Owner tries to stop cat sleeping on the bed, pet has other plans


A cat with a penchant for napping in unusual places managed to turn a negative into a positive after her owner took steps to keep her off their pillows.

Pet owner El from New Zealand regularly posts about her black cat Kitten and her feline sibling Peanut the calico on TikTok with videos shared under the handle bikkie_and_peanut.

“I adopted Kitten from a rescue and then exactly a year later (by accident) adopted Peanut from a store,” El told Newsweek. “She had been very ill as a baby and was found by a rescue. When she was better she was put in [pet store chain] PetStock and we found her by chance.”

Peanut and Kitten enjoy the kind of idyllic lifestyle you would expect for members of the feline species. “Their favorite things are eating biscuits, playing with little balls, chasing each other, chasing flies, trying to steal my food, and sleeping,” El said.

Domestic cats sleep more than most pets. Research previously published in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews estimated that cats sleep between 10 to 13 hours a day for 50 to 110 minutes at a time and, in some instances, felines can sleep for up to 17 hours a day.

Peanut and Kitten are certainly good sleepers. “They sleep most of the time we’re at work,” El said. “Usually they snooze from 11 a.m. till about 3 p.m. Then they tend to sleep throughout the night with us as well.”

It’s not the duration of Peanut’s sleep that’s landing her in trouble though but rather where she chooses to sleep. “She just loves sleeping in really odd places sometimes like on top of plastic bags, books, shelves and so on,” El explained.

Peanut has always enjoyed sleeping on El’s pillows. “I think she likes the softness and that it smells like us,” she said. However, more recently, that became something of a problem.

“She’s very clumsy and started getting dirty in the litterbox,” El said. That dirt ended up being transferred to their pillows as a result, leaving El far from happy.

However, she quickly latched on to an idea to try and put Peanut off and, theoretically, throw her off the scent. “We started trying to cover the pillows with towels,” El said.

It initially seemed like they had cracked it, however, Peanut soon found a way around it. “She figured out that she could sneak in through the side of the pillows and she started using it as a blanket,” El said. “So we gave up on that idea.”

Though it may not have worked out, the cat owner was still able to see the funny side to it all and even managed to capture the moment Peanut was found under the towel on camera.

“I thought she looked adorable,” El said. “I don’t usually get many views but I guess people found it cute and a little funny.”

At the time of writing the video has been watched over 820,000 times with viewers offering a mix of sympathy and advice. One fellow cat owner said: “My cats have their own side on my bed and have their own pillow. Sometimes their pillow is used as a wall between them when they argue.”

A second lamented: “My husband is allergic and my kitties insist on sleeping on only his pillow and side of bed.”

Another, meanwhile, suggested: “If you’d like a tip, we have a fitted sheet that’s a size bigger than our bed and we put it over the top of everything so it tucks around the mattress.”

El was appreciative of all the responses the video got and is now going back to the drawing board to work out a new way to keep her nap-loving cat happy without derailing her own bedtime plans.

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