other options. For example, a family XL mattress is a lesser-known size that, at 144″ x 84″, is the size of two California king mattresses pushed together. Its rectangular design can hold multiple adults and pets with even more room to stretch out than a family king. There are other custom options, too, that allow you to design the ideal bed size for your home.

There are a few benefits to consider when choosing an oversized mattress.

Oversized mattresses are more comfortable for larger and taller adults. They give you more space to move around while accommodating any other adults, children or pets that may share the bed with you. They can also be fantastic for people over 6 feet tall who don’t have the room they need on a smaller mattress.

If your home has larger bedrooms, an oversized mattress can help fill the space so it doesn’t feel so empty. You can add furniture and still have room to move around because you have the extra square footage.

An oversized mattress can be an enormous relief if your children often sleep with you or if you have a couple of Great Danes that sneak into bed each night. It gives everyone the room they need to sprawl out — even the tallest member of your family.

There are a few things to consider before you buy an oversized mattress.

An oversized mattress won’t fit in just any room. Be sure to measure the room and check for any potential obstructions before choosing an oversized mattress.

Bed frames can vary in size, which means that they may not always fit your mattress. Be sure to measure your bed frame and match the dimensions to your oversized mattress before you buy.

An oversized mattress costs considerably more than a standard-sized mattress. While a king bed costs around $1,000, you could spend $6,000 or more on an oversized mattress. Be sure to shop around and even try to negotiate with your mattress retailer to get the best price.

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