Six cheap and cheerful ways to make your house smell amazing in an instant


LET’S face it, there are few things worse than a bad smell filling your home.

But whether it’s a musty wardrobe or smelly mattress that’s the issue, then you’re in luck…because a cleaning whizz named Annie Blackmur has shared her top tips on how to make them smell amazing in an instant.

And there’s no need to spend a small fortune on pricey cleaning products, because she has set out to prove that you can make any area of your home smell fresh using nothing but bargain buys or kitchen staples.

In the clip posted to TikTok (@annieblackmurx), Annie begins by explaining: “Six ways you can make your home smell amazing.”

First up, she recommends using bicarbonate of soda, which can be bought for as little as 55p from the likes of Asda, on your mattresses.

After she can be seen sprinkling the cheap baking product onto the bed, she then says: “Then give them a good hoover, it’ll neutralise any bad odours.”

And if you’ve got guests coming round, the cleaning guru has the perfect trick to help keep your bathroom smelling fresh in seconds.

She recommends grabbing a bottle of Zoflora or your favourite essential oils and pouring them onto a cotton pad.

“Rub it on the inside of your toilet rolls in your bathrooms,” she says.

“Also pop the cotton pads into your bins and your kitchen bin too.”

Moving onto her third piece of advice, Annie suggests pouring your favourite-smelling fabric softeners into a Dishmatic and “giving all the radiators throughout your home a good rub.”

Hands up if you use a tumble dryer sheet to help soften and freshen up laundry during the drying process?

Well, according to Annie, they have a very handy second use, too.

“Place Lenore tumble dry sheets into cushions and pillows throughout your home to add a fresh scent,” she says.

Not stopping there, Annie notes that the next time you put the kettle on, why not grab a fresh fruit intrusion tea bag and place it in your drawer or wardrobe to help “infuse a pleasant aroma?”

And last but not least, to conquer dirty sinks, she advises cutting a lemon in half and sprinkling baking soda on it.

Once this is done, she says to use the lemon to scrub your sinks, leaving them smelling fresh.

Annie concludes: “These methods offer a variety of ways to keep your home smelling delightful.”