Revolution in meniscal repair: Surgeons embrace the new ‘all inside all suture fiberstitch’ technique – Times of India


In a groundbreaking development in orthopedic surgery, a novel meniscal repair technique is making waves across the medical community. This new approach, focusing exclusively on the use of All suture Anchors for All Inside Meniscal Repair, a technique called All Inside FiberStitch repair, without the reliance on traditional anchors, is rapidly becoming a game-changer in treating meniscus tears in the knee.

The latest technique, known for its suture-only approach, marks a significant departure from conventional methods that typically involve a combination of PEEK / plastic material with anchors, especially in the intra-articular space, which can cause potential complications in the joint space. This innovation is characterized by its use of high-strength, ultra-thin fiber Implant, ensuring a secure and durable mattress repair with minimal impact on surrounding tissues.

FiberStitch has shown to notably enhance recovery rates, as it minimizes complications of tissue disruption. Patients typically experience a swifter return to normal activities and sports, attributed to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure and the resultant improved knee stability.

The technique in meniscal repair represents a significant advancement in orthopedic surgery. Its potential to enhance patient outcomes, reduce recovery times, and minimize complications is being recognized and embraced by the surgical community, marking a new era in knee surgery and patient care.

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