The 10 Best Mattresses Without Fiberglass


In recent years, people have started seeking out mattresses without fiberglass due to the potential health problems it can cause upon exposure. Fiberglass serves various purposes, like in roofing, boats or home insulation. In the case of mattresses, it serves the purpose of keeping us safe by acting as a fire barrier in the event that your mattress comes into contact with flames. According to the experts we spoke with, fiberglass is not dangerous as long as it’s fully encased in the mattress and doesn’t have a way to escape the mattress, such as through tears or breaking down over time and getting through the protective cover.

Fiberglass is often used because its low cost, but there are other ways to incorporate fiber barriers that don’t use fiberglass. If you’re looking for a mattress without fiberglass, I’ve used my years of working in product development and quality assurance, as well as testing and writing about mattresses, to put together a list of the best mattresses without fiberglass. My top choice is the Avocado Green Mattress, which is not only fiberglass-free but also a stellar mattress with options to suit different styles of sleepers. However, there are plenty of other great options for mattresses without fiberglass to suit different preferences.

Here at Forbes Vetted, we obsess about sleep products that provide the best quality rest and our dozens of thoroughly researched stories on sleep and mattresses can vouch for this. Not only do we meticulously research each product, we have personally tested some of the best mattresses on the market and can speak firsthand to their performance. Jamie Ueda, author of this article, has vast experience with sleep, having tested dozens of bedding items and mattresses. She used her mattress testing experience and work experience in product development and quality assurance at a home textiles company, as well as Nike, to put together this list of best mattresses without fiberglass. We also consulted the following experts:

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