The 12 best mattress protectors we tested in 2024: Our review


Breakfast in bed, anyone? With the right mattress topper, you shouldn’t need to worry about spills or crumbs.

When it comes to the ideal bedding setup, often the first thing we think of is a quality duvet, soft sheets, the perfect pillows and maybe even a chic throw blanket for the end of the bed. While we often forget about how important the bedding base layer (a mattress protector) is, we’re here to remind you.

Mattress protectors are key to keeping your mattress in pristine condition and protecting against spills, stains, germs, allergens, normal use, and dare we say it, bed bugs. For those seeking a layer of protection and padding, we suggest considering a mattress topper as well (don’t worry, we’ve included a few of those here as well).

While we surely don’t wish any of these things on anyone, accidents happen, so why not be prepared? There are tons of great options on the market, including some of our favorites from Amazon, Allerease, Buffy, and more top bedding brands. No matter what type of mattress protector you’re looking for: plush, waterproof, cooling, noiseless — or all the above — we’ve got you covered.

Ahead, get the lowdown on the top mattress protectors we’ve tested.

Best overall: Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad

Sizing: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Short Queen, Super Queen, King, California King, RV King

Material: Microfiber

“I’ve used this Utopia mattress pad for years and it doesn’t disappoint! It’s durable, long-lasting and ideal for keeping your mattress free of stains and normal signs of wear and tear,” said Camryn La Sala, Commerce Editor and Writer for The Post. No more plain white comforters here. For just $18.99, you can pick out a mattress protector in your favorite color from Utopia bedding (burgundy, light gray, navy, and beige are among your options). Plus, this protector comes in extended sizing options, including Short Queen and RV King. This brand truly allows you to tailor your mattress protector to your exact needs and preferences.

More Post Picks

For the ultimate water-resistant mattress protector, go with Purple’s plastic topper. While plastic might not be the most plushy, comfortable material, it is quite effective when it comes to repelling liquid. Reviewers mention that it might sound a bit crinkly when you run your hands over it, but once the sheets are on top of it, it’s not too noisy at all. Many people agreed that the topper fits most mattresses well — with plenty of elastic surrounding the sides to keep it still.

The PlushDeluxe Bamboo Mattress Protector is another great option as it’s made from great quality, natural bamboo fabric. Its ultra-soft and breathable membrane wicks away moisture and regulates heat, plus the brand offers a 10-year warranty. Reviewers mention that this mattress protector holds up perfectly after a wash and dry cycle, so you don’t need to worry about and snags, tears, or discoloration.

Best cooling: MERITLIFE Premium Cooling Mattress Pad Cover And Protector

No more sweaty nights! If you run hot at night, go for this Meritlife pick that’s designed with a cooling material. The combination of eco-friendly and natural bamboo with polyester provides a cooling effect to distribute heat evenly and regulate body temperature. Reviewers have said that the material is as soft as their sheets, and the soothing, cooling quality has improved their quality of sleep.

Most plush: EASELAND Queen Size Mattress Pad Pillow Top Mattress Cover

Sizing: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Fully XL, Queen, Short Queen, Super Queen, King, California King, RV King

Material: Cotton Top and Down Alternative Fill

For the shoppers that need a down alternative option, this one is for you. The down material is great for those looking to dress up a firmer mattress with something a bit soft and plusher. This pick is also 100% cotton, machine washable and includes sweat-proof material. The deep pocket design stretches up to 21 inches, so it can fit a wide range of mattress sizes. And, best of all, you can choose between a variety of gorgeous colors, like mango yellow and pale aqua.

How we tested

To provide a comprehensive review of the best mattress protectors, I evaluated them based on the following criteria: the overall quality, the noise level, the temperature, and the level of protection from particles, stains and spills.

Overall quality: Shoppers want to find a mattress protector that will last. I took note of the structural quality of each protector by checking the seams, observing whether there was any stretch, and putting them in the wash to ensure they didn’t stain, rip, or tear easily. I also put them over a mattress to evaluate the fit.

Heat level: Heat level is a personal preference, some people veer on the chillier side and crave warmer bedding, while others easily overheat and enjoy something cooler. I’ve reviewed mattress protectors offering a variety of heat levels to find something for every type of sleeper.

Noise: Due to the waterproof material or coating, mattress protectors can crinkle or crunch when you move around on top of them — especially for those who toss and turn at night. I evaluated how much sound the mattress protectors made before and after putting sheets over them.

Protection: To review the level of protection these mattress protectors provide, I had to put them to the test by sprinkling some water and crumbs on top of them. I made note of how well they repelled liquid and particles, and how easy it was to remove stains in the wash.