Save up to 40% on mattresses in Emma’s huge Easter sale


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One of the UK’s most popular mattress brands has launched a limited-time sale where you can get 40 per cent off their award-winning mattress dubbed ‘so comfortable’ and ‘very supportive’ by users.

The Emma Easter Sale is already here, and if you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom in time for the new season, then you can’t look past the bestselling Emma NextGen Premium Plus Mattress, which can now be snapped up for as little as £503.30 for a double, saving a whopping £215.70.

Emma NextGen Premium Plus Mattress (Double)

Don’t miss out on your chance to upgrade your bed this spring with 40 per cent off the award-winning Emma NextGen Premium Plus Mattress.

Combining foam and springs for best-of-both-worlds comfort, it has infinity pocket springs that bring you extra breathability and a 7-zone top-level Halo Memory foam that offers whole-body support for a combination of comfort and spinal alignment.

£503.30 (save £215.70) Shop

You can save 40 per cent on this Emma NextGen Premium Plus Mattress that combines foam and springs for best-of-both-worlds comfort

The Emma NextGen Premium Plus Mattress is the brand’s best-selling mattress and the winner of the Product of the Year award in the Mattress Category, according to a survey of 8,000 people in the UK and ROI by Kantar.

A combination of memory foam and springs, the mattress strikes a winning blend of support and comfort, competing for your most relaxing night’s sleep yet.

It’s practical, too. The mattress is delivered in a simplified box, ready to unpack, unwrap and unroll easily in the home.

The secret behind a good night’s sleep could be found in the Emma NextGen Premium Plus Mattress.

The experts at Emma Sleep have designed a sophisticated structure, which has six hi-tech layers thoughtfully created with posture and performance in mind.

It begins with the breathable cover, described by the brand as ‘refreshing and practical’, followed by Halo Memory Foam, which adapts and moulds itself to the shape of your body for targeted spinal alignment.

This sits atop a temperature-regulating foam to ensure you don’t overheat before a supportive foam that reduces pressure points and helps your body feel cradled.

Next comes the seven different zones of pocket springs, each of which provides a specific type of support for the different parts of your body, while lastly, the polyester layer contributes to the mattress’s stability.

The experts at Emma Sleep have designed a sophisticated structure, which has six hi-tech layers thoughtfully created with posture and performance in mind

The result? An award-winning mattress that scores of shoppers ‘highly recommend’. One Emma shopper wrote: ‘They are so comfortable and the service was great. Loved watching the mattress unroll and expand on the bed. Would highly recommend especially if you can get them at a discounted price.’

And that’s not all. The Emma Easter Sale also includes mega discounts on the Emma Original Mattress, Premium Pillows, and Mattress Protector, so you get the best combination to achieve great quality sleep.

The best Emma Sleep mattress and bedding deals Emma Space Optimiser Divan Bedroom Set

Make the most of cramped bedrooms with this Emma Space Optimiser Divan Bedroom Set at 30 per cent off.

The bed frame has two integrated drawers that offer plenty of extra storage space, perfect for storing any seasonal clothing or extra bedding.

It comes with a mattress and pillows for the ultimate night’S sleep.

£1075.80 (save £451.20) Shop Emma Original Pillow

With the Emma Original Pillow, you can adjust the layers for the perfect height.

The pressure-relieving home helps to alleviate stress on your neck and spine, giving you ergonomic support for a comfortable night’s sleep.

£51.75 (save £17.25) Shop Emma Premium Microfiber Pillow

Save 40 per cent on this Emma Premium Microfiber Pillow.

Fluffier than memory foam, this microfiber pillow allows you to choose your ideal level of neck support with removable layers that give you different levels of firmness and softness.

Plus, as it’s made with breathable microfibres, it helps to whisk moisture and sweat away from your face. No more sweaty, stuffy nights.

£65.40 (save £43.60) Shop Emma Premium Topper

Save a huge 40 per cent on this Emma Premium Topper, which helps to make falling asleep a breeze thanks to its temperature-regulation technology.

Nine centimetres thick, its deep, flippable design helps to promote longer, deeper sleep.

£251.40 (save £167.60) Shop Emma Hug Weighted Blanket

The Emma Hug Weighted Blanket helps you relax and quell anxiety through Deep Pressure Stimulation.

The weight of the blanket on your body mimics the effect of being hugged, which calms your nervous system and makes you feel calm.

£97.31 (save £24.32) Shop

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