The 40 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her, From Chic Bags to Stunning Jewelry


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Like clockwork, Valentine’s Day has reared its heart-shaped head, springing forth by surprise, leaving many scrambling in search for something that’ll truly resonate, that will conjure emotions of appreciation, devotion and unbridled love for longer than 24 hours. Indeed, the best Valentine’s Day gifts for the women in your life should feel like magic. It should spark a sensation that has your wife, partner, or paramour swooning. It should be exceptional.

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Yes, a thoughtful card or poem may — just may — do the trick, but, let’s be honest, in this material world, your material girl deserves the goods. It could be an iconic handbag, like the one preferred by the people’s princess, or a sparkling bauble rich in symbolism and style. It could be a basket of caviar and bellinis. Or it also could be a diffuser that smells as sweet as it looks.

There are plenty of options out there, which is why we did the grunt work, sifting through the many, many options to find the best gifts to give her, your one and only, your Valentine, that sense of enhancement on this Hallmark holiday.

Buy Now on Neiman Marcus: $121

Nude, as its name clearly suggests, creates no-fuss glassware, focusing on sleek silhouettes that’s easy to hold and easy to pour. Even when it does something playful, the brand still retains an unmissable polish. Case in point: this Mr. & Mrs. Night water set, an hourglass design made of mouth-blown crystalline glass, which features a small bowl with a subtle sleeping face that doubles as a bottle stopper. It’s not only the pitch-perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone that gets parched in the wee hours (no need to fumble toward the kitchen with this by the bedside), but also someone that values great design.

Buy Now on Dior: $6,000

It was 1995 when Princess Diana was gifted a bag from Christian Dior, an accessory then unofficially called the Chouchou. It was a miniature framed carryall made of quilted leather in a rattan pattern meant to resemble the Napoleon III chairs that lined the runway shows of the maison’s eponymous founder. The fashion legend was also a deeply superstitious man that carried talismans, which is reflected in the bag’s metal charms. But ever since the late Princess of Wales, nicknamed Lady D by many, got her hands on the Chouchou, it became an emblem of her personal style, an accessory that she donned at too many events to mention. Thus, it adopted the moniker Lady Dior. And several decades later, it continues to be one of the most iconic pieces in fashion, a bag that perfectly reflects poise and elegance. A great backstory, right? Most recently, the label is providing a selection of letters and charms — a nod to Monsieur Dior’s predilections — that can be customized for the princess in your life.

Buy Now on Boll & Branch: $229

We’re big fans of Boll & Branch, suffice it to say. It is a brand that creates some of the best luxury sheets in the market, the kinds of bedding that are made of the softest and sturdiest fibers, all which receive stellar reviews. But its best seller, the one that’ll make a great Valentine’s Day gift for someone that truly appreciates resting their heads on 100 percent long-staple cotton, is the aptly named Signature sheet. It’s a set that’s breathable and buttery, and is stitched to stay firmly on a mattress — all the characteristics needed for a good night’s sleep. Sleep: the best gift of all.

Buy Now on bespoke Post: $199

You may not be able to give your loved one the entire universe, but Gingko offers lighting that certainly comes close. The brand’s Galaxy lamp, for instance, consists of a wooden base and 3-D-printed sphere, painted to mirror the stars and otherworldly bodies, that floats and spins. It’s a gift that’ll spark wonder and allow you both to gaze at the night sky without leaving your house.

Buy Now on Saks Fifthe Avenue: $1,770

Ileana Makri is a designer who truly celebrates her heritage. The Athens-based jeweler draws inspiration from one of the greatest civilizations in recorded history, while also evolving her core aesthetic with each passing year. This results in pieces that have a deep affection for the past but undoubtedly feel fresh and modern. And one of her most enduring motifs — a symbol that extends across cultures, intended to ward off malevolent intentions — is the evil eye. Normally worn as a necklace or bracelet, Makri has fashioned a set of 18-karat yellow-gold earrings with pavé white diamonds encircling a cerulean glass cabochon. So, if your Valentine is in need of a talisman that’ll both bolster her look and protect her throughout the day, this stunning pair will do the trick.

Buy Now on On Running: $80

In a relatively short time, On Running has become a juggernaut in the sneaker industry, particularly when it comes to running shoes. It was 2010 when a set of Swiss engineers manufactured a streamlined style that significantly lowers pulse rates and blood lactate levels. In the subsequent years, the brand developed the design further, now offering pairs, called On Cloud, that are incredibly cushioned and light, enabling wearers to go the extra mile. Plus, the selection comes in an assortment of sleek colorways that look just as good as they perform — a great gift for gals on the go.

Buy Now on Bergdorf Goodman: $510

Ginori 1735 takes crockery and transforms it into works of art. For over three centuries, the storied Florentine label, noted for being the purveyor of some of the finest porcelain, has created whimsical pieces for the kitchen and dinner table; styles that are bold and colorful. They definitely draw the eye. More recently, the brand has been offering designs that touch on another of the five senses: scent. This diffuser, part of the brand’s Entourage of Caterina de’ Medici collection, for instance, will hold reeds and fragrances of your choosing in a container that’ll make an impact in any space. The vessel — made of brick and porcelain with a gold-tipped dome — is carved to depict an Amazon, a female figure that symbolizes strength and leadership. And if your Valentine shares the same traits, she’ll absolutely appreciate this gift.

Buy Now on Le Domaine: $242

There was a lot of buzz surrounding the launch of Le Domaine two years ago. This is primarily because one of its founders happens to be Brad Pitt, yet another Hollywood heavyweight who is trying their hand in the beauty and grooming realm. But unlike others, his brand offers a unique formula that has been proven to slow down the signs of aging. Derived from upcycled grape pomace, the creams and serums on offer delay oxidation at the cellular level and fight collagenases. What’s more, they’re encased in beautiful jars and bottles, all of them made of recycled glass and wine barrels. It’s an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for environmentalists, skin-care enthusiasts, Brad fans, or all of the above.

Buy Now on Mansur Gavriel: $545

Mansur Gavriel’s sleek designs made of durable leather may appear nondescript at first glance, but that’s exactly where their beauty lies; the simplicity of their form and smooth exterior, along with their relatively reasonable price, is why they’re beloved by fashion’s most influential. And one of the highlights from its stable of styles, perhaps the most versatile of the bunch, is the Small Zip tote. It’s made of sturdy Italian Saffiano, a cross-hatched, embossed leather with a pleasingly textured surface. (Note: As with most new leathers, it needs to be broken in.) The patent interior is also striking, and it features a functional inset pocket. And not to be outdone is the size; it’s large enough to fit in a 13-inch laptop, documents, chargers, and other essentials but also compact enough to throw over a shoulder with ease. Essentially, it’s the best work bag, a carryall that your Valentine will cherish from 9 to 5 and beyond.

Buy Now on Dyson: $530

When it comes to devices that propel air with the utmost power, Dyson is the reputed leader. From blow dryers to vacuum cleaners, the brand’s collections consistently receive top marks for their effectiveness — whether it’s keeping a voluminous coif and a clean home. Not only that but the way they’re designed is miles ahead of the competition. Of course, Dyson’s assortment of heaters and purifiers are equally noteworthy. This model, with its sleek silhouette, for instance, is a three-in-one unit that’s a combination heater, cooling fan, and air purifier. Through the company’s Air Amplifier technology, the device pushes out clean air, removing almost 100 percent of allergens and pollutants, without the use of blades. This means it’s incredibly safe to have on a desk or side table. It’s basically the Beyoncé of purifiers. And if you couldn’t get her actual concert tickets, this is not a bad consolation.

Buy Now on The Sill: $68

In lieu of an ephemeral bouquet of flowers, get her a potted plant that’s rooted in love. Fully capturing this sentiment is the Hoya kerii, also known as the Hoya Heart or Valentine Hoya (perfect, right?). It is basically a single heart-shaped leaf from Southeast Asia that’s partially covered in soil. What’s more, it is easy to care for; all she has to do is place it under direct sunlight and water it every two to three weeks. She absolutely doesn’t need to have a green thumb to keep this baby alive and well.

Buy Now on Neiman Marcus: $175

Sure, candle holders, coffee table books, and objets d’art will add character to any living space. But what truly packs personality, what makes a house a home, are picture frames, there to showcase moments of joy and success, and venerate friends and family. This means the frame has to be special. It has to be worthy of the images they are preserving. And no one knows this more than Aerin Lauder, a woman with exquisite taste that offers some of the best home decor items in the industry, including this gilded model, made of zinc alloy and glass.

Buy Now on Caskers: $114

We’re in the midst of a tequila renaissance. The stiff spirit, born in the plantations of Mexico, has never been more popular. Restaurants are now offering a greater variety. Mixologists are creating new tequila-based cocktails that aren’t Margaritas. And practically every celeb in Tinseltown has either endorsed or founded their own label. There are indeed a lot of options available. But if you’re looking to gift one of the best, one of the tastiest and smoothest bottles this Valentine’s Day, look no further than Avión’s Reserva 44. It’s sweet, citrusy, and smokey — an excellent addition to any bar cart.

Buy Now on Net-A-Porter: $2,240

When it comes to jewelry filled with symbolism, Foundrae has the competition beat. The brand, founded by fashion veteran Beth Hutchens, believes baubles should encourage introspection and self-discovery. They should reflect personal virtues. Through charms that feature symbols sourced from cultures all over the world — from guild marks and armorial bearings to the ancient Greek alphabet and Egyptian hieroglyphics — wearers are able to express a variety of tenants, including resilience, karma and wholeness. This 18-karat gold and diamond necklace, in particular, with a heart a medallion of a lion dangling at the end, conveys love and strength — two emblems that are not only primed for Valentine’s Day, but all-year round, too.

Buy Now on Bang & Olufsen: $279

Small but powerful, the Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 second generation waterproof speaker is an incredible pick for music lovers. With an integrated voice assistant, longer playtime (up to 18 hours), a Bluetooth speakerphone, and waterproof capability, the upgraded Cecilie Manz-designed device is a great stationary or on-the-go companion. Available in seven colorways, it features a brushed and perforated aluminum body with an attached waterproof leather strap, which can be worn around a wrist or hung on a hook.

Buy Now on Abe Books: $59

If your mon chéri is an absolute bookworm, AbeBooks has a spate of romantic literary gifts that are sure to please. From rare first editions and special copies to the greatest love stories across the ages, there’s something for every type of reader. A clear standout is the first edition of Truman Capote’s legendary Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Buy Now on Dermstore: $225

Giving the gift of eternal youth may not be in your wheelhouse, but Guinot has the next best thing. The brand is a cult-favorite among skin-care enthusiasts — particularly its daily moisturizer, a blend of amino acids and vitamin C that has proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots and minimize lines and wrinkles. Plus, it’s encased in a beautiful bottle that’ll take pride of place in any vanity or medicine cabinet.

Buy Now on Net-A-Porter: $2,300

Visit any lodge or chalet in Courchevel, Montbéliard, or Cortina D’Ampezzo, and you’re bound to see a bevy of puffers, ski suits, pants, and sweaters from Fusalp. Founded in the ’50s, the storied brand has become intertwined with high-end skiing, a label that expresses instant cachet for those in the know. Its reputation is steeped in unquestionable quality; from the placement of the panels to the rich colorways to the meticulous stitching, everything is carefully considered. Prime example: this Sorona ski jacket, a style made of the company’s proprietary Thindown fabric, which is equal parts slimming, insulating, and durable — the ideal gift for the ski bunny in your life.

Buy Now on BloomsyBox: $70 (Monthly)

Flowers for Valentine’s Day? Not groundbreaking. But a bouquet of roses every month? Now that’s something unexpected. And not just any roses, mind you, but ones that are grown at sustainable farms in Colombia and Ecuador. BloomsyBox prides itself on employing eco-friendly practices. It is a reliable delivery service that promises gorgeous, well, flowers for every type of person and occasion.

Buy Now on Assouline: $105

“Hi, Barbie!” This phrase took over 2023, thanks entirely to the eponymous film of the beloved Mattel doll. The flick broke box-office records, spurred the prevalence of the color pink in fashion, and started conversations about misogyny in the zeitgeist. But since the toy debuted 65 years ago, Barbie’s role in pop culture has always been steeped in discourse, from the celebratory to the downright controversial. And chronicling the doll’s evolution is Susan Shapiro, who penned a comprehensive tome that’ll surely delight all the Barbie girls in this Barbie world.

Buy Now on Ferragamo: $3,100

Ferragamo’s foundation may be built on finely constructed footwear worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Eva Peron, but over the generations, the Italian label has displayed its mastery in handbags, too. Proof? This bucket bag, a style made of Italian calfskin leather in a luxe alligator print that’s as sleek as it’s playful. Factor in the brand’s signature Gancio slider and gilded toogles, and your Valentine will have the quintessential carryall to tote around all spring and summer long.

Buy Now on Another Tomorrow: $650

If you don’t know the name Another Tomorrow, you’re going to soon enough. Since launching in 2020 during the height of the global pandemic, the label has won the hearts — and wallets — of fashion-industry insiders. From the magazine editors to Instagram influencers, the stylish set have fawned over the incredible fits, quality materials, and, perhaps most important, eco-friendly ethos that’s part and parcel of all the brand’s pieces. And one of its best sellers, an item that fully reflects the core of Another Tomorrow, is this cashmere ribbed sweater. Made of recycled materials, the knit is, simply put, both timely and timeless.

Buy Now on Sephora: $155

If a romantic trip to the Mediterranean isn’t in the cards this year, you can still give your special lady an olfactory escape. Tom Ford’s signature eau de parfum Costa Azzura is billed as a transportive fragrance that merges the freshness of sea air with the warmth of the sun on the body. The aromatic fragrance pairs deep woody scents with bright citrus notes of lemon and mandarin. The best part? It’s unisex, so you can enjoy a spritz yourself.

Buy Now on Compartés: $70

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day may sound banal, but rest assured no one with a sweet tooth is going to toss such a gift — especially if it’s made by Compartés. The brand is celebrated for offering a wide array of luxurious confectionery treats for any and every occasion. Of note this year is the Sparkling Veuve Rosé & Champagne Chocolates, a box that’ll pair nicely with a bottle of bubbly.

Buy Now on OluKai: $100

Olukai excels at creating sandals. The brand, after all, is based in Hawaii, offering some of the sleekest and most comfortable styles for island living. But this doesn’t mean Olukai limits its styles to warm climates: It also creates pieces primed for chilly weather. A great example of this sentiment is the Kīpe’a Heu, a pair that’s a sandal in shape, but a slipper in material. They’re completely wrapped in shearling, providing all the warmth and comfort for days spent reclining indoors.

Buy Now on Petite Plume: $295

The queen of any castle takes her slumber seriously. She’s particular about the thread count of her sheets, the density of her pillow, and the firmness of her mattress. She’s also particular about what she wears when catching some Zs. To wit: A cotton tank and shorts isn’t going to cut it. She’s partial to silk pajamas, a set that’s smooth, loose, and chic. A set that makes sleeping a luxurious event. A set like this one offered by Petite Plume.

Buy Now on Our Place: $760

A good chef or cook understands that it isn’t enough to have the freshest produce and prime meats. It isn’t enough to have a discerning taste palette. It isn’t enough to know a recipe. Yes, these are all crucial factors, but the cookware used to create culinary delights should not be ignored. The choice in pots, pans, and trays, for sure, can make or break a dish — and Our Place knows this. Which is why the brand offers an eight-piece set of kitchen essentials, all made of sturdy aluminum that provides even heat distribution. Not to be outdone is the nonstick ceramic coating that is as durable as it is pleasing to the eyes.

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $360

Surrealism is having a moment in fashion. The gilded glamour at Schiaparelli, the posh playfulness at Anya Hindmarch, the chic camp at Moschino: Beloved brands have put their own spin on the art style. But arguably the most revered of the lot are the collections offered by Jonathan Anderson at Loewe, who, season after season, showcases pieces that are equal parts refined and whimsical. Take these frames, for example, shaped like two giant lips. It’s absolutely attention-grabbing. It makes a bold statement — but in a way that doesn’t look kitschy. It’s elegant. And any die-hard fashion lover would agree.

Buy Now on Amazon: $25

Ask any frequent flier, the real-deal jetsetter who spends more time in a farlung location than at home in a given week, what they always pack in their suitcase, and they’ll probably tell you that they always include a steamer. It enables them to toss garments in a bag with abandon. But they’ll also tell you that some steamers are better than others. The best ones will be easy to handle, be super lightweight, require few refills, and heat water quickly. And Proctor Silex offers a device that has all these qualities. Plus, it also doubles as an iron.

Buy Now on Naked Cashmere: $395

With more of us spending time at home, a comfortable robe is essential. And textile powerhouse Naked Cashmere has designed just the piece. Woven from the finest strands of premium cashmere, this long robe is as warm as it is soft and will feel as though you’re giving your loved one a giant hug. It has a classic, flattering fit and comes in a range of different colors. We suggest the blush pink to go with the Valentine’s Day theme.

Buy Now on Prada: $Price Upon Request

Some may say the way to a woman’s heart is heart-shaped jewelry. While slightly saccharine, it serves as a constant reminder of your love. There is no shortage of themed jewelry on V-Day, but our pick of the bunch is Prada. Made in Italy, this delightful choker features a sizable heart-shaped pendant attached to a velvet ribbon with gilded triangle tips. Beyond February 14, it can be worn anytime a monochrome ensemble needs a little sparkle.

Buy Now on Williams Sonoma: $120

Should you be coupled up with a caviar fiend, February 14 is a great time to surprise them with an ultra-luxe feast dedicated to their favorite delicacy. Williams Sonoma is offering a basket for two that’s jam-packed with salty goodness. The spread includes tons of salmon roe and smoked trout roe, along with a pack of bellinis, a glass server, and a mother-of-pearl spoon.

Buy Now on Lagos: $1,000

Caviar is always a nice treat, and an even better gift to give (see above). But it is ephemeral, a savory delight that usually lasts one sitting. Enter Lagos, a jewelry label that is celebrated for its caviar-shaped collections, which includes this Apple watch strap made of sterling silver, an item that she can treasure for many years to come.

Buy Now on Saks Fifth Avenue: $2,400

Katy Walker is a jewelry designer that’s deeply influenced by her upbringing on the Connecticut shoreline, the way the serene colors and shapes of the water and sky blended together to form breathtaking compositions. This fascination is clearly reflected in her designs, evidenced by this charming 18-karat gold, pearl, moonstone, and diamond ring.

Buy Now on Lostine: $135

She probably has her go-to candle that permeates a scent that fills a room and puts her mind at ease. But does she have a holder that is as pleasurable to the eyes as her favorite three-wick is to the nose? This is where Lostine comes in, a label that offers some of the sleekest and attention-grabbing home decor items in the market, including this set made of European beech wood and brass.

Buy Now on Amazon: $24

The Louvre’s “Mona Lisa,” the Uffizi’s “Birth of Venus,” and the Prado’s “Las Meninas”: These are just a sample of the most famous paintings housed in the most renowned institutions in the biggest cities around the globe. They are tourist attractions, must-visits on any vacation. But real art connoisseurs know that there is more to be found in these cultural metropolises — private collections, art foundations, and exhibitions that are perhaps not on the register to those that didn’t graduate with an art history degree. This is exactly what Linda Fischbach and Tracey Pruzan unearths with Extraordinary Art Experiences in America: An Insider’s Guide, a comprehensive travelogue of art sites off the beaten path. Indeed, it is the perfect gift for art lovers.

Buy Now on Massimo Alba: $€150

Massimo Alba is a fashion label that also offers some of the sleekest home decor items, pieces embroidered with poems or saccharine phrases. Smythson is the leader in stationery, a brand beloved by royalty, political figures, and celebs. It just makes sense that they would join forces on a set of correspondence cards, which features embossed scripts that will delight any recipient.

Buy Now on Farfetch: $1,985

There are many factors to consider before purchasing a winter coat. It should be insulating, durable, allow for maximum mobility, and permeate style. It should be an investment. And hitting all these targets is this padded, zip-up topper for MooRER, an Italian label that emphasizes cut and quality. The streamlined silhouette and blend of wool, cashmere, and synthetic fibers are a great example of what the brand does best. And if your loved one is in need of a wardrobe upgrade in this cold season, she’ll swoon over this Valentine’s Day gift.

Discover Now: From $9,600

Silvia Furmanovich, a 2022 Robb Report Best of the Best winner, is known for combining unconventional materials and ancient techniques in her fine-jewelry creations. The suede-lined bag will be crafted by artisans in the Brazilian state of Acre, which borders Peru and Bolivia. The wood veneers are made by painstakingly piecing together tiny slivers of reclaimed indigenous wood — muirapiranga, tatajuba, louro abacate, roxinho, and azul carvalho — in varying shades, shapes, and sizes, similar to assembling a jigsaw puzzle.

Discover Now: From $138,750

Though it’s known as a French company, Krigler — the luxury fragrance house that has perfumed everyone from President John F. Kennedy to Princess Charlene of Monaco — also has deep roots in Vienna. And that’s exactly where this exclusive package will take you and another person who makes you feel like dancing.

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