‘Shock’: Baby born in 7-Eleven car park


A Queensland shop worker has delivered a baby boy in a 7-Eleven car park after a woman went into labour near the store.

Cheap as Chips worker Sharyn Daley sprang into action when the father came into the Logan store last Friday asking for help, telling the Sunrise program her “instincts took over.”

“Keeping mum and bub and dad calm, that was my first priority,” she said.

“Dad was in shock, so I asked him to get the little toddler out of the back seat and occupy her. She was panicking.”

Once the toddler was out of car, Ms Daley could concentrate on the mum, reassuring her through the birth that her baby was okay.

Ms Daley said “mum was very quiet” during the surprise birth, introducing herself and asking if the baby was okay.

“I said yes. I am just patting him hard and stimulating him to get some more oxygen in, that’s all,” she said.

It was no surprise to Ms Daley’s friends that she handled the situation like a pro.

“My closest friends aren’t overly shocked. They told me they knew this is how I would react and just well done, (they) were proud of me.”

The grandmother of one has experience delivering puppies which she said may have helped her during her heroic actions.

She even used a shoe lace to tie the baby’s umbilical cord before paramedics arrived.

With a second grandchild on the way, Ms Daley said this time round she would leave it up to the professionals to deliver the baby.

The store is now hoping to find the family to give them a cot, change table, mattress and hamper to help get them started with their newborn.