The 40 Best Easter Basket Ideas For Teens


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If your family celebrates Easter, your teens don’t want to miss out on receiving a basket just because they’re getting older. After speaking with plenty of kids and their parents about the best Easter basket ideas for teens, a common theme kept surfacing: The most coveted basket fillers are still fun, but they’re also practical items teens want and need this spring and summer.

So, don’t skip your teen’s Easter basket because they may have outgrown the Easter bunny. It might be the perfect place to treat them to a fresh swimsuit or a pair of Birks for the upcoming season. “It’s fun to wake up Easter morning and see all the surprises in my basket,” says 15-year-old Amelia W. from Oregon. “I like getting a bunch of small gifts at once.” Plus, everyone appreciates being treated during gift giving holidays. “It makes me happy to think my parents are looking for things I’d like and would enjoy in an Easter basket,” 17-year-old Riley M. adds.

You’ll want to consider the size of items when filling your teen’s basket, because you want these elevated gifts to nestle in as nicely as the Peeps. All of the items on this list fit the bill for fitting in a basket. After perusing this list, you might also check out the best gifts for teens, premade Easter baskets or additional Easter basket ideas and Easter gifts for all ages.


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Easter Basket Ideas For Teens

A Portable Speaker For The Pool And Beyond

Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Let your teen take their tunes anywhere with this lightweight Marshall portable speaker. It boasts 360 degree sound and it’s waterproof, so teens can seriously amp up pool days. Valerie W. says, “I love this speaker because it lets me listen to my favorite songs with my friends.” The speaker will play music from Bluetooth devices within a 30-foot range, so teens can blast their Spotify playlist outside their AirPods for once.

Football They Can Play Solo

Passback Official Composite Football

Buy From Amazon

Rising NFL stars will appreciate this training football they can use to hone their passing and catching skills. Teens won’t need to recruit a teammate to throw with them, because the Passback football features a flat end that causes the ball to bounce back to them after it’s tossed against a wall. Note that it arrives deflated and you’ll need to pump it up.

A Stylish Belt Bag To House Their Essentials

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Buy From Lululemon

Sized just right to hold your teen’s essentials (phone, charger, keys, wallet, lip balm), but not too big to weigh them down, the Everywhere Belt Bag is the modern-day iteration of the fanny pack. The handy pouch comes in over a dozen colors and it’s sure to help your teen feel like a trendsetter.

Irresistible Chocolate Covered Fruit

Tru Fru Hyper-Dried Raspberries Covered In Dark Chocolate

Buy From Target

When my 16-year-old and I first tried Tru Fru, it instantly skyrocketed to the top of our treat list. This genius candy concoction is the perfect combo of white and dark chocolate, which provides the smooth coating over sweet dried raspberries. Tru Fru is also available in a variety of additional chocolate and fruit variations, including chocolate-covered peaches, strawberries and bananas. Your teen is sure to get their daily ‘serving of fruit’ with this Easter basket filler.

A Portable Charger Because They Always Need One

Iwalk Mini Portable Charger

Buy From Amazon

What should you put in a teen’s Easter basket? “A phone charger, as they seem to wander off frequently by themselves,” says Lynette G., mom of two teenagers. Any parent of a teen knows that their phone tends to run out of power when they’re on-the-go and away from home for long hours. The mini portable charger from Iwalk is the ideal solution. All they need to do is plug the lightweight, compact charger into their phone to juice the battery back up. (They do still need to remember to periodically recharge the power bank.) It’s available in five colors, including pretty pastels.

A Set Of Makeup Brushes They Can Take On-The-Go

E.l.f. Ultimate Makeup Brush Set And Travel Roll

This 17-piece brush kit from E.l.f. comes with a vegan leather carrying case that rolls up, so teens can conveniently store and tote their brushes in it, whether they’re going out of town or to their gym locker or a friend’s house. The vegan brushes have eco-friendly wood brush handles and the collection covers all the bases for makeup application from foundation to eyeshadow.

A Tumbler To Chill With Their Favorite Drinks

Stanley IceFlow Tumbler With Flip Straw

From bubble tea and smoothies to lemonade and iced tea, the Stanley IceFlow will encourage teens to stay hydrated with their favorite drinks as the weather heats up. It keeps drinks icy cold extra long (we’ve tested it), and the flip straw lid on this one is leakproof, so they needn’t worry about spills along the way. This 30-ounce version also sells out slightly less often than its 40-ounce cousin, but the flip-top straw and size is honestly just right for younger patrons. Place a gift card or two in the tumbler to their favorite place to quench their thirst, from Starbucks to Jamba Juice.

Cool Shades For Sunny Days Ahead

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses

Buy From Amazon

A pair of sunglasses makes an ideal Easter basket filler for any age. Mom of two teens Heidi L. says, “Sunglasses fit perfectly in a basket and are a spring and summer staple every teen will need for driving, beach-going and lying by the pool.” The Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer sunglasses are a classic style with a fun and trendy twist. Red sunglasses have recently been spotted on stars including Olivia Rodrigo, Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift.

A Tool To Aid Their Adventures

Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife

This iconic gift is a timeless offering and handy tool for everyone. Available in an array of colors, from yellow and pink to emerald and classic red, you’re sure to find a hue to suit your teen and match their Easter basket. The Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife has seven functions ranging from scissors to a screwdriver, to equip your teen to tackle things themselves and encourage a sense of independence.

A Card Holder That Sticks To Their Phone

Biajiya Card Holder

Buy From Amazon

If your teens refuse to carry anything other than their phone in their back pocket when they leave the house, this card holder that sticks to the back of their phone via an adhesive will come in handy. The silicone card holders come in a five-pack and are available in an array of colors. Teens can tote their license, debit card, student ID or gym membership card on the back of their smartphone instead of just having it loose in their pocket.

A Feel Good Bracelet


Pura Vida Good Vibes Bracelet

Pura Vida bracelets are a fun nod to beach culture and breezy vibes, and these accessories come in an array of colors from ‘spring skies’ to ‘ocean sunrise.’ Some offerings including the ‘spread kindness’ bracelet donate a portion of their sales to charitable causes. Maria C., mom of four kids, one who is 27 and three teens (18, 16 and 15) says, “This year for their Easter baskets, I’m getting them all the same friendship bracelet from Pura Vida. As they’re getting older and heading off in their own directions, I like finding opportunities to keep them connected — to provide a visual reminder of their bond and that they always have a safe home base.”

Their Favorite Socks In Springtime Colors

Nike Dri-Fit Everyday Plus Cushion Crew Socks

Put a cheery spin on their favorite socks with this colorful three-pack of Nike crew socks. They’re both fun and functional and ideal for putting their best foot forward in spring fashion and sports. These socks feature cushioning and a breathable knit, so they’re great for workouts or for slipping on with a pair of Crocs or slides.

A Grown-Up Plushie Made Popular On TikTok

Jellycat Amuseables Watermelon Food Plush

Buy From Amazon

The Jellycat brand of plush toys became popular among teens thanks to TikTok, particularly the Amuseables line, which is being used more as a décor item vs. nighttime security blanket. Your teen will likely be thrilled to find one in their Easter basket, especially one that makes them laugh. Parents to young children love the brand’s stuffed animals, because they’re so silky soft and these are no exception. Go silly with this oversize watermelon or this cute burger. There are plenty of other plucky fruit to pick from like this smiling avocado, as well as coffee-to-go, such as this sweet little latte.

Jibbitz To Switch Up Their Crocs

Crocs Jibbitz 10-Pack Shoe Charms

Buy From Amazon

Crocs are quintessential footwear for spring and summer and continue to be popular among tweens and teens. Adding some new Jibbitz to their Easter baskets will help them freshen up their shoe game. You can find Crocs Jibbitz of almost anything, but this particular ten-pack speaks to foodies and snack lovers.

Let Them Have A Ball

Spalding High Bounce Ball

Buy From Amazon

Remind your teen how fun it is to simply have a ball with Spalding’s High Bounce Ball. They can unplug and ponder as they bounce it on the pavement or against the wall, toss it in the air and catch it, or use it to play games like boxball or handball.

A Kitty To Gauge Their Vibe In A Glance

Reversible Kittencorn Plushie

Buy From Amazon

This reversible Kittencorn plushie lets teens relay their mood to others in a sweet and simple fashion. The gray, frowning kitty warns you that they may need some space, while the rainbow-striped, smiling kitty signals a welcoming vibe. All a teen needs to do is plop this plushie outside their bedroom door so passersby can respect their current disposition. There are over a dozen variations of this critter, including a Corgi dog and an octopus.

A Coveted Lip Oil With Cult Status

Dior Lip Glow Oil

Dior’s coveted lip glow oil definitely qualifies as a special indulgence that elevates lip gloss application to a moment of luxury. This beauty product makes a statement given its current cult status and will delight a teen recipient. Available in a variety of light to dark pink hues, its ‘high shine finish’ leaves puckers perfectly glossy, while cherry oil protects lips from dryness. “I’ve been wanting this lip oil forever and finally got it for a special occasion,” says Olivia M. who is 16 years old. “I like the pink color; it smells like cookies and the gloss isn’t sticky.”

Swim Trunks That’ll Make A Splash

Billabong Eco Sundays Layback Swim Trunks

Buy From Pacsun

Many parents love to add a swimsuit to Easter baskets each year. Mom of two teen boys Shelley K. from Texas says her go-to gift items for an Easter basket are, “Flip flops and swim trunks. They grow out of them every year so they need new ones. Swim season starts early in Texas.” These classic, Hawaiian-print, 7-inch swim trunks from Pacsun boast side pockets and they’re lightweight, quick-drying and dripping with style for your trendsetter.

An ‘It’ Shade For Manis and Pedis

Essie Mademoiselle Nail Polish

Ballerina pink nails are having a moment, and you can put the trend in the palm of your teen’s hand when you place this polish in their Easter basket. This classic color from Essie, dubbed ‘Mademoiselle,’ is DBP-, toluene- and formaldehyde-free, and it’s wildly popular, especially among teens today. The neutral, pinkish hue is dainty and perfect for springtime.

The Perfect Scent For Summer

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme

If your teen is looking for a fresh, clean scent that’s light and airy, this cologne hits all the right notes. Dolce & Gabbana describes the fragrance as “quintessence of a summer day lulled by gentle waves lapping against the enchanting cliffs of Capri.” Sounds like a dream in a bottle, and a great addition to their basket.

A Stress-Relieving Sugar Scrub

Tree Hut Moonlight Glow Shea Sugar Body Scrub

Buy From Target

This shea sugar body scrub will exfoliate, hydrate and soften skin after a day at the pool or beach. It includes magnesium, a known tension reliever, as well as shea butter, snow mushroom and a soothing blend of oils. It’s also paraben-free, sulfate-free and vegan. The amethyst powder in the scrub gives it a pretty purple hue, perfect for a pop of color in an Easter basket.

A Cute Case For AirPods

R-Fun AirPods Case

Buy From Amazon

If you have a teen, you already know that anything tech-related, especially portable items, are popular among this group. Mom of four from Arizona, Dawn H. confirms, saying, “phone cases and AirPods cases” are surefire hits for her teens’ Easter baskets. The R-Fun AirPods case cover is made of silicone and comes with a carabiner so it attaches easily to bags or belt loops. This silicone cover slides over an AirPods’ case to offer an extra layer of shock-proof protection. The LED light shows the status of wireless charging, and the case comes in over 40 colors.

A Classic Cap For Summer Games

’47 MLB New York Yankees Cap

Hats fit nicely into baskets, too, especially those that allow them to root for their favorite team. Ben S. from Florida, father of a 17-year-old son, says this New York Yankees cap will be a great addition to his teen’s Easter basket, “because it’s an iconic piece of Americana that he can wear forever. This classic cap will never go out of style.” Besides, your teen likely already knows the iconic hat is frequently seen on many celebrities, including Australian actor Jacob Elordi and superstar Zendaya, proving your teen might find it euphoric as well.

A Powerhouse Beauty Tool

Beautyblender Original Makeup Sponge

This award-winning and versatile cosmetic sponge is the powerhouse of any makeup bag. Teens love this beauty tool that seamlessly blends foundation and concealer to leave them with a flawless complexion that looks naturally beautiful. Bonus: It’s shaped like an egg and it’s bright pink — it’s like it was made for an Easter basket.

A Sweet Vanilla Body Mist

Pink Vanilla Crush Body Mist

Buy From Victoria’s Secret

Teens often start experimenting with different beauty products, and Pink from Victoria’s Secret is a popular and accessible brand. “My 17-year-old daughter loves this body mist — it has become her signature scent,” says Kristina M. from California. “It has a warm vanilla scent that is fresh and light.” In addition to its beautiful fragrance, parents will appreciate that Pink’s spray is made with essential oils and it’s paraben- and phthalate-free.

Essential Slides For Pool Season

Arizona Essentials EVA Sandals

Comfortable and practical, the Arizona Essentials sandal from Birkenstock is sure to become their summer sidekick. They’re lightweight and fully waterproof and washable, so they can wear them to the pool, beach or anywhere they go. Both straps are fully adjustable and the sandal comes in nearly a dozen colors.

A Chocolate Bunny To Remind Them Of Childhood

Lindt Milk Chocolate Gold Bunny

No Easter basket would be complete without a chocolate treat, and Lindt Easter Bunnies happen to be the bunny of choice in my home. Made of smooth and creamy milk chocolate, they’re a great addition to a teen’s Easter basket as a sweet symbol of the treats they likely received on the holiday when they were younger.

Lip Balm With SPF To Soothe Lips All Summer

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm Trio

This wildly popular lip balm uses the moisturizing power of shea butter and avocado to keep puckers soft. The added protection of SPF 25 makes it the perfect summer sidekick for all those sunny days. Give your teen this pack of three balms in different flavors in a reusable tin that’ll look great in an Easter basket.

Something To Make Them Blush

Rare Beauty By Selena Gomez Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

Thanks to this Soft Pinch Liquid Blush from Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, for once it won’t be something embarrassing you do that makes your teen blush. Available in a variety of hues to enhance your teen’s natural beauty, blush options in the collection include different shades of pink with fun names like Joy, Hope and Grace…all things a parent would love to give their teen.

A Cheery Way To Protect Their Tech

Baggu Puffy Recycled Laptop Sleeve

Help your teen protect their laptop with this trendy puffy Baggu sleeve that comes in a variety of prints, including this spring-inspired green gingham print. It’s sized just right to tuck into the back of the basket, adding an eye-catching, cheerful treat to the whole package.

A Candle For Cozy Ambiance

Texas Candle

Homesick is a candle company that literally bottles and sells nostalgia in its collection of scented candles. If you have a teen who’s headed to college, give them the fragrance associated with their home state as a memory of home sweet home. The Texas candle combines cedar with lime and pine needles, while the scent of Idaho has notes of spruce needles and cinnamon. If your teen isn’t heading away from home anytime soon, Homesick’s Sunflower Fields candle is a perfect pick for spring, with hints of sunflower, jasmine and yellow dahlias.

An Accessory To Elevate Gaming

Kontrolfreek Performance Thumbsticks

Score major points by giving your teen gamer these rubber performance thumbsticks that attach to their Xbox controller to increase range of motion, improve accuracy and reduce thumb fatigue during all that time they spend in the virtual world. This great way for teens to get a grip (at least during gameplay) is also available in different sensory design patterns and colors.

Gold Hoops That Go With Anything

Pavoi 14k Gold Plated Hoop Earrings

Buy From Amazon

Many teens will appreciate something shiny in their Easter basket, so go beyond the gold foil of their chocolate bunny with a pair of these small and versatile gold-plated Pavoi hoop earrings that they can wear for special occasions or every day. They’re hypoallergenic, free of nickel and lead and (most importantly) they’ve gone viral on TikTok. “I love these earrings,” says 16-year-old Emily G. “They go with anything. I got two pairs in different sizes since I have double piercings.” Available in multiple sizes and also in sterling silver and solid 14k gold.

A Game That Celebrates The World’s Most Popular Sport

EA SPORTS FC 24 For PlayStation 5

Let teens revel in the excitement of playing soccer by giving them the popular EA Sports FC 24 video game for their PlayStation, Xbox or Switch. They’ll appreciate bringing the pitch to life in the living room, and they’ll love setting up their favorite players to score goals in rousing soccer matches. “This is a fun game because the controls are easy to master and you can play it with your friends,” says Jonathan K., a 15-year-old soccer player. Score.

For The Teen Who’s Always Losing Their Keys

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

If you have a teen who can’t seem to keep track of their keys, this Bluetooth tracker is the only sleuth they’ll need. They can solve the daily mystery by attaching the small Tile Mate tracker to their keychain, and then using the free Tile Mate app to locate their missing keys. Teens can also sync their tile to work with Alexa, so there’s even more help on the scene. It might even lead to easier mornings for all.

An Easy Way To Get Coveted Beachy Waves

Pacifica Beauty Salty Waves Beach Hair Styling Balm

Pacifica’s Salty Waves Beach Hair Balm puts the power of sea breezes and saltwater at your teen’s fingertips. This vegan 5-in-1 product de-frizzes hair and provides protection, texture, hydration and nourishment. Teens can use this on wet or dry hair to create beachy waves and look as though they spent the day seaside. The banana scent is an added bonus. Sierra E., 17, says, “This balm lets me embrace my natural hair during the summer and beat the heat damage from my hot tools.”

A Reminder To Prioritize Their Mental Health

Gift Republic 100 Things To Do For Well-Being Scratch Off Poster

This cheerful scratch poster is a lighthearted way to encourage teens to enjoy life and try new things. Prompts include “do a digital detox,” “forgive yourself” and “walk a dog.” Teens can scratch off whichever activity they choose to reveal a cute graphic and denote the fun task as complete. The poster comes packaged in a colorful cardboard tube that will fit perfectly into an Easter basket.

Easter Truffles For Chocolate Lovers

Harry & David Easter Truffles

Buy From Harry & David

If your teen is a chocoholic, indulge their sweet tooth with this sophisticated collection of Easter truffles from Harry & David. The cute chicks are decadent chocolate truffles and the rest of the flavor assortment includes crème brûlée, strawberry milkshake, dark chocolate blueberry and dark chocolate raspberry.

Easter Basket: Taylor’s Version

1989 (Taylor’s Version) Album

While your teen eagerly awaits Taylor Swift’s new album The Tortured Poets Department to drop on April 19, let them sing their heart out to 1989 Taylor’s Version in the meantime. This album includes songs ‘from the vault,’ and Billboard even shares all the ‘Easter eggs’ from those tracks…so Swifties will love this gift and knowledge of those hidden gems beyond their wildest dreams. Just be mindful of your teen’s listening format of choice, because many prefer streaming services over CDs or records — although some kids are enthusiastic about building music libraries in more retro formats.

A Set Of Claw Clips For Cool Updos

Lolalet Hair Claw Clips (8-Pack)

Buy From Amazon

The 90s-era claw clip has officially made its way to 2024, and it’s hard to beat this set of eight varying styles and colors of claw clips for $10. The handy hair accessory is the key to a casual updo that’s a cinch, and the answer when you need your hair swept up in a pinch. As 14-year-old Ava H. says, “I like to keep my hair up and off my neck in hot weather and while I’m putting on makeup, or even after a swim to keep my hair from dripping. These are super cute for wearing out, too.”

How We Chose The Best Easter Basket Ideas For Teens

I spoke with numerous teens and their parents across the country for this article in order to gather recommendations on the best Easter basket ideas for teens. I asked them about the types of products teens are coveting at the moment. I also researched current teen trends in fashion and beauty, and peeked into their preferred influencers on social media to stay up to date. Most importantly, as the mom of two savvy teens, I am living in a teenage world by proximity, so I’m also able to consider whether my own children would like an item here or not. I pride myself on understanding teen culture and knowing the latest “it” products for this age group, but I also examined customer reviews closely for additional feedback on items.

My editor is a tween mom as well and reviewed picks, too. Forbes Vetted also has a robust history of covering gifts and the top brands. This article was most recently updated and reviewed in March 2024.


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