The 17 Best Products For Hot Sleepers, From Accessories To Bedding


A little more than half of Americans have times when they’re too hot to sleep, according to a recent study from Casper and Gallup. Even worse, 80% of those hot sleepers reported it negatively impacted their sleep — mostly because it caused them to wake frequently during the night. The best products for hot sleepers can help those who overheat stay cool and comfortable long enough to drift into a deep and restful snooze. The best cooling products for sleep should also help promote a sleep-friendly environment in other ways — like being quiet, pressure-relieving or light-blocking.

Below, we’ve rounded up an assortment of products that can help you sleep cooler — from a tiny, breathable sleep mask to some of the best temperature-regulating mattresses (along with all the cooling bedding you need to outfit these mattresses). We’ve personally tried most of the products we recommend below, and the others come highly rated by customers. Here are the best products to try if you’re a hot sleeper.

The sleep team at Forbes Vetted, including senior sleep editor Bridget Chapman and sleep editor McKenzie Dillon, has tried hundreds of sleep products over the years, from mattresses to sleep masks and everything in between. This allows us to provide firsthand insights into how these products perform. In addition, we stay attuned to current research and new product developments in the sleep world. That said, you can trust our recommendations to help guide you to the best sleep products for your needs.

The best products for hot sleepers is a pretty broad category, so there were no hard and fast criteria we used to choose which items to feature. Across the entire Forbes Vetted team, we’ve tested and reviewed several of the products featured here already — so we could personally attest to their suitability for hot sleepers.

Beyond that, we looked to user reviews to see what hot sleepers who purchased these products thought about them. We also gravitated towards products that were specifically designed to stay cool, promote air circulation or help regulate body temperature in hot sleepers.

While it may be a challenge to completely stop being a hot sleeper, you can make some changes to your sleep environment to make it cooler and comfier. Start with your thermostat — can you knock it down a few degrees at night? Studies show the ideal sleeping temperature for most people is somewhere between 66.2 to 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Alternatively, you can use a fan, switch to a more lightweight blanket or try any of the products we’ve linked above to see if they help.

Any thin, lightweight and breathable fabric would be a good material for hot sleepers. Our favorite cooling pajamas for women include Cozy Earth’s bamboo viscose jammies, as well as several other pajama sets made from materials like Tencel, silk, linen and cotton.

If you’re a hot sleeper but the top sheet doesn’t quite cut it as your only cover, there are several cooling blankets and comforters to choose from. We recommend blankets made from thin, lightweight fabrics that feel cool to the touch or are highly breathable — like the Rest Evercool Comforter or the Muslin Comfort 365 Blanket.

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