The 11 Best Pillows for (Comfortably) Sitting Up In Bed


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Sitting up in bed to read or watch TV is a cozy person’s dream activity. That is, until after 10 minutes when your neck starts aching and your back crumples into a posture that can only be described as very bad. To support your cozy habits — and to keep them that way — we suggest the humble support pillow. Yes, a sitting-up-in-bed pillow is really a thing.

These pillows are not made to be slept on; they’re made for sitting up comfortably instead of hunched over. Some are destined to be dragged around your house and make every seat more comfortable. Some are meant to be more stationary and make for a kind of seat-within-the bed type of situation, while still others are small and light enough to pack for a trip. Some are focused on back support, others on the neck, and a few that support both well.

Here, we’ve rounded up 11 pillows that support your sitting-up-in-bed endeavors. They range in shape, size, firmness, and price, each one a smart choice for certain beds and the people on them. Get a velvety one that matches your bedspread and couch, or get a wedge pillow that doubles as decor when not in use.

Pottery Barn makes the single best pillow for keeping on your bed at all times, both when in and use and not. It comes in a few neutral colors but, importantly, four sizes: Twin, full, queen, and king for matching the size of your headboard. The triangle shape supports your body’s natural siting position and it won’t slip through the crack where the mattress meets the bed frame.

For some low back love, Burrow makes this tiny back pillow that props you up comfortably. It’s great if you need something you can use in bed, on the couch, or sitting at your desk.

For a cushiony pillow that you can prop up, Coyuchi makes this pillow insert filled with 90 percent feathers and 10 percent down. It’s long, making it great to use vertically, but it’s also narrow, if you need more neck support. You have to by the cover for it separately.

Casper’s backrest pillow is smartly designed with a teardrop shape (it slopes from 5 inches in depth down to 2), which gives each part of your back support where it needs it. It’s bigger square shape means you just need the one for full back support, rather than making a mini pillow fort just to keep you comfy.

This wedge pillow is one of my most used pandemic buys. I wanted something that would prop my head up on the couch but wasn’t locked into couch use only. The adjustable cylinder pillow is perfect neck support on its own or attached to your preferred height.

Buffy’s wiggle pillow is an excellent choice for molding into the exact shape you want. It’s a flexible, supportive fill, which you can make into a backrest, neck rest, or full body pillow. The cover for this is sold separately but comes in a range of colors, both in a cozy fleece and a light linen.

For a simple, upright pillow that you can drag from your bed to the couch and back again, you can’t go wrong with this one. It comes in a few neutral colors and has handy pockets on either side for keeping your phone or book nearby.

If you want something that can work its support magic both sitting in bed and sitting at a desk, it’s this memory foam posture pillow. It’s soft but firm, and molds to the exact shape you’re using it in.

This soft fleece pillow is excellent for keeping the aesthetic cozy while also functioning as support. It’s a bit wider than your standard throw pillow but won’t take up a whole bed, and the side storage pocket is very convenient.

For a teeny tiny pillow that gives your neck some love, this headrest pillow gets the job done. Keep it on your most comfortable chair or lean it up against your headboard for just the right amount of support.

If you sometimes need neck support, sometimes need back support, or just want the Swiss army knife of pillows, this bone-shaped cervical pillow delivers on all fronts. It’s perfect for supporting your neck while sitting up in bed and then putting between your legs for back-aligned sleep.

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