Shoppers say this £35 mattress topper helps to revive old beds


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A £36.99 mattress topper is saving shoppers hundreds of pounds from forking out for a new mattress thanks to its ability to add an extra layer of cushioning to your bed.

Giving ageing mattresses a new lease of life or by softening firm ones, the ACRALI HOME Quilted Mattress Topper adds an extra four inches of cushioning, transforming sagging, flat and hard mattresses in seconds.

ACRALI HOME Quilted Mattress Topper Double Bed

A quick and easy way to add comfort to an old or poor mattress, the luxuriously thick 10cm ACRALI HOME Mattress Topper has over 5,800 five-star reviews.

Designed with 100 per cent hollowfibre, the mattress feels cushioning and comfort, helping you get a better night’s sleep.

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Savvy shoppers have discovered a quick and cost-effective way to a better night’s sleep with the £36.99 ACRALI HOME Mattress Topper

At £36.99, the ACRALI HOME Quilted Mattress Topper is a go-to choice for shoppers looking to give a new lease of life to their bed on a budget.

Despite the humble price tag, over 5,000 Amazon shoppers have awarded the hypoallergenic mattress topper a five-star review, praising the comfort and the quality.

‘Brought this as my mattress I currently use is thin and quite a bit hard,’ wrote one Amazon shopper. ‘This makes it so much better. It’s thick, comfortable and the quality is unreal. Amazing price for what it is.’

‘Bought the 4′ deep one and it is like having a new mattress,’ agreed another. ‘Warm and snug. Overall size covers a double mattress completely and does not ride up and does not need smoothing out. Best one I have ever bought.’

While many mattress toppers go for over £100, at £36.99, the ACRALI HOME Quilted Mattress Topper is an enticing buy, and one that the majority of shoppers agree makes all the difference to the quality of your bed.

Making even the most uncomfortable mattresses softer, the 10cm topper adds plump and gentle support to the foundation of your bed.

Sumptuously soft thanks to the 100 per cent recycled polyester, users have called it a ‘game-changer’ with many also commenting on the improvement in the quality of their sleep. ‘No more back or hip pain when I wake up. Fantastic mattress topper.’

The thick mattress topper is 10cm deep, adding a plump extra layer of cushioning to your bed for a restful night’s sleep

Thanks to the 100 per cent hollow fibre filling, shoppers have been impressed with how long the mattress topper stays in shape while the quilted design helps to give extra comfort, providing the right amount of cushioning to your back.

Better still, it’s super easy to wash. When you want to give it a refresh you can just chuck it into the washing machine plus it can be tumble dried too for extra convenience.

‘Sleeping on a cloud!’ raved one thrilled Amazon shopper. ‘Love this topper. You sink into it but it’s not overwhelming. My previous topper was ok but I suffer from night sweats and it made it worse. This one however is just lovely and cool all night long. Would definitely recommend.’